39 Replies to “MMA CIRCUIT TRAINING #1”

  1. Been doing this since late 2012 and it still kills me. Guess it just goes to show how badass of a workout it is.

  2. Funk, love the workout, but man feeling the Gang Starr track, Guru flow killed it from 7:57 till the end.

  3. Good Work! Btw that station there the GlutHamstring machine is not just for dips. I see its the truth for hamstring leg development. I see no one ever use the machine for anything but things like dips and lower back but thats not just what its for they dont know.

  4. Used this circuit before I did Tough Mudder, awesome hard circuit which really makes you feel great and shattered afterwards

  5. Great post! Mental toughness is important in skill training too, we work padwork with the same goal of getting out in deep water so that the fighter is used to being in "the suck". If you can execute while tired, you just might execute when tired in the ring.

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  7. I realize you left out a very important detail. When you finish all 5 stations you return to station one and start all over again, repeating all stations 3 times. 40 minutes is not the total time for this workout. More like 2 and a half hours. You think doing it once is hard? Do it two more times after that. That's when the mental toughness really comes through.

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