MMA Circuit Training (Upper Body)

MMA Circuit Training (Upper Body)

I got miss Jessica's here desk is strength and today we got something special for you I'm actually going to take you through one of my upper body circuits that take all my athletes through today is going to be special because we're going to focus mainly on our MMA athletes I have one of my MMA clients in here Zach Davis awesome guy hard worker and we're actually going to show you step-by-step exactly what we're doing he's about two months out from a spot so we're gonna focus on as much strength gains as possible and then after about a month my tapered back down if you want conditioning exercise come on Zach come in here so this guy right here hard-working guy we're going to show you exactly what we're gonna do today step-by-step I'm going to break down the exercises the reason why we're doing them and we're going to take it from there see you guys at the gym go all right here we go all right so the first exercise we're gonna do today is going to be a 1 on dumbbell bench press now the reason for that is not only we're going to be engaging that chest but we're going to engage our core by our body having to stabilize ourselves as we press the weight to this one we're doing the resistance band I really like to switch it up keep the keep the body guess and keep you the athlete guessing but the reason for that is because of the resistance that the band gives you as you come up on the negative so that's really what we're focusing on right now is the explosive eccentric portion and then the concentrate portion as well and then the next exercise we did we did a trap bar deadlift with a overhead press this is going to help focus on his explosive power so he's getting in that daily position he's exploding up and uh practice this and then he's going to rotate his wrists inwards that way he can press the weight above him so this is gonna allow him whenever he said he has a defender on him he's gonna be able to press out maybe it means in the law for the persons over on top of her it's gonna allow him to get out of that that lock after that we wore into our chin-ups with that L with that right angle that's going to engage our core making a lot more difficult that we don't get any emotion or that momentum trying to push ourselves up five seconds four three don't let me forget slow 1s low all right so on hammer curls this is really what's going to help focus on his bicep strength so think about it whenever were wrestling and things like that when he's got to grapple with his opponent he wants to have that bicep extremely strong so he doesn't tear it or anything like that whenever he maybe gets an armbar things like that so that's what we're working on and this this exercise the push-up plank this is really just going to focus on his core strength it's going to help engage that whole core chest shoulders back lats everything like that so this is really just what's going to fatigue that core before we get back into that next circuit and we also rest for about two minutes between each set we're going to do three sets of this circuit and we're going to go right back into another set this is all push-pull that's going to help him in its fighting and everything like that so stay tuned his first exercise is the the close grip bench press this is going to focus on his tricep strength so that way whenever he's in a hold or has someone on top of them it's going to be able to press that opponent up awesome so that's the first exercise next one we did a TRX wide grip row just like we did the resistance band row this is just going to work our bodyweight also it's going to work the width of our back next one we did was our dips we did bodyweight dips this is just going to help fatigue those triceps a little bit more and also put a little bit more muscle mass on his triceps next one we did was a kettlebell toss this is great for explosive strength from the hips and also for our shoulders so that way whenever he say phrases he has an opponent on top of them he's able to press that opponent up off of them this next exercise right here is a dumbbell row pushup it's going to help stabilize that core engage our core more than a regular push-up or plank also adding in that row is going to add a little more resistance into that the last one we did right here was just to fatigue the body even more we just had him hold his bodyweight to fatigue the triceps the chest the shoulders and also his core that's what five seconds four three let's look at good alright guys that concludes our workout for today with Zach's upper body circuit today again he's two months out from his spot so we focused on explosive strength since I don't do too much conditioning with him we went from exercise to exercise we banged it out we did six exercises for two the circuits so that concludes the exercises today what I want to leave you with today with our good friend Eric Thomas what he says is pain is temporary it may last a minute it may last hour it may last day may last year but the pain of quitting lasts forever thanks guys we'll see you next time you

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  1. Great video. Thourough explanations of each exercise without rambling on. Fantastic video editing, too!
    Good luck to your athlete. More videos like this!

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