Modern Goblin Flame Whack – NEW from Dominaria w/ The Flame of Keld!

Modern Goblin Flame Whack – NEW from Dominaria w/ The Flame of Keld!

everyone’s Nepal are hard for the
rares and mythix of da mineira but w hat about the other da mineira cards are
they worthy of our nipple hardness in the car that really stands out to me
that I think a lot of people overlook is a new card the flame of Keld its
enchantment for two and it seems like it’s really bad at first when you first
play it you discard your hand and on the following turn you draw two cards and on
turn after that it’s final ability triggers and it says if a red source you
control will deal damage to a permit or player this turn it deals that much
damage +2 to that permanent or player instead so think about that think about
some more it’s pretty good but the question is what deck will this go in
and I think a lot people written this card off for modern because first of all
discard your hand how many decks can survive discarding the hand or even how
many modern decks have that many red sources to make it worth it and I think
some people probably consider this card for burn but then soon realize that this
card just doesn’t work with burn or at least not very well first of all riffle
suspends does not work with the third ability here cuz rift bolt’ comes down
at the upkeep and celts third ability doesn’t trigger until after the draw so
think at that point people just wrote this card off saying it’s not good for
mod and just forget it but I think it’s pretty pretty good and by pretty good I
think it’s really good in particular is really good in a goblin deck so
obviously goblins red deck that makes sense but if you really think about it
more it makes a lot more sense first of all if you look at the curve a lot of
converted mana cost someone stuff you have things like burning tree emissary
to make extra mana to dump her hand further so the problem that goblins
tends to run into is that it Peaks very very early like turn two turn three but
after that it hits a wall if you’re on turn four and you’re out of cards in
hand you draw something like fanatical firebrand it’s a 1/1 like what do you
really want to draw a 1/1 on turn four no so sometimes goblins will be fast
enough to finish off your opponent and other times you just get stuck there and
it’s super-awkward having a bunch of won ones out when your opponent’s playing
actual real creatures on turn three turn four so that’s where flame Mikkel comes
in I mean the downside you have to discard your hand but really who cares
because goblins your hands gonna be gone anyways like turn three turn four your
hands gone on top of that we have beau Mac Courier I think Evan that plays
standard knows what it does but I’ll read it for you anyway just for you big
boys out there courier says when it attacks exhales top card your library
facedown and then you can pay one red discard your hand sacrifice the bow
matte and then put all cards exiled with it into your hand so why are these two
cards so insane together because one your hands gonna be gone right so having
been that courier discarding your hand no big deal right on top of that assume
you already have some couriers out you play the killed you swing in a couple
times the courier’s and by the time the third ability rolls around you sack the
courier’s draw a lot of cards and really capitalize on that last ability and that
last ability very very good I mean think about it for a second first of all if
you attack with MOG fnatic instead of dealing one damage to a creature that
blocks it it seals three and after walk you can unseal one your opponent
but it’s not one damage it’s now three damage even better Legion loyalists
think about this for a second you tackle a bunch of creatures they get first
strike they get trampled why is that such a big deal cuz that means more
damage will spill over to your opponent because it’s trample damage it gets an
extra bonus from Keld on both the creature deals damage too and the damage
that spills over from it so very very good you guys starting to see what I’m
getting at here and the fact that people haven’t picked up on how good it is
kinda makes my nipples tingle in a really good way because like I feel like
I’m enlightening the world by saying this card here is just as good as Karn I
mean honestly followed better than Karns that new-car $45 at new Karn Oh hail No
or mock sambar sitting at $30 I don’t think so but this card here 25 cents I
mean if this car like it’d be really time to third ability some insane stuff
happens and with Kelly even cars like gobbler days are pretty insane like
seven damage for one man that’s crazy lightning bolt five damage it’s pretty
crazy but other than that it’s the typical goblin build we’ve got our four
goblin guys we got three the fire brands which I’ve seen quite a bit of playing
goblin decks lately it’s essentially a ghetto mob fanatic they also got some
bush walkers yeah this kicker ability to give haste is pretty good an plus one
plus zero emissary combos as well with the bushwacker most calm decks do you
run for bush lockers but I felt like it was a bit much for this deck which tries
to empties hand so it can get killed out early and Bushwhacker I almost
considered cutting even more because well it’s good the stack isn’t supposed
to blow out the opponent right away so it’s a kind of soften their life until
Celt comes out and Kells supposed to finish so Bushwhacker
it works and it works you know emissary and bush chakra together are really
insane so it gives them haste isn’t +10 it’s very good when things work out also
lands most calm Dexter’s run 18 mountains plain and simple but because
there’s so much card drawing in the second you know the fin out some cards
to the deck by fetching means that the longer the game goes the less likely you
are to draw more lands but it’s kind of optional if you want to build a similar
deck to this there’s definitely budgeted versions out there that are just
mountains and actually work perfectly fine also we have green don’t really
need it in this deck though there’s a couple cars in the side where that work
out with it speaking of which here’s the sideboard we’ve got to fork bolts worst
of all Kell but mainly is to take out things like lingering souls or his
little creatures that get in the way of our little guys so pretty decent to have
probably the most go-to card in the Seibert though steering blood is a
staple of most burnside boards and a card I’m super excited about here
damping seer and it had a lot of hype leading up to da mineira and people seem
to not be excited about anymore but it’s really good like it’s pretty pretty good
it wrecks Tron decks it wrecks storm decks and I almost ran three to four in
the sideboard but I ended up going with two plus a grab seekers Kage stops
things like snap caster reanimated stuff like that also staple Burnside boards
destructive rivalry the story started artifact enchantment also deals two
damage and that’s really why we’re splashing for green but main deck we know
I fetched for these things the only sideboard stuff also Targa’s commands I
was a bit on the fence about it I liked that a soft life game because against
aggressive decks most people respond with life gains so it’s a pretty good
card plus the pumps all your creatures and given that we have a buttload of
creatures it’s much better than Scholl crack the downside though with killed
it’s a bit iffy because killed isn’t a creature and a targis command is really
capitalized when we have a lot of creatures so there’s a bit of a conflict
with the deck as far as having both killed and Targa’s command in the same I
guess pool you can say so I don’t know I think you can make a momma red version
this deck and be perfectly fine I mean you lose the enchantment removal but
enchants you usually don’t come into play that much but I’ll have to see so
let’s get to that gameplay but first I do an apologize for not posting recently
because I don’t if you can hear it but my voice is pretty wrecked I mean it
just comes with the territory when you suck dick for a living but it’s been
delaying my videos and that’s a no-no I’ll definitely be posting more because
I’m learning how to power through the really sore throat cuz it feels like a
bear clawed my throat but I feel like when I talk really loud it just it hurts
so much becomes numb so we’re good we’re good it to me a lot of videos coming but
you know it will help my throat feel faster subscribing and sharing this
video with a friend and it gives me something to live for
alright but I’m sure everyone’s eager to see the second action so here’s the
gameplay opening hand – stomping grounds and hopefully they’re not Agra but the
rest of her hand looks pretty good so we shall keep so not aggro by the looks of
it so start off with goblin guide or maybe should done firebrand brooding
pool boy CERN’s mmm kinda regret not killing that thing well should we kill
it now possibly maybe not oh yeah maybe knocks we’re setting up for a pretty big
play next turn if we attack will he trade lists attack see what he does
who’s does trade I think there’s a better incentive to kill that it seems
kind of shaytay but let’s do it and then back to them Alaric is darn darn darn
darn well let’s try this bush Walker swing in see how he blocks on blocks
like that that’s a big no-no there’s now this die and they’ll trade I’m guys I
don’t mind back to them they’re still in pretty good position nine life and
there’s that and okay pretty good timing so it’s slam for two so we starting for
Tuesday way mmm anything’s worth while swinging for – okay a trade ban courier
and kill cool back to big boy plays land one land in hand thanks for 1 no blocks
we take one and back to us okay interesting so Hans’s for next turn and
for now just pass back and Scott becomes such a big boy and a collected company
alrighty nothing too good though and it swings in
mmm yeah I’ll take its AXA clue and this will be a tough one I hope for the best
Goblin kite okay so got good Bushwhacker then swing with
everything and blocks like that well let’s give it a shot sacrifice to this
oh no way wait wait wait come on no counter no
counter no counter that was 100 that was a close I was thinking my mind
like there has to be a goblin grenade here to win
I guess lighting book could have done it right goblin grenade is a very nice
so on the game too so go ahead game shooting get rid of two careers three
firebrands to put in two fork vultures like a little man I make her guys and
three single bloods with that let’s go to game two for lanzhi and I can’t keep
that mmm a little risky we’ll keep it though mine
on top okay not too bad where’s paradise in a slower opponent we shall ping that
ho and then back to opponent it’s a little bizarre so I guess just I’m
necessary okay and I just pass back the night of the robbery definitely bolt
worthy so bolt it swing in and back to opponent okay pride mage and at the end
of their turn it lets searing blood that and who pretty grande okay swing in is
Kate fanatic and stomping ground and then flame the killed on this thing
though so hopefully one of the two cars is a bolt or more than a bolt
Bushwhacker interesting interesting think the right play here mmm is
actually think everything is here’s the cash we can swing with this this if he
blocks we can ping it mmm we should wait till next turn out and I’m there’s a
little bit too much yeah I think I’ll let it three right now I kind of feel
bad I missed it a weighted total next turn I don’t know I think it’s more
important to get damage in missile and yeah he lets it through a sees what
we’re doing put some in a since we’re really hard and come back his next turn
double damage I guess I’m five would worship wow I see how it is so we need a
gallon grenade man let’s see mmm mission played that nice
to give a shot again shouldn’t have played that was a mistake takes it down
the one man oh man he plays the second creature seemed even more problematic
and not fair not fair emissary might as well and his back for
my album yeah no I don’t know there’s gamma grenade but bit too late
for that oh well so I’m gonna give it a forkball
career-ready put in to revelries and with that let’s go game two or three go
to game three yeah there we go opening hanoks all right we’ll keep start with
Delmon good swing for to land or glaze that home and there’s revelry well let’s
play the fanatic guild hierarch something for two company okay and play
the fanatic and back your phone okay nice thing you should use the reverie on
that you have a second one to kill that swing for three gonna sell the wreckage
i watch out for that boys for certain it’s okay and a fork bolt interesting
well probably should steering blood it watches disease that’s a die okay what
do you fish he’s down the three so we I believe the lie on opacity path eggs
alright well the odds to spell pierce or mana tooth mmm I think the best play
here just swing in if you can draw it path to exile that would be good on path
yes try this was forced something out of them so now he has to take care of the
Goblin gun thanks okay here we go lightning bolt boom I’m glad I didn’t
come down to worship again oh man that was good okay I happy now it’s a pretty
good start I would say the flame that killed was pretty good and we saw it
that is dawn I love to see I mean seems good so far
we don’t know yet so on to the next matches opening hands someone’ll and ham
but this is pretty good here pretty good to start with
so we’ll keep and hope for a second land seeming visions no land but we’ll go
courier and backtrack on it for all you not seated a boy and no second land well
that fits us an awkward position oh man okay suppose the Loyalists case we do
hit a secondly an extern but store makes you nervous and I already think about
damping sphere in the sideboard in all this balling this so not much more
opponent back to us still no ma’am that’s not good so just passed back and
this is the downside to goblins just when they have a big buck creature out
discuss it there wait for the right cards but against storm sitting around
not that great as we’re gonna see here probably get some good and think we’re
in trouble no matter what we do this plan was ready for Game two
I’m just put into the past yep it’s played another past point well I’ll like
no one’s done and look at that so on to Game two
so go on the game chair chief limit kills two couriers one bush fire putting
all this stuff especially having sphere so but that let’s go to Game two
oh definitely keep this by the fanatic and back serpent and with our pollen
tapped out we shall go emissary damping sphere they could bounce it but for now
we’re safe and then back to punt so next time probably this followed by this yeah
we’re looking pretty good so eventually go get around this but it will take
quite a bit of time oh one another one nice echoing truth though does bounce
both is not the best but I’m with this here what to do what to do unfortunately
we just bolt here and swing for three not the most man efficient thing to do
but back your comments letting hand is so cool it tells you how many little
spells or cast is so cute sliding in for two and hmm let’s just do
Bushwhacker kicker and swing in for seven back troponin mmm I take it they
have yes son given so if we swing and use at our cos command would be lethal
so swing in before the results if they have a response to this and they bolt
that okay and what is this who do we want a sack it now and this can be hard
to play with damping spear out yeah it was a second time goes down a three back
to them pop and then grapeshot sure so what to do here I think the best thing
here really I’m sorry and then firebrand for two swinging in OC our pond gets out
of this one man more folks visions well and there’s gonna see to damping sphere
very very good I think the only thing different unfortunately we got to dump
another kill that think if they’re on the play I mean although the card
drawing is kind as you could drawn to dampers here but I think Tarkus commands
the better card mmm actually even Bushwhacker to dump it’s kind of like
having killed there things dump want courier Ahsoka’s courier could also
dross the cards I don’t I don’t really know I think maybe the couriers instead
of the kills just for this game and then dump loyalists yeah that seems about
right so with that let’s go game three such a good hand but no damping sphere
no way to draw man I don’t really know here lightning bolt
could kill their creature I think we keep it darn hoping we had damage here
and that’d be the end of it but I’ll have to make do with what we have guys
swing in rolls their division they missing a LAN and I was trying to put a
land on top the are missing land ooh now this is a really tough call they
probably put a land on top and if we something with the guy they’ll draw it
so this might be kind of dumb but I’m not gonna swing with the Goblin guard
yeah actually put both cards on top yeah so just the courier and back for Conor
and there was a line the top plays brawl but guess what lightning ball
ooh this is gonna be Grande so emissary bushwacker
so everyone land on top that’s 10 damage nice we’re so closer at five okay back
to them without parole out sleight of hand I think they’re in trouble here
come on so close they’re stalling what are you gonna do here
Oh like going for maybe a small grape shot maybe they do they have it without
parole shattering spree yeah it’s let it happen you see grape
show what is gonna happen here I was so frustrating oh my gosh I’ll just pass it
back pass it back yet parcel grape shot but that doesn’t matter because we got
lightning bolt followed by a Turkish command and here we go lightning bolt
there’s gonna see all righty and opponent mess is just nice luck well
guess what nice luck well your mom is nice Oh get
Rick oh wait I forgot the is here away that I mean I mean there yeah great so
that went pretty well but that damping sphere was very very nice and normally
storm feels like an unfair mashable with the amping sphere floating around the
deck the matchup now feels pretty even where they get the right cards we get
the right cards but either way the match is gonna be hit or miss so I’m glad they
did print damping sphere because it’s nice to have a shake-up in modern every
now and then but on to the next match opening hand I suppose we can keep this
we’ll give it a shot and start by swinging and with the firebrand and back
to opponent yeah appears r up against hollow 1k they pull well so well it’s
bolt sewing at the oil list and a firebrand and deal to to our opponent
back to that Bernie inquiry okay not too bad for us and an angler cool so let’s
start by using goblin grenade on the angler I’ll just sacrifice in the
loyalists they had a lot of big boys League game and hang for a strike
against big boys doesn’t do much so yeah back to them it’ll pusher during inquiry
I think we should lightning bolt all right but it’s a hollow on shoot I think
we’re okay he had a blood gas and a Phoenix so we take the two and there’s a
Farber and we’ll live vibrant and back to our opponent got them more shirts as
swings everything I think we should block and then sack it to deal one two
opponent could take out the blood gas but you never know they could have a
land at hand okay it also killed the hold along with the
lightning bolt not sure suit Li pull next loyalist all right sound let’s kill
the hollow one but we are running out of time
goblin war again tempting to go after him but I think we gotta kill the hollow
and play defensively here so bolt the whole one we’re still really low on life
you’re out and it looks like our poem might have us here yep they’ve got us
what would be pulled my ankle pretty close but ultimately they get game 1 so
let’s go on the sideboard anything on the m203 firebrands 1 fnatic putting 1
graphics Jan 3 singing Bloods with that let’s go
to game two open your hand I like it we’ll keep it it start off the courier
but we’ll go golfing God you get some extra damage in opponent does it’ll land
well they only have 18 lands index that’s pretty unlucky for us bring in
Cory sure are you lucky of them but let’s do this fanatic grenade and
swinging for two mm-hmm terminate okay back to our ponent lob my surf sure that
is quite good against us but we do have a steering blood to kill that and swing
in for two Thorin lay off the top okay there ten a dip would will be bold not
that great swing but do they get pushed sheer yes they do okay push the Goblin
what well nice just push this what does the Goblin draw him a card so I don’t
know so they go to eight will play the spirit guide and a mine the fin on our
deck and back to opponent earning a court on if they have a Phoenix in there
to him actually pleasure to kept this in hand in the case they had bringing her
which they did that we could have swapped it out for something else like
some of these cards to have been nice so I see must get back to Phoenix’s alright
we take a and they’re really really pushing it mmm let’s try and thinner
deck out come on Big Boy years easy so on to Game three and could
go with the Tarka mmm Tarkus command is tempting so maybe one Bushwhacker one
killed actually maybe more killed because Kells good but not really
against him because he does a lot of stuff so scared of all the kills
actually feels kind of bad but just the way it’s gotta be
and yeah it looks pretty good so we shall go with that opening hand is
pretty grande so keep see if we see it bring inquiry
though Davis living okay and back to our turn will go with the courier and back
to them plain blade of depth so we shall sting blood they take three will swing
in from one see if you wanna kill it now would be a good time for them to do it
nope they opted not to okay goblin lore and a hollow one blood gas Lisa can’t
block and a debt mmm that is quite troublesome so how do we go about this
we shall gue emissary loyalists and I think we got a goblin grenade that
hollow one and then passed back to our opponent hopefully they don’t kill the
courier so what will this be engine explosives you ho-bag the stick I
was adept oh now that goes for it darn three cards we’ll never get back but on
the bright side and goblin good swing in four four okay bolt on top and it’ll go
mod fanatic back to opponent maybe we shoulda kept this hand but also we could
fetch for a stomping ground and then use green if you pull a Tarkus command so
both that goblin more they swing in not worth killing that a full land shoot
those was swinging for three all in there they got a five there’s a
faithless looting angry so they pull a fourth landing a hollow
on pickle anybody don’t think they have it in Bernie anchor could get kept that
land hand okay it didn’t change seeing step for a second it’s like how is it
the same card well this is a bit awkward I guess just courier in a bit of a tough
color I think just swing with the courier rights to draw a card if he pull
a goblin grenade off the top we win I was that having no very slim so you get
stomping around new not good actor opponent they the saluting pit only
swings in with a blood gas cool as long as we keep getting additional draws and
there it is oh we got it we got it right boom oh nice that was that was pretty
cool didn’t see kill than that match but it’s
nice to know I can take out a deck as fast as hollow on at least sometimes so
I’m pretty happy about that but now on to the next one opening hand looks
pretty gangster will keep start off calm guy swing in and probably jund or
something absent yes you definitely a fatal push there let’s go courier and
courier and swing for for there’s a fatal push on top to where is that fatal
push Jack come on I know it’s there come to Daddy
Oh popped eggs oh okay quite the plot twist not really but don’t take stew and
back to them one plays a lamb but nothing else so we’ll play these and I
could get rid of a courier after the attack in Tetris on day but I kind of
want to hold on to the bolt for when they place scabs me dump the bowl mm-hmm
it’s really tempting because it was will be a three three
gosh like hey let’s hang on to it at least for one more turn it goes down to
Levin back to them play that use play that is green flare okay that is also
worth killing so we bolt into land so swing in fit
looks like is a kill card is hesitating thing if he’s gonna kill this probably
yep let’s find strong two’s not bad not bad at all
so pond goes nine bolt play the kill the perfect timing and back-to-front what is
this no saw come on no fun it’s okay we got
this got one got nice the fondling is strong when goes a two back to them I’m
not looking forward to that scavenging use though I only have two green now so
I’m will see you’ll see and there it is we’re so close come on
it’s not what we need this is very very risky so team if this were a mob fanatic
we’d be in a lot better shape so I think the right play here goblin got in a
loyalist attack any time yes go for it I’m gonna blocks like that there’s up to
three back down to two feels kind of crappy but let’s kill this thing
alright no more life game and then back to our pond this thing now
there was some life game I guess in hands it’s tough yeah it goes for it
alright hey keep going down the one who’s going back to four we can still
get it though does have a feel pushing hand though mmm fly Mikkel not bad so
we’ll swing in he’ll push cuz he won’t risk us having lightning bolt yep then
Keld again and back their opponent Shandling then again so we’ll go back to
6c we can get here and I can emissary hmm I guess play both of them and back
to our opponents so close so close Lilliana okay sacrificing always safer
to sacrifice this and it’s tracker alright hope for something good oh my
god gobbling oh my gosh what’s happening here I can’t believe it this card is
just like the best card ever made and with kelp boom I don’t I don’t believe
it the guard the goblin grenade top deck is very strong very strong indeed
so go on game – I’m not gonna change much okay I’m gonna swap out –
firebrands for two Targa’s commands in case they boarded in life game but with
that let’s go to game – opening hand I think it’s pretty good so we’ll keep in
probably fatal push there so that lost game maybe I’m right this time start off
with loyalists yep fatal place already darn thing sir okay it’s actually decent
against us so we will go emissary then fnatic and
back to our opponent and who big wood does all three wow we’re gonna lose a
lightning bolt and the emissary there so it’s funny firebrand cool – best move
here think we got a firebrand swing and then put fnatic band back to them
my gang stole sure it’s pretty good against us another fanatic and it’s so
good against says well you should put fork bolt and from sideboard I don’t
know think we yeah I think I should kill him
it could pump them I don’t know he’s tough the outs kill him is that wasn’t
something for – it’s a little risky though sinker – it’s even worse thing
play more next turn right back to them yep they come back and necessary you
swing in I don’t know worth bolting one of them I don’t think so he has a swing
in I mean it feels crappy yeah crap and emissary and back to around Inquisition
response to that lighting bolt yeah what is this grand flare okay shoot not what
I wanted to see so we’ll hold back the block game back to them
hey dudes hack well I’m definitely blocking that so they trade and probably
the best card here is killed the courier that works too so you can’t make this to
a creature without white so it’s swinging they take it land
I’m table to shoot another one least of damping’s here stopping them from
recasting it laying ball okay not bad still swinging should be just bolt back
keep this alive an extra turn it’s kind of dumb yeah thinks so
that’s pretty dumb but it is an extra card so I’ll pass back well they recast
it and I wish they had Fort bolt she did it boarded that then no attacks from
them land so he shall swing and they block and then then our deck Sachi drop
three little buddy nice very nice loyalist killed pretty good pretty good
and this out too could help us a lot against the spirits with first strike
and all and these two didn’t work really well together because of the trample and
stuff and poni swings and alright no and that’s not something it takes it back
back to a small fanatic who knew gusto so pass back if I want to just get
another creature next turn be so perfect if we did horn goes for the path shoot
well will sack it to be kill a spirit do we hit him guess a spirit that’s kind of
a bummer come on swing and swing it darn did not want to draw that but on the
bright side we have a Tarkus command so swing block with just one he’s thinking
about he’s like mmm she did I do just one alright it’s a pretty good value
unfortunately no trample though they go to seven back to them I like that light
land no didn’t want to see that so here comes shambling event your cards so good
against us come on goblin grenade ooh super close my friend if it don’t do it
now man could have disc are sitting in hand what to do what to do so he hit
them down the three go back to five and we just hold back and fortunately it
washed up elegant discard here I’m we’ve been again following this for an instant
so we take two and their life tolls actually higher than ours now in that
thing – mmm courier yeah so I think we’re pretty desperate here we’ll gamma
grenade and swing in and then sack no shoot looks like our pounds gonna get
this one fence again and you can do a lot here but yeah we’ll go for it so
swinging in a clip you tell you so much life gain so they go to two but they’ll
probably get it here yeah they will get it here cuz collector brutality i’ma
sings for three and there’s a brutality shoot a life game man so go in Game
three i’ma try make things a bit more aggressive here get rid of two kills and
a firebrand scared of all the kills I don’t know now I’ll keep dukhia
yeah we’ll keep two kills on them I’m gonna regret doing that though just for
the grab seekers cage and for lingering souls but I don’t think it’s worth it
for a few cars and they could just find a way to deal with that at some point so
I suppose that we’ll just go to game three hoping he looks pretty good and
the other killed so we’ll keep start with loyalists link for one who gum good
nice let’s go goblin gun probably as a pushchair it’ll land and
so parent takes one will play the fanatic act to them which we see here’s
gonna clog the child again what will we see collector brutality okay I can take
one of these takes the grenade mmm I wanna be for Bolton now another could
have it would have lingering souls so old back path exile as well will we see
lingering souls here laying tendrils okay dang that’s pretty hardcore well it
was due fork ball and the killed see if it survives back to punt
mmm Bushwhacker I don’t know what’s the right play here cuz next friends when
the damage happens but saving this for next friends a bit if he or is it mmm
it’s not enough mana for all of it I think we play it and now possibly mmm
yes go for it thank or to ethics okay and then backtrack on Inquisition so
unfortunately gotta go for this so hopefully pull something good next turn
but this might be a dead on the good MOG fanatic so deal three they get a 5 back
to them now I just need to lightning bolts there’s this in the creature I’ll
ice pretty whoa and bushwhackers go for it there’s something bolt rains if they
don’t kill it yeah bolt range it’s got a hope you pull one all this swing it
swings I’m with that at odd maybe I something in a hand
mmm into goblin grenade oh come on think we got it do we have it I don’t believe
it were for oh and goblin aid has one us so many matches it’s it’s insane is it’s
it’s crazy what’s that like there’s at least three or four games where we top
we top deck the gamma your name right like I don’t think I’ve seen this much
luck ever I mean I don’t know I don’t know I mean you could have also drawn a
bolt but like but the gum grenades it’s just like there for us like it knows
when we need it that’s great ok one more match this is
for the five oh and I kind of nervous because the last time we went 5 Oh was I
think the Oboro deck because a lot of decks ago 3 2 or 4 1 but a 5 Oh duck in
a competitive league even it’s like it’s just it’s just like it’s craziness but
let’s Ivan tells the students do it not a great opening hand for lands killed
let’s mullet I was like really concerned though because I feel like our luck has
to run out here like there’s no way we can’t just keep top decking goblin
grenades so I don’t know I’m nervous keep this held and things a bit too soon
for that to bottom start with carrier swing I’m so nervous I tapped into bush
locker so I think the best play here emissary firebrand and swing in for to
convert X 2 goes on the 17th devoted your so I think the best move here butch
Walker and then they’re Bushwhacker and swinging it for
an ass-ton please just please don’t have the combo to go to six oh man oh man oh
man please no please no I feel like message don’t being like I
really need this I’m sick my throat’s killing me I need this five oh so what
to do to do I think the best move here Goblin God do we ping this beforehand
probably right yes ping it and sing with the gang
blocks they’re interesting like that okay so we’re gonna sack and there’s a
bolt oh oh daddy yes will savor this moment come on oh yes very good very
good dang oh my gosh we’re one game away from
the 5 oh holy crap so unfortunately going in game 2 never did killed
impotence increased removal I can’t keep the kills but I’m gonna try and blow
this guy out before he sets up so maybe the kills are pretty good out no I’ll
probably regret that but oh well where’s paradise should we hang it yeah I think
so game complete backs are from another birds paradise we shall go gobbling good
very year yeah I can feel myself getting really nervous like I know that I play
really poorly when I’m nervous so just as a warning this games are you
gonna end early or it’s gonna go long enough for ice like starving a ton of
mistakes probably the lot of the to me path path
Erica already in the core firewalker that is very good against us how do you
even get around that shoot shoot shoot just dump her hand I don’t know we can’t
least can’t get around I mean how do I uh it’s asking him so I can’t think he’s
like should keep playing red stuff nothing can kill it I don’t know I don’t
know Bushwhacker kicker and his swing in blocks there ok alright back your phone
eternal witness getting back path all gonna take that thing out you emissary I
mean I don’t know no no there isn’t a single non red card in our deck or
sideboard that isn’t an artifact all I should have kept the kills in another
witness getting back path alright back home and asked that we’re out of basics
this thing like what will be sideboard then if you Tarkas command would be good
looks like this I back troponin probably should vote that actually in the
firewalker though I’m swings into blocks or should be block oh he’s gonna pump
nope he almost forgot that pump knows one no knows 100 Ernie and bolt
this but I think we got a go at arc is I mean it’d be nice to have a killed at
this point I don’t think held will win us the game because once this big
features comes out it’s just like what can you do mr. Walker and that will do
it yeah I think the commands are the way to go so again throwing here three of
these but in three still no killed I’m really nervous about
this is this is go for it one land this is risky I think got to keep it a molded
carrier swinging for one hierarchies land oh yes
the magic gods are indeed on our site so ping that at the courier so again for
two down to seventeen so long as we don’t see double white we’re good
bullets okay we’ll just ping it now you can’t use that scho galling good swing
with everything he’ll chomp and then ping walks their claim on fnatic came
back for a moment oh my gosh so much pressure him tap birds-of-paradise
backed up decays that yeah I can’t do anything about that so then a little
steering blood down to nine swing in oh my name is could be opposed to it
they’re down the six so ping a grenade now what I wanted to see oh no no no
would you’re lighting but we have lighting bolt okay I’m nothing straight
out that shows I’m a six playing tap down up to seven ok visit is it
lightning bolt no way comically Allen grenades right notes in no taxes Tiger
Vice the guide lighting bolt Goodwin one we did it we did it
yes daddy will finally love me now yes oh man so that is our fan that’s I mean
that was that was worth it that was that was pretty intense I think hands down
that was our best tournament we’ve had as far as just luck and crazy plays and
just so many a plot to us where you think it’s gonna go one way and it’s you
know just it’s just it was good you know I don’t want to like boast or anything
but like everything just kind of fell in the place and hopefully was enjoyable to
watch I mean it was very enjoyable to play oh man oh man I mean it’s just it’s
just like I know a bunch of people when competitive leagues every day and they
go five oh and there’s a lot of decks out there right but when you think about
like the probability of actually going in doing one leaks is the first time I
did a leak with the stack the odds are pretty stacked against us look at that a
little trophy every match was to one that’s that’s some precision there’s
some consistency so looking back on the deck I think it’s super solid we did
swap flame the killed out a lot of times but I really don’t think we needed to
it’s pretty good it did have a bit of a conflict with a Targa’s command because
I pulled in the Targa’s command I feel like we need to be strong on creatures
to make it worth it in killed considering that it’s not a creature is
a bit tough to use at Argus command and killed but I really don’t think Green
was that necessary I mean there was a game where we thought
we’re gonna run into warship so we brought in the structu robbery but that
game we didn’t see warship and so we didn’t really need it and I think the
SEC as a mana red deck works perfectly fine and you don’t really need the
fetches but if you really want to make sure you’re drawing nominating cards
consistently the fetches do help but I think there’s definitely a budget
version the sec out that that’s completely viable and very very
competitive is if you exchange all these fetch
Julian’s here four basic mountains the deck is quite cheap and Celts like
twenty five cents right now but I’m super-happy off this deck I mean I think
blame of the Keld is just a super underrated card in all the cars that
people are excited about in da mineira like mocks amber and car like they’re
good cards but what about some of the cheaper options like mikkel is good you
know and even damping steer is amazing if you look at the winning decks that
came out right after da mineira very few of them run damping spears if they do
they run like one of them but I feel like that’s a car that you can run two
three copies I’ve been beating for in the sideboard because storm and Tron
decks are still very prevalent in the meta game at least on the online meta
game yeah I mean I can’t believe you won and there’s a lot a lot of luck involved
with those goblin grenades and everything but if you can go 5 owned and
competitively I think the SEC’s perfectly fine to take to turn in it but
it’s fun it’s fast his try blowing people like playing tribal a lot so I’m
sold on the deck I think it’s pretty cool but I think I’m droning on a bit
now I’m gonna go arrest my throat before I have to suck some more dick so that’s
all for now and if you liked the video be sure to subscribe and let me know in
the comments what you thought the video and what other videos you want me to
make but that’s all for now and as always I hope you have a great day

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