Modern vs Historical Archery

Modern vs Historical Archery

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  1. Here's a great follow up video made by a YouTube channel called NUsensei where he clears up some misunderstandings we've had and expands upon many of the things talked about in this video as well as offering some corrections. Please see my comment under his video to hear my thoughts on what he says:

  2. I propose a device that you can use to launch light cone shaped pommels high speeds using high temperature gas to end someone rightly, I call it the "Pommel-Launcher"

  3. my question is what would happen if a medieval warrior would wear or wield in combat if he had access to modern arms and armor and especially since he would have no experience with guns.

  4. Shad, wouldn't warbows be exempt from your speed reloading points? I don't know anyone who in their right mind would try and utilize the sheer number of muscles required to draw a warbow for an extended period of time, much less them firing it quickly. If you are having to quickly fire a warbow, of course you can, but one of the biggest advantages of a 120-pound bow is the range that you can get out of it, you can fire a warbow, turn around and run away (which is much more effective if you have some form of obstacle such as a shield wall in front of you) turn BACK around, fire again, and just rinse and repeat until you either pass out, you can't pull the bow back anymore, you die from potential enemy archers, or you kill the enemy. In a one on one scenario you obviously want speed OR range on your side, or ideally both if you can get it, but if you are within 20 metres of your target and you have no obstacles in front of you, you would be better off just turning around and pulling a Sir Robin and chickening out (edit) rather than trying your best to kill the guy charging you before he can kill you

  5. Left side, right side. What difference does it make? Just hold the bow in the other hand if you are left handed and mirror what you do on the right. Problem solved.

  6. i mean you got more DPS well higher reload time but with a "mag" of 3-4 arrows instead of reloading every shot like a bolt action stressing your arm(s)

  7. You don't even know what you're talkin about. You don't aim a recurve bow. You don't look down the shaft and try to aim. Use the tip of the Arrow to aim you don't look down the shaft. It's more of a natural intuitive type of draw.

  8. Hi shadiversity great video:

    Question: I dimly remember in university a reference to some medical Turkish bowmen using a “leg bow”. Obviously and famously most Turkish bowmen used standard bows, on foot and mounts.

    But if memory serves there was also a larger and more powerful bow which was sometimes used where the archer would lay in their back, hooking their legs into the bow pulling with their legs and while and aiming. It was used for volleys at distance.

    It makes sense, I don’t practice archery but have (moderately) weight trained and in gym terms this would switch the movement from a “lawnmover” to something more like a deadlift or squat, which is a very different thing entirely.

    Like maybe bows with 300 to 400 pounds of pull?

    Ever hard of this type of bow in the period?

  9. You can't "fire" an arrow, that would take gunpowder, you actually shoot (or loose) an arrow. Love your videos though

  10. lars anderson is pretty nuts, he even does a turning arrow technique:

  11. For loading an arrow i thought of somthing that could help keep your hand on the right and put the arrow on the left which would be to put the tip of the arrow through the bow when loading it instead of moving the entire arrow to the other side of the bow (so in the end like i said you would put the tip of the arrow through the middle of the bow going from right to left and then you would just clip it on with the hand that is already on the right side) which would then could save some time as long as you kept doing it that way, it could still be hard to get correct until you would find the best way but i still think it could work

  12. as a left-handed person, it's nice to know i'd be superior to right-handed people at, at least something in the medieval era.

  13. That sight only had one pin. There are sights with more than one pin because of the fact that arrows had large arches.

  14. I have a 47lb traditional recerve bow and In my experience I prefer a back qiver but im not shooting it fast I'm shooting for accuracy at medium range and I carry a pistol on my hip so that is why I prefer a back qiver

  15. I've never understood myself – I write with my left hand, use a mouse with my right hand, generally pick things up with my left hand, hold a knife with my left hand, hold a fork in my right hand, and shoot with the bow in my left hand.
    Is my brain broken?

  16. If you use a Mongolian loose (as used by traditional the Mongols, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Turks), then you load the arrow on the opposite side. I'm a left handed archer. I use a right handed riser but a left handed grip. I use a glove with a reinforced thumb. The forefinger wraps around the tip of the thumb locking the arrow onto the side of the bow, which is why it's better than the Mediterranean Loose for shooting on horseback. This also allows for a much shorter bow, improving efficiency as long as the limbs don't stack. Shooting left handed with a right handed riser has no disadvantage in regards occluding the sight, none whatsoever. There is another huge advantage to using the Mongolian loose is where the draw comes to rest. It gives an extra inch to inch and a half, and it swings the arrow away from the face. I don't shoot in competitions, because the Mongolian release is not allowed, so I shoot for fun. It enables me to hold a far higher draw weight in comfort, 72lbs at 30½ inches as opposed to 54lbs at 28½ inches. In terms of consistency and accuracy, it's swings and roundabouts; get it right and you can achieve an incredibly clean release, and the accuracy is really good, but the arrow needs to be a little less stiff because it reduces the paradox, but…get it even slightly off….it punishes it very harshly indeed, usually with a loss in arrow speed and greater variation in windage. In high cross winds, it pays huge dividends however.

    There are bows that are getting rid of archer paradox completly (only issue is archer) check out "WINDOW" compounds 🙂

  18. One thing I'd like to add is that though accuracy is always good in archery, especially if you have someone running at you, iirc large battles it wasn't as important because they would just get a big group of archers to fire in a general direction and let statistics take care of the rest, similar to the typical musket battles of like the American Revolutionary War. (though I think English longbowmen trained much more than others)

  19. The one contradiction to this is the Kyudo style of archery from Japan. They use the same hand but load the arrow on the right side of the bow in most if not all of their shots.

  20. Kinda annoys me that you could not think of the EXTREMELY simply solution to the "which side do u load the arrow on"
    just take the arrow in ur right hand, and put it through the bowstring/shaft, then your hand will be on the correct side, at the same time that the arrow is loaded.

  21. And how about putting a back quiver on your bow holding hand side and drawing an arrow through the bow? Both arrow and hand will be in the best position to shot. I don't have neither bow nor arrows so maybe it is impossible?

  22. On a war bow you're not going to be speed shooting anyway. But personally think a reverse grip is easier since it allows your back muscles to be activated easier as if you were doing a bent over dumbbell row.

  23. Can you load the arrow from the back quiver to the left sight and canting your bow and then use the thumb draw so you don’t need either reverse grip nor change your hand position ?

  24. I am left handed. I might have an advantage in combat in middle ages if I used a bow. Also thank you for your detailed analysis and show these are more than one way tl use weapon and win and the most important thing is how much effort you put into your work for not to die.

  25. Do that on the inside with your thumb like that with a real shot from a bow you will cut your hand wide open with the feather. Also the arrow falls out of the knock much easier on the inside. Inside shooting is far less accurate. You WILL cut your hand without a glove. It falls out on the inside. a high degree of error in the shot Every way you held it on in the inside has the potential for injury. For speed shooting you use the bow sideways or on 45 degrees exactly how you showed. You can reload just as fast and It's a much more natural movement for your wrist. And historical drawings. I don't know how much weight to put in that. Even today's artists usually get it all wrong. Usually inside knock. But you nailed it man. What a Great vid!

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