21 Replies to “Modular Hogwire Panel Fence with Dado Groove”

  1. You said you're right outside Beaumont? That's crazy that I found this video because I want to build a fence like this to replace the old chain link, and I'm in Port Arthur lol small world

  2. Nice work my Chevelle brother. Your canines have a great space! Any worries about moisture gathering in the dado?

  3. I love Texas and think there is no better place. Working power tools and drinking beer is priceless.

  4. awesome video! will be tackling this project in a few weeks. Can you speak the strength of the dado? I guess the reason i ask is i have a dog that likes to jump against the fence, my thought was the hog wire may slip out of groove in that instance if enough pressure is applied. I could be total wrong! Have you experienced or seen that? Thanks for any feedback

  5. very nice dude, I want to replace my old chainlink fence. That's a good setup subscribed to show my wife.

  6. Nice chevelle brotha, I’m in the Houston area if you’re ever looking to sell lol
    Great Job on the fence! 👍🏽

  7. The only drawback I can see is your bottom dado will trap bio trash (leaves and etc) and begin to rot.

  8. Very nice fence…gave me some ideas for redoing the fence for our backyard…well the portion we have fenced.

  9. Great job and original "concept"dude! I'm a handyman as well and I'm looking forward to learn some techniques on how to install some posts at home and I ended up here. Thanks man!.

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