Moments of Truth Part 6 Hunting Black Rhino with Recurve Bow!

Moments of Truth Part 6 Hunting Black Rhino with Recurve Bow!

I returned to Angola in the fall of 1971 I plan to hunt in the mocoso concession which lies along the Kabongo River in southeastern Angola the only access to these regions is by bush plane our outfitter has hired Bushmen trackers and their families joined them for the duration of the hunting season one of the groups meat hunters showed me his weapon steel tip arrow packed with a nerve poison that kills the animal that hits within minutes quite effective even on large animals like buffalo my rhino PO with its 100 pound pull had the Bushmen wondering why I owned a bow so difficult to use they had more fun with ignited I've been requested by the Carnegie Museum of Natural History of Pittsburgh to procure for them a black rhino specimen I accept it grateful for the chance to go back perhaps for the last time hunts big game once more with bow and arrow only this time to do it the way I felt it should be done that is with no backup gun around our plan was simple the Rhino come in from the bush at night and drink at this local watering hole then before dawn they leave once more for the deep bush with my guide and tracker I arrived at the river pet just at dawn looking for those fresh rhino tracks once we spotted a fresh set of tracks the hunt began for the day you while I strung up my bow and readied all my bow equipment my Bushmen tracker halika ran ahead of the hunting party following the tracks of the Rhino he made sure that he was after the right animal by constantly checking the size of the footprints following the correct set of tracks is a difficult part of rhino honey since three or four different Rhino might have watered at the same hole during the night as soon as my arrows are ready the other two trackers and I took off in pursuit of halika one of the delights of hunting on foot was that I was able to observe other animals quite closely animals which normally would run at the sound of a Jeep Land Rover aleka's ability to discern rhino tracks on that hard ground was just short of supernatural he had an extra sense about it which is unexplainable and his endurance is extraordinary you some five or six hours after we spotted our first Rhino tracks a leak has spotted it and ran back to let us know after a plan of approach was set I was on my own I cautiously maneuvered into position while my men waited anxiously on the sidelines like Rhino fully-grown stands about five feet high at the shoulder and weighs in the neighborhood of three thousand six hundred pounds when you are standing twenty yards away from a root of an animal like that it's no time to lose your composure nevertheless I flinched and missed time seemed to hang in midair for one long moment that Rhino and I locked stairs while he made up his mind what to do that moment seemed to last forever then he charged fortunately an elephant or Rhino that has not been struck by an arrow will almost never press home a charge having sent me flying this Rhino simply pulled up and went his separate way and so that day's hunt was over so the next day and for the next 25 days we began a search for the Rhino that would provide the Carnegie Museum of Natural History with what they required once halika found is a good-looking female with a several month old offspring but I aborted this huh that baby would have had no chance of pushing out its mother then a week later we ran into still another cow and hurry up and once again we let them run away on Hart during those three and a half weeks I had several good shots of large specimen rhinos but I was unable to bring one down of course with a rifle any one of them could have easily been killed the bow requires great patience and as much understanding of the animal as you can muster then on the 25th day of hunting alika located a big mail for me this Rhino although it kept edging away from me had a positive feeling about I knew this was it I know paused in a thick clump of bush and for a moment I was concerned about firing and hitting the overhanging branches but I aimed and drew and fired he was hit hard high up behind the shoulder and I knew he was ours we trailed him for about 200 yards and found him dead in a small thing he had lasted about 30 seconds as I took measurements data for the museum and made arrangements for the skeleton to be shipped back to the United States I felt a certain regret that this hunt might be my last one a strain of training with heavy bows avoiding angry animals was beginning to take its toll on me so I reached the age of sixty years maybe I should start thinking about something else now the tarpon have gone for the day Bob and I decided to call it quits but as I make my way back to San Antonio I can still feel the pull the bush country and I think about Africa its ever-changing adventures perhaps then last May during the international game conference I revisited a lone star all a magnificent educational Museum in San Antonio which I and many others have made contributions over the years this ivory was donated 20 years ago and then the bowler hard Atlas closet and had angry lion I can still feel his claw and that unpredictable Rhine home of the Magoo's Oh lots and lots of memories here hunting and fishing the way I do I really do very little damage my how a man can rationalize what he longs to do so I'm going back I will train again and go back to the bush and I love and hunt the noblest animals of all and in a way that may or may not cause them or me and he damage at all

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  1. I don’t under stand why every one is freaking out the money he paid to hunt went to Africa’s wild life preservation and the only thing he killed was an old bull who would of starved or been eaten by others animals an since Africa hasn’t allowed hunters to take meat from there kill since 1944 all the meat went to starving villagers by the way your only allowed to hunt old bulls and females but females don’t give much trophy

  2. This is literally the 3rd video I've watched where you miss your first shot from within 50 yards or less… Then the animals don't charge you or change paths at the last minute. I think that rhino locked eyes and was figuring out if you were really that autistic or not.

  3. Ohh I flinched and missed. We need another 3 & 1/2 weeks of all expense paid hunting nirvana.

    I see what you did there!

  4. He was a trophy hunter and on top of that he was killing animals whose population numbers were extremely low. He was a horrible example for hunters and hunting. He was a thrill killer and a reason so many people have an issue with hunters today. I'm sure there's a special place in hell for people like him.

  5. Although this was posted 43 years ago, black rhinos where still going endangered. What a loser. A REAL hunter, he is..

  6. Amazing video,
    from the older days,
    when people understood hunting,
    and what a magnificent bow,
    this nice looking gentleman bowman doesn't look like he could handle #100, no disrespect intended,
    that's some real Howard Hill hunting technique,
    does anyone know anything about this guy, haven't heard of him before

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