9 Replies to “Mongolian horse rider”

  1. Awesome! Actually what horse riding is. To compare, I think the skills of Mongolian on horse is better than each of the jockeys worldwide. They even don't need to wear helmet or protector when riding.

  2. u just have no idea about life little baby, you watch life so shortly that's why from ur comment i can see ! Short minded little boy

  3. Our horses are not your over fed donkeys, you just cant walk over and catch them they are half wild. That is why we have chase them and catch them. What you know about horses? Probably nothing. But we Mongols learn to ride before we learn to walk. And we know how to love our horses and how to use them. So just watch and learn brother

  4. These are master horsemen. Western riders could learn a lot from them, but they are too worried about "safety". Whatever that means.

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