Montana Marble Effect Spray Paint

Montana Marble Effect Spray Paint

The Montana Marble Effect is
a high covering spray paint for deceivingly realistic
marble effects. The marble effect
is formed by very fine coloured paint strands on the surface area
of the object. The area to be sprayed
is not entirely covered, and will stay
partially visible. The marble effect spray
comes standard with a calligraphy flat jet cap that can be adjusted
to create spray output lines in vertical, horizontal,
or variations thereof. Surfaces should be
clean and dry. Remove the safety ring by
removing the nozzle and turning the can
upside down allowing the ring to fall out. Shake can well
for 2-3 minutes. During application
protect the object and the surrounding area
from spray mist. To achieve realistic
marble effects, cock your wrist
while applying. Marble Effect can be
combined with Montana Gold, Montana Acrylic Markers,
and customary acrylic paints. Seal with Montana Varnish
for further protection. Must be totally cured
before sealing. Montana Marble Effect,
high covering spray paint for deceivingly realistic
marble effect. Highest spray paint quality
made in Germany. (♪♪♪) Captioned by GigEcast

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  1. the color looks very dark. Is it just the tip or a special can of paint? Is there a grey for veining on a white back ground?

  2. I realize the pattern will somewhat vary the amount of product but approximately how many square feet will a can cover for a medium pattern. For example would it do a 4 x 8 sheet of plywood?

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