Moose Bows – Recurve bow build along – 62" Take Down

Moose Bows – Recurve bow build along – 62" Take Down

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  1. That Bow is Beautiful would you build another one or sell that one the # is just right at my 29”draw I’ve made a few if you don’t want to sell it or one just like it I guess I will have to try to copy it but I will have to buy all my stuff again to try to do it. Thanks for letting me see it.
    Ray Terney

  2. a 45lb and 60" would be ideal for most people even show how to upgrade to a 50 to 55lb. 45 lb is good for most people.

  3. now do it in slow motion. how dos eny one expected to follow it at that pace. the writing detail was in mili seconds. and music insead of words. how odd. ot could have been better explained in detail and all dimensions listed. width , thickness etc. do a better up grade and i will subscribe.

  4. Beautiful craftsmanship my friend. Gorgeous result.. I love the wood choices and the pattern you laid and sanded them into.

  5. dude, with glass you mean fiber glass? aaand, is it possible to replace the brown phenolic with fiber glass, what do you think?

    ty great vid and music 😉

  6. This is absolutely stunning. I am in love with your craftsmanship. I'm wondering, what kind of price does a bow like this go for, if you had to guess? I've been so curious about the pricing of high quality bows. Anyways, thank you so much for posting this!

  7. Making such bows aren't not only weapons or sport instruments, ther're pieces of art. Do you make orders? I want to learn how to build my own bow and arrows, and how to use them, but I haven't got the things to it and not the experience either. How much does it cost to make a take-down bow?

  8. Vilken fint båge du har gjort! Jag blev inspirerad till att själv göra en båge men inte så avancerad dock. Men jag har en fråga var får man tag på så tunt trä till lemmarna? Jätte fin båge och bra video hoppas du lägger upp mer. 🙂

  9. man you're making me step out of my carebear comfort zone with my nothing but the c-curve riser accents that my one jig gets about dead on, but I already sand so much on my riser (typically no separate power lam) why not just cut whatever I want into the riser and sand till it fits. Thanks! A bow model of mine needing tip wedges bad at the time of this posting:

  10. This is a true work of art.. I hope to make a bow as incredibly beautiful as this one some day. I would also like to see it shoot 😀

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