Mordhau – Archery Level 100

Mordhau – Archery Level 100

I picked up more now and I really liked it I had have almost no issues with the game other than the you know the the fact that sometimes you're experiencing and your goal doesn't say and the wait times and the ours are ridiculous and it's almost a pocket a stall that it's a really good game and everybody likes a good medieval game where you can cut people up with a sword or stab them with a spear or crush them with a hammer but I'm pretty terrible at all that so instead I decided to try to use a boat and I remember back when I used to play shibori people used to give me so much shit for using a bow and they would tell me it's for pussies you know what your haters you're all haters you know what we do to the fucking adders [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh

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  1. Well first time i played i got wrecked in mele so i did the Smart thing and got a bow, still wrecked but at least i did a few Kills xD

  2. One my favorite things is that if a teammate is pissing me off i just votekick them and basically everyone votes to kick without even knowing why

  3. I enjoy carrying 2 fire bomb with my long bow, i follow my melees friends and throw fire on the mass of people fighting and shoot arrow on everybody (i cannot say i only shoot enemy because often i shoot friends ;D). I know i'm a bad archer, but i only have 1 eye and 3 fingers (in game :p)

  4. I love popping someone in the head on the horse ,it's so funny specially when they coming for you, you know you pissed them off as they spend the next minute hunting you down 😀

  5. archers is one of the few things in this game that ISN'T infuriating, it doesn't feel like you are cheated out of a life or a kill just feels like someone who was a good shot fair and square shot you in the head and i'm okay with that. i don't get shot around corners or through objects or other bullshit you see in most games. i just got shot either by a man aiming at my or a man wildly shooting into the distance and it's just a thing that happened.

    When some cunt swings their executioners sword i block it and die anyway because he lags through the block after i got 4 hits in with my 1 handed axe it is so so so much worse. but most of the time i just shit on people till someone good kills me e.g. someone kills me through a good play / my mistake

  6. I just picked up Mordhau today and I immediately gravitated toward archery. My favorite moments are de-horsing the cavalry knights. You have great aim!

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