Moron – Electric Fence

Moron – Electric Fence

8 Replies to “Moron – Electric Fence”

  1. I love playing these songs for people on my guitar. Always gets people laughing and having a good time. God Bless y'all. From the Williams family in Fairborn Ohio.

  2. I remember a neighbor cat getting his tail on my grandfather's electric fence once when I was a kid. It let out a huge "meow" and ran about a 100mph back home.

  3. Getting hooked up to one of them electric fencers will definitely light up your life. that was fifty years ago and my hair still won't comb down.

  4. you know this is what playing music and having fun with it is all about, i just started playing banjo still working the rolls and different techniques not really that good yet do you have tab to the banjo part ? id love to learn it

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