Moscow 2018 World Taekwondo GP -Final [male –68kg] SINDEN, BRADLY(GBR) vs DENISENKO, ALEXEY(RUS)

Moscow 2018 World Taekwondo GP -Final [male –68kg] SINDEN, BRADLY(GBR) vs DENISENKO, ALEXEY(RUS)

33 Replies to “Moscow 2018 World Taekwondo GP -Final [male –68kg] SINDEN, BRADLY(GBR) vs DENISENKO, ALEXEY(RUS)”

  1. I see a lot of people not liking new taekwondo I agree to when I was little there was no electric scoring so it was a lot more fair we could do lots more kicks but now the sensors are only in the weakest parts of the foot so we can- technically only do roundhouse kicks because the sensors are only on the top of the foot and not the bottom I’m 11 now and it looks pathetic when 2 black belts only can do limited basic kicks 🙁

  2. Actually the match nowadays is not that boring,it depends on the athlete,in my place the fighter was still taught to use spinning back kick or spinning hook kick as a counter,well just saying my opinion peeps,✌️

  3. I hate to see this bullshit anymore, wtf are they doing??? kick some real kicks man!!! I am so glad that I dont train taekwondo anymore

  4. This tip tap point based shit is awful. It is an excellent illustration for education as well. Teaching students to do well on standardized tests, is just as ineffective as teaching these kids "Taekwondo" by showing them how to score points. This is fraud on both counts. You have kids that can't defend themselves in a street fight when they are attacked, and kids that get out of school and don't know how to think. Garbage in, Garbage Out.

  5. Why is it that on every video about TKD you find the people who say "Oh its not how it used to be" No shit, deal with it

  6. omg I cant watch this nasty fight, I wish they fought real taekwondo….Thank god next olympic will have different rules

  7. bro wtf happened to this sport.. i remember 10 years ago when we Kicked our ass out of the hell in Tournaments

  8. what's sport it is? such a pity to see taekwondo become like this… I will not let my child know this kind of sport….its like duck battle

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