'Most Dangerous Job' in horse racing with amazing footage (outriders)

'Most Dangerous Job' in horse racing with amazing footage (outriders)

hi buddy and thank you for watching the sport of kings on this weekend first up we want to let you know we are covering the ultimate hot space and championship which was held last week but before we get to it we wanted to do just you an amazing couple who have probably the toughest job here in Hastings racecourse howdy Cindy and Darcy Berube as for what they do we're going to show you we're trouble shooters when things go wrong with equipment or with a horse something we try to get in there and limit the amount of loot chaos does it work you have to be a quick thinker and and not be afraid to get in there dangerous situation most people don't want to do it because it's very stressful people's lives can be in danger and it's up to you to prevent something from happening so that's that's very stressful for some people but for us it's just part of the good job yeah you have to be somebody that doesn't the adrenaline doesn't kick in till well after the incident so you have to be able to think clean like very quite clearly while things are happening obviously it looks important quite it being an outrider is your pony's yes absolutely they're the job if you're not on a good day extol excellent horse you might as well just stay in the barn because you're not going to be able to do the job out here Cindy schools all our ponies and she does an incredible job of it and I just try not to undo the training that she's done we rediscover these horses oh all of them right now our x-ray sources really yeah yeah it's almost easier to use them because they've been out here they've seen the crowd they've seen the horses running bite and nothing bothers them if you bring a horse from off track it can be dead broke and this will freak them out in here we have had off-track horses but it's nice taken extroverts and giving them another life and they love running so yeah yeah that's the thing thoroughbreds are bred for that instinct to get up there and be up there head and head so you don't have to teach you know and you don't have to teach them that aspect to the jaw do you guys have a plan when you go out there yeah I'm the lead out later so I take the front end bud and the same point if there's a lot of six an app for lungs and Dorothy has to do a lot more traveling we'll switch it up a little so that his pony gets a break in my phone you go slow down when we alternate so we're able to cover either position and we work really well we know each other's moves and ponies capabilities and whatnot so we have our own personal radios so we will apprise the other one if something's acting up a little bit that's out of the other person's sight so we're always on top of a field whatever's going on Sydney what are those positions you take before the race I'm on the lead so I'm in front of all the resources ster sees behind all the resources we always try to keep the horses in between us if somebody goes biased we give them crap and say get back in line because it's very important that they stay between us and then when we get to the gate thirsty I'll follow em behind into the gate and if one gets Lucy's there but if one breaks through the front I'm there so we're always trying to cover all our angles so that they're always protected as it were so that if one gets loose one of us is there they're in the gate they break what do you guys do now I will stay in that corner so if anything goes wrong down this the problem with this racetrack is we have blind spots what do you mean by with the bushes there's letters that are there or even more so for it so we try to make sure one of us is where we can see half the track and the other one goes behind the Sailor out in the field at all times yeah because we were doing others the tubs used to do it and we'd kind of move around but a horse broke down in this turn and neither one of us saw it yeah nobody it had broken its back and it was just lying there so neither Darcy no her I knew that there was a horse down there and the stewards didn't tell us and that was scary because all them horses are going to finish the race and now there's a horse laying on the track so now we space ourselves so that we have full vision of the whole track between the two of us and then on the backside after the race as they come by I'm ready to take either the jockeys will shout to me or riders clean with fowl and they'll they'll say against the floor and then they the position and then I relay to the stewards exactly what the rider has said to me so that way we that's how riders claims of Bell come in that they're reported by me or whichever outriders on the back after the race Dasha we got an extraordinary video kid that day a horse the gate crew had a hold of the horse and they had a lead strap through its through the through the chinstrap that broke so first got unloaded the rider and then proceeded to head down look down the track I was able to cut it off with an offhanded catch and that's the first time I've ever made an offhand II catch where my pony couldn't actually get in front of it as I was aware that rail was coming and I just hoping my pony could get in front get in front and push them out it's like our ponies will catch the horse and then our pony will push them to where we want that time I didn't get there as good where I wanted to be and so we both went down and we ended up under the rail and so to do that over again I would have turned that horse loose just before we got to the rail we're watching you right now what is going on what you're do when a horse drops a writer right out of the gate it would be really fun to catch him right off the bat but for the safety of the writers we let it go by because if we miss that catch and the horse turns the wrong way now there's going to be a loose first running the wrong way so we try to make at the time make sure the horse just runs the right way with the horses and then when the race is over and it's safe to catch the horse then we'll catch the horse but if you watch the DVD at first I don't catch the horse I just make sure it goes with the herd but then after the race Darcy did the same thing when it came by him he just made sure it kept going the right way because it's very scary if they go you know they're both going 35 miles an hour for them to connect not good yes well approach the winner's circle let's go into your mind and how can you prevent that there's nothing I can do to prevent it all I did was try to stay away from the horse to not push him that way and one of the nice things about Teton is if they have blinkers on you can sneak up behind them so I came around if you watch the slow-motion you notice more in the slow-motion if you watch it I came away from the horse then went back down to him got slightly behind him so he couldn't see my hand coming and then I grabbed the line because he was afraid of my phoney and didn't want to be caught and I was afraid of him going in there because we've had that bad incident where that that other first one I should be there gosh it is something that can be done to help you guys Oh position what we really need and I mentioned it to the management whatnot is we need a visible rail there so we need if nothing is really going to prevent a horse from crashing through a barrier short of a massive structure but a visible visible white rail would prevent them from from coming in there like that kind of what you have by the paddock exactly exactly only the craziest one will jump over top of that yeah buddy see they see that open spot and I go hey let's go in there and it's scary so many variables and how you catch a horse and you have to be so aware of everything what's in front of you what's to the side what's coming out you tunnel vision is the worst thing yeah enemy yeah there's lots of times when there's a loose horse and we have to rein ourselves in we don't make the catch till it's safe and our ponies our ponies that are one Eagle eager to get in there and grab them and our ponies get mad but you have to pick the safest time to get there if there's two of us and we're together and I say Darcy back me up then I'll going to make the catch that way it's the horse turns or anything Darcy's there to get it but if we're not together we never if the horses are running you never try to catch them teamwork is so important especially on a racetrack we only up to our riders during the post break although you're not with jockeys is there much camaraderie going on between the riders and the pony the calf is he will funny well don't let us know if they have a bad horse a lot of snow if one is tough to pull up and they're going to need help because I know we're there for them and we let them know we're there for them so they they let us know they they're always talking to us how long can you ponies last doing this and how long can you guys last do it most forever well it is hard on your body your just your right shoulder and arm ligaments and whatnot they start to go you know like I dislocated a number of things did that day I dislocated one of my fingers and and bruised my ribs and whatnot but no it's incredibly hard on the body well you got to think these horses are revved up to run and they want to run and I don't want to stop they want to keep going despite anything but when you slow down it's like anything in life when you slow down you might there might be you will stop

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  1. The most dangerous job is being the horse. Race horses are beaten and thrown on the track before they are fully grown and developed(4-5 years or 8 years for larger breads)

  2. I'm a lifelong horseman so I know the importance of a good horse to be used in certain situations. A good comparison to these horses and riders are pickup men I Rodeo. Give the rider a clean landing after flight.

  3. Is there an age limit to be an outrider? Obviously you need to know how to ride a horse. I currently work at a racetrack and there are quite a few outriders.

  4. I'm lovin' these ponies! And the fact they're ex track horses? Sweeter!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. The most dangerous job in horse racing is being a race horse. 29 just at Santa Anita this season. An average of 750 horses dead each year at tracks across the world.

  6. Tommy…while being an outrider is dangerous, it’s hardly more dangerous than being a jockey. Having raced professionally for over 20 + years, I can assure you, we have the most dangerous job in horse racing.

  7. horse racing is not a sport. it is not entertainment. it is not light-hearted pleasure. it is a national disgrace!! how dare you all.

  8. "We are here to keep them safe" minutes later "the horse had broken its back" i think its time for a career change pal

  9. What can be done to help them? STOP horse racing! It's a cruel sport. Horses started too young, breaking down (broken back??? Come ON!), etc. Just stop!

  10. JANES DOUGH STOP SMOKE THAT SHIT.YOU SAID that because you not got the balls to work with them this HORSES born to run and make money if they not make like race HORSE the real good horsemen found a nice place and they give away to make GOOD pet but looks to me you only got in you little brain is the bad influence that meanyyou NEVER work around good horsemen you just tacking ABOUT the experience did you got with them LET me TELL you something sorry ABOUT you LUCK you probably work with the wrong trainer but.I'm not sure about THAT anyway this is a men land you just take care the kid a home and keep watching you.price is RIGHT case is closed

  11. Buenas tardes; en mi país natal, Venezuela, el nombre que se da a éstos trabajadores es "Policía de Pista" Pocas personas saben sus nombres, pero la función que cumplen es muy importante.

  12. I saw a film once where they blindfolded the horse and it get away from the handler. The horse ran right into the rail which flipped it over. It got back up and continued running then flipped again over another fence. Continued running and right into and thru a structure like a shed. After that the horse did stop running

  13. You can learn more about workouts on Unflexal . Awesome solutions for health and bodybuilders I think.

  14. Goodnight. In my country we call Outriders "Policías de Pista" In english it would be literally "Racetrack Police Officers" or "Racetrack Cops"

    Best regards from Venezuela.

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