32 Replies to “Most Dramatic Moments in Sports”

  1. I guess this person has never heard of athletics or winter sports or even football which is the most watched sport on the planet… clickbait asf.

  2. Why only penalties from European football (soccer)? Where are for example Aguero's goal vs QPR, Deeney's goal vs Leicester or Roberto's goals vs PSG? XD

  3. Sorry, guys, i'm from Poland and i don't understand why do you love sports like american football or baseball… 😁

  4. Hamilton winning F1 championship on last lap when all was lost….. But hey it's not a gay American sport so it'll never get on one of these crappy videos.

  5. Ok I get about him not putting in the sports that you want, I like soccer or football, yes he did miss some, but also, all the comments about oh-women’s-soccer-over-men’s like cmon rlly women’s soccer is way more intense, anyways, some of the other sports, like rugby, ik it is competitive and intense, but like cmon, no one thinks rugby when u say sports, it’s a kind of secondary sport, FOR MOST PEOPLE don’t @ me, and so what it’s his video he can put whatever he wants and if he doesn’t care bout da hate den so be it, damn I can already feel the salty comments…

  6. if your an arrogant European who thinks European sports should be in this why the hell do you still watch the video?

  7. made in USA probs somewhere on the mid west your *real sports dont get even half the amount of viewers football gets and not your football that bearly includes feet actual football

  8. So by sports you meant American sports only just to get more views. Pretty shitty buddy. Also I don't need the entire American population telling me "AmErIcAn SpOrT iS tHe OnLy rEaL sPoRt"

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