Most Savage Sports Highlights on Youtube (S01E02)

Most Savage Sports Highlights on Youtube (S01E02)

well I'd be the guy with 46 pounds here to me I have things throughout my career that you'll remember by particular fights things like I put my hand behind my back and hit a guy knock him out the trick for knocking him out he put his hands behind his back the grace of our baby game down these spins powerful this guy hardly gets hit the other guy ever turned professors to Midway or one every time history box to the altar by Panama all had nobody wrecks every punch is being blocked by Roy Jones [Applause] do the writing and defending [Applause] one day soon rg3 will be better than I said it and I will stand set something up and now he's going to sprint down you want to keep following me a white man's name I'm not white I don't wanna be calling up to your name no more I'm not no slave my Muhammad Ali we think about the legacy of Muhammad Ali what he did in the ring is not what we think about because he was doing Gandhi's outside of the ring and he could knock out anybody in the world the guy could hold court and the poorest of the poor right up to the White House when he walked in he lit up the room I mean he literally moved faster and lighter on his feet than most Walter White's damn he was fast yeah look at this but the movie would decide to side it was like there's no heavyweights had ever moved like that no like in 67 he was couple of guys got this thing about trying to get him steamed up calling him Cassius Clay no Cassius Clay is clay when Howard Cosell and everybody is calling you mom and I leave then why you got to beat one of all people whose colors to keep saying Cassius Clay why don't you call me my name man well what's your name you told me your name was Cassius Clay yes I told you my name was Cassius Clay my name is Muhammad Ali and you didn't answer right there in the center that right after the fight if you don't do it now so ladies as the two contestants prepare for that right now who's the one who's doing it what's my name what's my name you all know exactly who I say my name instead eighty humiliate him and he was screaming at him what's my name which one complements him but not a perfect team he carries this team rarely do players carry Kings to win much less championship and we got out on him about 12 to 2 and I said I'm on I'm on really rather this change so I went over there tapping one so they'd say hey man if you don't turn into Air Jordan we're gonna blow you out today Jimmy his eyes got big [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Jordan scored the 46 that was the over one loss of the Serbs michael has a streak in him competitively that I've never seen in anyone before perfect body this loan is leaning he can run da great job everything was perfect Michael Jordan in 1991 came down on us with the right hand turnout he swims in midair to the left [Applause] which is stunning in all of us was stunned the scene hanging in the air [Applause] incredible they'll never be a moralist you should not talk trash to Michael George and it's still the longest return are the longest play in Super Bowl has 300 yards [Applause] there's a [Applause] [Applause] that was to me that's the game-winning play Arizona's corner keep playing Megatron or Megatron can do we are here at Fort feel get except for the 12th all-time meeting between these two franchises featuring one skin number 81 Calvin Johnson in there dude says don't have the nickname Megatron just to have Megatron man if anybody just being growing up on a transformer days man Megatron is a beast yeah be careful playing man-to-man against maggot what an incredible interception by cryin that one goes to the time capsule we won't see a better one than that perhaps many years difficult for a black kid to play dolphin in surf places do do you ever feel under any kind of pressure or any any kind of prejudice so every day we heard all the hype above the 18 year old and we could hit it further than most elite or probably really haven't seen Tiger Woods until the US Amateur did you feel in some ways that you can help change that for you because he dominated yeah worth the way no one ever has and I'm pretty sure no one ever will you imagine mark that means he won 36 consecutive Massachusetts woman already captures your imagination the Masters the way blacks have been treated there so you know what you guys do when he gets in here daddy won the back say congratulations enjoy it and tell you what to serve fried chicken next year the Tiger Woods to obliterate the Masters Field in his first attempt not men by war nobody makes you want to sit down to watch golf anything like it is a clinic they're just pure domination this is unbelievable each I've changed an entire sport one of the things that's always fascinated me about you is this ability you have to intimidate opponents a lot of them seem to have been beaten before they got in the ring almost or when they caught your eye when they got in the ring you aware [Applause] mike tyson when the bell rings he conducts himself as if someone stole something from so short and he had this crazy style of bobbing and weaving and ripping ridiculous power and speed punch [Applause] in the heavy way picture now goals was the first punch thrown in see look at early Mike Tyson the way he was running his way through the heavyweight division but he was far more than the big country was a very good boxer he could jab he could move as well as punch so he was virtually the complete article and he had that knockout punch in both hands and of course when anybody goes to see heavyweight boxing that's what they want to see I want to see people get nothing out every fight is a thirty second assault those 80s fights with Tyson where he would just show up and look at people they would know you blink in the first round you'll probably miss a Mike Tyson fight crowd chanting the next heavyweight champion Mike Tyson you definitely are going to hear more about him and then I see you know Mike Tyson was like the hottest up-and-coming fighter it has an ability to slip punches that has not been seen in the heavy ray try since Muhammad Ali she went out there and everybody up in the first round that's the way he ran through the division he changed [Applause] but here the spotlight falls most directly on twenty-year-old Mike Tyson whose public appeal grows every time he fights he was a special force mysterious fighter on earth you got knocked [Applause] he's going to start the fight it last 20 seconds touchdowns Awards person it was a goal of such incredible timing [Applause] the huge game between the United States of America and Algeria last round of games in Group C if United States when they are through and if Algeria do anything but win they are definitely out Donavan or things on hand for the USA can [Applause] quite incredible amazing stuff the celebrations here in the stadium it has her up from the back of my back his arm strength his ability to throw on the move was dead in a pocket how he does make things happen that spins pirouettes steps up to the middle gets outside full of still dancing now to the end zone Packers remarkable Aaron Rodgers and utter ballet of dancing so now one last play untimed play 39 yard line is the line of scrimmage Green Bay territory Packers are driving 23 21 obviously this isn't all or nothing when people say Aaron Rodgers is great they don't do him justice he's historic [Applause] unbelievable and this is ball game 55 seconds to go fourth and 20 at the Green Bay pull men and he butchers under pressure medially scrambles to his left this is unprecedent pocket awareness [Applause] yes legendary effort by this Packers team can they get it to overtime here we go just like the Motown miracle the Packers hoping for another this one in the desert and I'm gonna say it for you again just to make you feel good I'm going to ask you point-blank growing up as a young male 12 13 years of age was your life for want of a better word almost miserable yes one sense is in reading this article that the bulk of your young life was spent in the following manner trying to do something trying to do anything that would win the approval of your father big boy [Applause] that's very correct it was totally miserable did that leave you with a certain killer instinct a certain rate did now manifests itself when you step into a boxing ring [Applause] studied fashion Roy Jones jr. goes to 16 and OH with 16 knockouts with the big left hook okay now let's go to the biggest punch you ever deliver who wasn't art sawano his head still attached oh my god [Applause] why Jones his second straight first round tail in the fourth quarter they said we will keep something to reserve the show they've managed something different I feel like we have baton busting read myself where they tell us the water for these people why can't Sam witches be dropped to the to those people that are in that Superdome that in the wake of the storm one of the worst on record a new storm has loomed in former how to rebuild and resettle the area and we've got another Colts first down at the 36 they're motoring now we have the strength of not only a city in the clearly they feel like an entire country we cannot stress enough the danger of this hurricane poses to Gulf Coast communities urge all citizens to put their own safety and the safety of their families first by moving to safe ground [Applause] Game six in Newton for the Bulls a win would be a championship for Michael it would mean the cementing of his name inside they've already begun the chant of beat the volge Jordan 4k God you do have to transcend the generations in order to retain your place as the go here's Michael he's got 20 Wankel Jordan always took his game to another level Jordy pulls up like we've never seen before and connects 25 for M six titles six Finals MVPs and that email is all about you each series you were the mismatch he's still Michael Jordan whatever he has lost through fatigue through age through whatever has only brought him somewhat back to the peel he still leads the field he became the most dangerous man alive Stockton [Applause] those two three peaks did Jordan those are hard those are hard to compare anything none of us ever saw what he was going to do is we thought it's gonna be great Jordan with 45 six NBA Finals MVP s without ever allowed against Chicago 17 seconds Michael Jordan has the greatest basketball player that's better than LeBron Devon told me [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] it's their second creepy without a doubt the greatest basketball player of all time and he still is [Applause]

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  1. imagine how great ali's record would have been, AND how much earlier he could've retired had he not been blackballed.

  2. In All Honesty New Orleans Prolly would've never recovered in A way Had they Not Won that super bowl, Cause Winning That Super Bowl Brought That City Together like A Phoenix Rising out Da Ashes….

  3. Its SOOOO cute how black men spew the BS, but are proven wrong . we all are talented. Black men don't dominate anything, none of us a do.

  4. Don't know how I got here but I'm glad I did, I reluctantly clicked on this video expecting to see a shitty edit of a bunch of clips I've already seen, but this, this is another one of YouTube's hidden gems

  5. Not the biggest golf fan whatsoever but you have to respect tiger woods and everything he did. Especially giving several big middle fingers to the all racist fucks that ruled the golfing world back in the day.

  6. Showing multiple football players, especially QB Aaron Rogers, when Tom Brady has competed against him at the same time winning 6 Super Bowls. Especially when his fifth ring came from him taking over the game late in the 3rd quarter trailing 28-3. What happened in that game will never happen again and it was just 1 of his miraculous comebacks. Decent video but hardly the Most Savage Highlights in sports. For that it’s a πŸ‘Ž.

  7. One of the best collection if youtube highlights I've seen. Felt like I was watching a ESPN greatest hits

  8. I would of gave it a thumbs down if they would of put Mayweather in this video. πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  9. Every fight is a 30 sec assault πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  10. That body punch then uppercut from Tyson……i can't describe it because there's no letters on my keyboard to explain it…

  11. Ali disrespected his own race and culture with his comments about Joe Frasier and Joe showed great class and got his retribution. And karma got Cassius Clay in the end, like it does to all arrogant fools. The fact that he changed his name tells you that the way he felt about himself, more so than others, was the real demon inside of him.

  12. Too much Joe Rogan in here bro. No offense, he's a combat guy, but more involved with MMA. Plenty of boxing voices you could've used to describe some of these boxers. Nothing against Joe

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