Most Unbelievable Plays in Sports History™ (Part 2)

Most Unbelievable Plays in Sports History™ (Part 2)

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  1. Soccer is a children's sport. Nothing that happens is impressive.
    Double that for whatever the hell that Frisbee crap was.

  2. that diggs catch doesn’t belong anywhere near a sports highlight. it’s a lowlight, it’s blown coverage.

    You don’t call it a highlight if the opposing pitcher has a heart attack. This is not a highlight.

  3. lol canadian goalposts… why not have the benches on the field too? why not have some seats in the middle of the 50 yard line?

  4. I have never thought about it but does the basket count in basketball (obviously) if the ball bounces in from off the ground like that? And if so, does it still count as a 3 or a 2 since it bounced inside the 3 point line? Probably stupid questions but I'm curious to what the rules are for that situation.

  5. 3:50 the one kid who didn’t celebrate early was the ONE WHO MADE THE FT. Kid is gonna be a good one, personality-wise

  6. Why is cfl so much more exciting then nfl? nfl has big names but 90% of the games played are boring as hell compared to cfl games.

  7. 4:30 was massively travelling. He took 3 full steps after taking posession. The NBA is a joke, they can pick up the ball and wander down to the break room and make a fucking cup of tea then wander back and shoot without dribbling once and the refs are like 'nah that was fine that looked ok to me'

  8. womens basketball is equivalent to racing turtles… or slugs… seriously who cares. nobody but their family goes to those things

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