Most Unusual Victories in Combat Sports/Strangest Wins-2

Most Unusual Victories in Combat Sports/Strangest Wins-2

23 Replies to “Most Unusual Victories in Combat Sports/Strangest Wins-2”

  1. mike tyson knocked someone out in the first round when the bell ring and they called it a no contest, like dang made tyson to lose a first round ko there

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  3. Mayweather cannot read but is worth hundreds of millions dollars. He would get crushed in thirty seconds in mma. Smart but illiterate.

  4. That was a cheap shot from the British guy to the Japanese boxer the British guy is a complete asshole like mayweather

  5. Mayweather was never one of my favorites but all the crybabies bitchin about his knockout of Ortiz can shut the hell up. Do you guys make your living in the ring? Have you ever stepped into the effing ring? They weren't there to snuggle, they were there to box. No rule was broken. Money was on the line bitches. It is what it is.

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