Mountain Men: Eustace and Joseph Handcraft a Rustic Bed (Season 7, Episode 15) | History

Mountain Men: Eustace and Joseph Handcraft a Rustic Bed (Season 7, Episode 15) | History

In the Blue Ridge Mountains– Oh, the belt broke. Eustace has recently
restored century old band saws on the fritz. Just ripped that off. I’m glad it wasn’t the
blade that came flying off. One of us would
be missing a finger. The problem is a tear
in the 10 foot belt. Who knows where the pin went? The belt has connectors,
and they’re kind of like interwoven fingers. And then there’s a pin
that slides through. You can’t really just run out
to your local hardware store and buy another flat belt.
They’re kind of antiquated, and I’m going to go
try to find something that we can fix it with. Some fence wire. Oh, yeah. That’ll do it.
Don’t you think? That’ll work good. This belt was crucial, because
I was depending on this band saw to finish the rest of the bed. Keep it lined up. Really pay attention
to that side. There it went. There we go. I wouldn’t call it good as
new, but I’d say it’ll sure do. I think it’s gonna work. Well, there’s one way to
find out how good our fix is. Yep. Well, right now I’m gonna
keep my fingers crossed, but I think it’s
going to work here. Here we go. All right. We’ll see what it does.
– OK. Yeah! Ha ha!
Woo! Well, we got the band
saw back up and running. We’re gonna finish our
last few little cuts, and then we’ll be ready to
start assembling this bed. If we’ve measured and cut, and
done all our [inaudible] joints right, and everything, it
will just kind of go together like a set of Lincoln Logs. No nails, no screws. Yep. It’s pretty neat. Well, that looks
good there, Joseph. Let’s stand it up, and– Check it up. One, two, three. The closer this thing
is to getting finished, it’s starting to take shape. And Joseph and I are just really
getting excited about seeing it come to life. Well, what do you think? I think that’s a bed. It’s pretty cool. A mixture of beeswax
and linseed oil seals and protects the raw wood. Man, I like this. Look at that. This bed is a good
example of the way mountain people in this area
have been living forever. You know, like, make something
beautiful with what’s around you. And so I think that’s a
pretty prime example of that. Hopefully a buyer is going
to think that, as well. But the only way to find
out if the bed will sell is to head to town. I’m really hoping
this bed will sell, and get us some
cash in our hands, so we can go make
that downpayment. Hello, Eustace. Hey, Gary. What you got here for us? Well, this is that bed
I’ve been telling you about. It’s the moment of
truth for Eustace’s plan to make a fast buck from
a handcrafted rustic bed frame. I’m really hoping this
bed will sell, and bring me a good price, and
help me get closer to getting my downpayment done. Look at the joinery. So you’ve got
dovetail right here? Yeah. Dovetail on the center there. That is beautiful. And this is white pine?
– Yep. White pine. I could see it in his face,
that he liked it as soon as I saw him looking at the bed. How beautiful. Gary sees what we’ve done. He understands
what goes into it. This is a real old timey way
of putting stuff together. Well, I’ll tell
you something– I think for something
of this nature– I mean, you’re probably
looking at $3,500, maybe $4,000 on
something like this. Woo! That sounds pretty good. This fits right up our alley. These type of things bring
a large dollar amount, because of the care
that’s put into it, and the time that goes into it. And this is the type
of product that people are looking for nowadays. We could write you a check, and
we could take this one today. That’s what we need to do. We need to get some
money pretty fast. We gotta make a
payment on some land. Heavy duty. All right. We’ll bring it around here
and put it in the showroom. Cool. The sale brings Eustace’s
downpayment to $29,000, about 20% of the land price. But he won’t know if it’s
enough until he makes his bid. They say you can see the
light at the end of the tunnel. That’s where I feel like I am. Can you believe that? Felt pretty sweet, man. I’m loving it.

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  1. Even after paying off the land..he knows then he pays never own any land in America..period..its set up that way..its collateral for funds with other countries..sad.. Found answer..go to Facebook page ancient cartography America..see new discoveries..untold richess..look valley of the ?

  2. Really nice HandMade bed.I think I'm gonna make a bed for me from reclaimed wood I'm collecting from a old sawmill in Maine that I am dismantling.

  3. no way you can sell a bed like that for over $3000 USD? Really? Cause I could make one! Who wants to buy one?

  4. He's been talking about a down payment for 10 years people feel sorry for him and give him insane amounts of money for junk


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