MP5 9mm, Field Strip & Full Auto Philippines S4, Vlog 46

MP5 9mm, Field Strip & Full Auto Philippines S4, Vlog 46

okay welcome guys this is Mountain cloak firing range is one of some truck driver I got a tricycle here 100 pesos from my hotel Apollonia Royale it's about armed ten minutes away or 10 or 15 min swing Mountain o'clock okay the reason why I like this range so much is one of the most professional ones I've seen in used in Philippines and like exaggerating some other low safety standard these guys are pretty good the facilities are still a huge as you can see they cater for a lot of people let me move okay and they also do professional training events that's why it's a huge so they can do firearms instruction qualifications as well qualification training unit for the military employees okay guys there's an old mp5 check in the drive part which is pointing down range in a safe direction okay so we all know it's good yeah classic absolute classic I love this why mister I mean so much trouble to come back into the engine the starter to me this is actually an Israeli one Israeli manufacturer okay it doesn't have many markings at all it just says 9 millimeter on this side and then that you're a number of shots I'm so I wasn't sure what it was very minimal they refinished it they've handed it that's dead girl obviously it had the full auto trigger group if you come in you say semi-auto 3 round burst I love that full auto very low recoil it's very nice shooter it's all deep but agree let's see if we can open this bad boy up now this is HK pushpins I actually miss cook them for bobby pins I thought that was like lot bobby pins but just give it a push and we'll see you for that even yeah ok here's the first one as you can see much of the camera faces we've got a little captured captured pin on the side or wire even just actually become known as HK teens even if it's made by an online collection so you just need use to hammer these last ones a bit tight we're going to use a punch I'm going to give it a little bit of a hammer started okay here you can see hopefully I don't screw it up yeah so they get one landing – by the way guys I'm sharing this news some of you might find this interesting okay see that really you know it's just like sheet metal now it's funny the Germans crowded by the Germans originally by Hitler and clock or Hickel at one o'clock in German Hitler and course we have to use accent or heckler & koch in english some people debate how to say just say hm k now the point is the russians were making stamped sheet metal ak-47s so I said hey how can we make a stamp sheet metal gun as you can see the receivers will see em sheet metal but ironically Germans being Germans they mounted very complicated so became more expensive to make the technology myths is used in the g3 rifle and other similar like seventeen spanish cetme rifles opposite here in the mp5 submachine gun and is even like the HK 21 forgive me there's different machine guns that use this system but anyway this I think it's roller locks delayed blowback there's a technical later sad but anyone see and what's great is like you can get up to market accessories with ar-15 salt offs or folding socks or no socks at all whatever you want to put on it okay and also while we're out at the magazine these have been on very nice these are like anti top design such an old design before the Magpul PMAG before these fancy magazines way up 15 parity which they are but hey this is stamped sheet metal pistol magazine I mean some machine gun magazine basically pistol caliber that's what they could suck guns or submachine guns no real real singer and I'm all these LEDs are being called pistol caliber carbines whether it's getting civilian shooters anyway I'll stop gabbing as you can see I can remember grad jobs but I'm maybe a little awkward he just pulled off edgy capped at really typical HK they became famous to this it's also a trigger unit meaning you can pull this out so imagine in the military or police armor could just pull this out put a new one if they wanted to change the like to have to round burrs or just single shot or just to maintain it look at the springs very nice Justin Lee known for being very reliable very simple um if they do get dirty you just get a rag please wipe it okay so you guys should be afraid of maintenance just don't be afraid to watch it just wipe it down put some fresh oil if you don't have any paint the oil put motor oil okay I said it W afraid to use oil anyway again – broken it okay is your refill spring you need to be conscious Ostroff your pull-up yeah sorry the charging handle push her back no nope yeah there you go this is one of the most expensive pieces of the gum cement but what is the most expensive piece of manufacture particularly the bolts in the mouth look out complicated it is but it's very very nice I won't go too far because I want to screw it up the husband gets on these little blocks have these skid pads that way it's less Rick ssin and these interface inside here you can see leaving section here if you come over you this rides inside here said locks inside so that way it's got a little bit of flexibility a little bit of plane but it won't go anywhere and this recalls backwards now the problem here is being peacefully goes bang blows back bang blows back educate said how can we delay that we're going to delay that to reduce recall but put more energy coming at the barrel so very very clever engineers you see those rollers see how those round pieces in so those rollers lock inside the chamber very very clever that way there's no need for a gas piston this is not a piston this is just a an actuator for the charging handle and just extra way to slow the ball down see and they well I show the camera can focus and see how they close later see very clever so as it goes into the chamber it goes gives it a little push it locked in bang and then the recoil well you know what maybe it's the reverse is very forgot that wrong but on loading out you know it's very very interesting so because that yeah no need for direct impingement gas gas tubes or gas Pistons and are absorbs the recoil that's not perfect they do we get fouled up you got to keep them clean and on they can still break and malfunction too and hopefully I haven't broken this one ok ok I'm going to put these that way back together yep he say that the rollers were getting stuck yeah just just like what I'm saying see guys like that if you look at the rollers and they push and then lock inside the chamber like that but anyway I'm not sure that's sitting out like my fingers are in the way okay so let's put this bad boy back together there you go even the charging handle went all the way forward okay it's fine again I have to haven't broken it if I have I guess I boarded Oh what am i doing okay there we go I nearly lost the guts Morgan but I'm yeah I just find it interesting some of you might find it interesting – okay cool we use the small pin you clear on the other way I believe you can put it either way huh it doesn't matter which one here it just seems like that side okay so I'll do it from you oh well what's up thank you and it's just a buzzword okay it's pretty simple once you get used to pretty simple you just like and I'll see some Magnus yeah give it a good watch give it a good wipe give it a good scrub and it's in fresh well okay and I'm just going to do the same give it a little tap a little bit of encouragement okay you know not the inner hearts just to give it a little push just control stick not a good thing just make sure it's not confined okay I'm just going to function check it to make sure I haven't broken it dry-firing and I'll just make sure the safety works good seems I he's working and pull back on the Timmy that has a surprisingly good trigger that sometimes they go really mushy triggers HK unknown for the fancy tree but it's good to clean very clean hi guys I'm going to stop loading up on and hit the bus book actuator so if you took turns down make a compact alright what's this it you press that tab and then you can pull it up yeah very cool we cool I want to I want to take this home alright thanks for watching okay as you can see we're shooting cheap LED reloads with a Teflon or painted coating this reduces lead exposure as you can see there's a marring that's from the fluted chamber of the mp5 I forgot to mention that the chambers have a flute cut to help increase reliability it was a band-aid fix just because there's different types out 9-millimeter ammunition around the wall there just ensures that it can extract a bit more reliably the stuff worked I mean they reload fine too it doesn't affect it yet it leaves a little mark as you see it leaves a little marring or scarring whatever you want to call it but I still reload fine they still reload and work just one okay they don't need to be too paranoid about it I mean your particular chamber may vary depending on model and maybe it maybe it's even worse or less than you it's no problem the maybe me he can be [Applause] not on my purse I'm gonna do a little drive-by practice just get used to that bills get you through the trig on now maybe you love our budget could you do it with a peaceful rifle anything ironically it's so compact no you keep it all makes little dribble of library quick look the events of it come under a coat yeah we pick it up very quickly so ironically on action funding it's not weird because I've been getting into right but anyway in upcoming let's get unit on the course of semi auto single shot see that I just happen it's downloaded the magazines are so full they cannot go on a seated forward bolt okay like an open bolt another looking cat don't be afraid to give it a tug as well put it in and give it a tug just make sure it doesn't fall out got a squishy applies to rifle okay now I'm going to go hug okay just getting you to just warming up you can use real like this because I want to say wonder downrange you want to say so forth for you patrolling looking around and you're freaking cool and pick up you know but see you is on God to you controlling no idea it goes slow guys just look but Hollywood you have to go Fox just gets less this training especially just among people yeah but the long easy to shoot pistol but hey that's not a bad thing yeah I'll really want one okay and we're out magazine good good okay so I'm going to go to burst one up I'm actually holding on the lower torso of the target one two three do you just rip them up very nice oh yeah no malfunction okay okay I think mega around done up on the magazine yeah I think of the magazine could take a big angle to finish up get a couple left good come with Party Time magazine I want to finish up some pork pick it up okay it isn't all the gun it is full auto it does get a lot of use so what happen I'll let it so it was just a shell casing so I think it okay I guess I was a failure to eject well maybe but why you check one more point out one more came out okay that's why we do the whole check it 100 times you know let's just be cool we want to make sure there's nothing worse okay oh we have one wheel mag basically the last couple of rounds recover and bliss and I carried away with both fires uh this is my last chance but anyway left the holes no malfunction okay I'm going to go forward I just use them up as any couple no she read good very nice very smooth very cool very nice shooter manda I'm going to steal this something to take us to heaven Breanna it'd be fun okay so here's the mp5 target I was actually aiming here purposely so I think I was shooting low we're not going for headshots they were dropping low I think I don't know maybe they went high and they missed it all together and then obviously for full auto and both files actually holding here I'll go in here and just letting them drift up letting that muzzle rise there very nice it's still tight look at combat effective even under burst fire or full auto it still does effective hit all the right spots [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you

30 Replies to “MP5 9mm, Field Strip & Full Auto Philippines S4, Vlog 46”

  1. Like your shoting vids. You can have hk mp 5 9mm in norway for praktikal shooting but with the ekstra Long barrel. Ar 15 are legal if you shot Praktikal. But i dont now. But have som Nice guns. 629 smith and weston in 44 mag and a 38 spesial snubnose revolver and a 22 with 10 rund barrel.
    A meetup in filippines or the USA can be fun. Las vegas is good for fullauto shoting and 50 CAL barret fun. But sounds like you are traveling to the fillipines this year.

  2. B adventuredSir can i ask u, any recommendation for shooting range in the ph city that have sub machinegun like mp5. I went to armscor at makati.. only hand gun n shortgun… really appreciate for ur reply sir:)

  3. sir sory, do you know where is the nearest/good shooting range in makati ? any advise? i am bout to stay at clippers H nxt month
    thanks in advance 🙂 i search that stronghand shooting range is good but bit far from makati

  4. if there's ever a Zombie apocalypse I would definitely go with B Adventures.. he knows his stuff… LOL 😂

  5. I just noticed you pronounce "H" like "haych" 😆 But damn, MP5, that's a classic! That's what the SAS used to storm the Iranian Embassy in 1980, SAS kicks ass!

  6. That was so cool! Unfortunately in the US, getting your hands on a real select fire MP5 can only happen if you have a whole lot of money as the laws regulating what we call National Firearms Act (NFA) weapons limit the supply of such weapons and drive up the prices accordingly. The easiest way for me to get something similar was to buy an semi auto Uzi carbine and do the paperwork to legally turn it into a Short Barreled Rifle (SBR). I always mentally play the Chuck Norris Delta Force theme music whenever I shoot the Uzi.

  7. I always love to see the disassembly of most guns to get real familiar and know all the tiny parts functions too.. thanks for showing us too you really know your gun parts and functions .

  8. What if deranged man rented that submachine gun then start massacring everyone on site? In the state, all the staff in a gun range are armed with a pistol in their waist.

  9. interesting and informative vlog, I not had anything to do with guns very much , went to a firing range in Perth Australia which was fun and made me realise the skill need to use guns

  10. Awesome Vlog again B. That H&K MP5 is one of my favorite submachine gun. The movie Die Hard where Bruce Willis was using it against the terrorist made that submachine gun popular. I think it's the magazine that's causing the misfire or malfunctions.
    Here in California you can't buy that gun anymore because they said it's not in the California roster. We can't even have full auto fire or rapid fire in California.
    I know that Australia has crazy gun laws.
    Thanks for the safety and disassemble demonstration. By the way.. was that a Galil rifle on the table cause that's another awesome rifle. Will you be firing it too.
    It's really more fun there in the Philippines when it comes to having or owning a fire arms.
    Thanks for sharing.

  11. I never shot an MP5 so how's the accuracy of this weapon? It would seem it's more for suppression fire than for precise shooting. Always check and make your weapon safe. Good vlog B.

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