MP5 SMG Fun!

MP5 SMG Fun!

hello my friends the surface Russia and if you remember last week I showed you guys the fully automatic Glock now that's at one end of the spectrum it's spraying nine-millimeter everywhere this is at the other end if you ask me this HK mp5 is going to put this nine-millimeter pretty much wherever we want it fully automatic semi-automatic however we wanted that's the reason why this is used by more counterterrorism teams more Special Forces than any submachine gun out there it's a real classic we're going to have some fun with it today okay so first I want to show you the accuracy at this close range here then we're going to back up a little bit because to really get an idea just how accurate this submachine gun is we need to be at at least 50 meters so you can see it's really just child's play with this gun there's no recoil it's extremely accurate and of course it's fully automatic okay so we've got targets set up at 25 meters 50 meters and 100 meters so we're going to get the real idea of what this thing can do at a variety of different ranges so you can see even at 100 meters far beyond where you would normally engage anything or anyone with a submachine gun we can tap those rounds and they're pretty damn accurately and that's just one of the many reasons why I love the HK mp5 okay so one last thing last week you saw me handle the hostage situation with the Glock now with the mp5 we can actually handle this situation a little bit more people-friendly so we have no problem whatsoever stacking rounds into a hostage taker and their hostage can kind of just hang out there all day because he's completely safe of course if you're going to be a hostage you want to leave with some kind of a story so if I were a hostage I would like to at least get winged a little bit see that's going to be through and through you've got a great story that's how I'd want to handle the situation if I would have a hostage but I had a lot of fun today of this wimpy five like I said it's an absolute 9-millimeter laser beam hope you guys enjoyed and as always have a nice day you

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  1. malaysia polis using this mp 5.this submachinegun is so powerful,many malaysian gangster and drug pusher died been shot with this mp5.

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