Mr. E is Spying On Us! Mr E Mansion Yard Tour! / The Beach House

Mr. E is Spying On Us! Mr E Mansion Yard Tour! / The Beach House

Previously on The Beach House Michael: We still have this puzzle box from last…from the few episodes before Michael: Part two of two. Do you see that? Michael: This has got to be part of the puzzle that we need Michael: It says Mr. E on the bottom and then we’ve got these code. It looks like there’s three Michael: Things we need to code Michael: Wait Becca: Look at that! James: Stick it in there Michael: Time to go explore the great outdoors. Michael: Time to go outside you guys Becca: Time to go outside again Michael: I’m so excited ♫ ♫ MUSIC PLAYING ♫ ♫ Michael: All right Max. Do you have any idea what we’re getting ready to do today bud? Michael: Welcome to The Beach House everybody Michael: We have an adventure for you… Michael: He said he does? Michael: What’s on the agenda today of dude? Michael: He said we’re gonna go outside and explore the yard Michael: Okay, so let’s turn off the hologram generator, okay. Michael: Good job dude. Michael: And without further ado Michael: Because Mr. Easked us to go explore the great outdoors for the next clue. I think is everybody ready? Here we go! Michael: Let’s go exploring Corbin: Bikes James: Our bikes Michael: There’s bikes here Michael: Do you think Mr. E left some bikes for you guys? Charlie: Yeah! Michael: Cool Michael: Do you guys think we bike? We’ll have to look around maybe Michael: So we’ve got this beautiful front patio here Michael: Cool. You’re gonna have to learn to ride a gear bike Michael: Look at Charlie! Michael: He’s already going to town Michael: We haven’t explored outside yet Michael: It’s so beautiful. Michael: So we got some beautiful trees over here Michael: Okay. Michael: This place looked so different when the hologram generator was on Michael: Like we were in the middle of nowhere, but we turned off the hologram generator and now we’re in a totally different place Michael: So we’ve got this beautiful grassy yard area Michael: Out here in the front and look. There’s the solar panels that Mr. E was talking about Michael: Can you guys see those over there Michael: He said the house is on a closed circuit with solar panels Michael: So it’s protected from the hacker being able to take over this house like he did the last time Michael: There’s like a garden Michael: It’s gorgeous Becca: Wow. Look at the view. Michael: Oh we’ve seen that view Michael: Beautiful view James: I can’t wait to see our ward. Michael: Yeah, let’s keep exploring this place. Michael: We’ve got a flag? Becca we have a flag! Becca: It looks like it needs to be replaced. Michael: Who knows how long it’s been up there since Mr. E put it there Michael: This is so cool Michael: How beautiful and this weather is perfect here you guys, this is awesome James: Feels so good. Becca: Perfect temperature right now Michael: Yeah it is Becca: Absolutely perfect Michael: Okay Michael: Let’s take a look over here. We got a well. Michael: That’s kind of cool. Michael: And a rose garden Michael: And a big driveway James: There’s lights under the… James: the James: flag. Michael: The flag? Yeah Michael: What is this? Michael: Becca, there’s like a bag on a tree over here Michael: Yeah, have you seen this? Michael: I don’t know what it is Michael: There’s like a bag on this tree. Michael: What is it? James: I don’t know Michael: Here Michael: Can you get it off maybe? Michael: Did you get it? Michael: What’s in it? Michael: What’s in there? James: I don’t know Michael: What is it? Let me see Michael: You know what that is? James: What? Michael: I think this might be reading the temperature out here. Like Michael: Maybe this is the Michael: Maybe this is what reads the temperature Michael: Outside and so it’s protected from the elements Michael: Mr. E put that there. I think that’s what it is Michael: Or it could be part of the hologram generator. We’ll see. Charlie: That’s good Michael: That is good Michael: We should put it back in the tree Corbin: Maybe it’s a Corbin: Wherever you are, you can change the hologram Michael: I think it’s…I think that maybe this is like a hub station for the hologram. That’s Michael: protecting the yard. Michael: So we have to leave here to make sure we don’t disrupt the Michael: calibration Michael: Good job James. Okay, cool. Let’s keep looking. All right, guys, let’s keep looking around this yard Michael: Alright, so here’s the front of the house. We’ve got a driveway right here. Beautiful roses Michael: What? Becca: It’s like a vineyard Becca: Look at that Michael: Whole garden space Michael: Let’s go check it out Becca: Oh and a little birds house. And a little aspen grove or something. Michael: Cool. Michael: I want to see this garden over here Michael: Guys, check it out. I think these are grapevines. We used to have grapevines when we lived in Springville. You guys remember these? Michael: Oh my goodness, these are all going to be grapes. All of this Michael: We can make grape jam and grape jelly and grape juice some grape… James: Those are blackberries Michael: Where? Show me. Becca: So many Michael: Guys we’re gonna have to take care of these trees Michael: Yeah. Those are blackberry bushes Ellie: There’s one right here Michael: That’s so perfect Michael: These are all blackberry rose. All these. Michael: Holy cow. Look at all the flowers. Michael: How cool is that? Michael: We can get a lot of food storage from all this Michael: That’s a ton Michael: What Charlie? Michael: What’d you find dude? Michael: Oh those are more grapes. Michael: Oh what are these? Michael: Do you guys know these are? Michael: I think Moms family used to have these down when she lived in Mount Pleasant Michael: These look like rhubarb Michael: Becca, I think they have rhubarb up here. Michael: This place is huge! Michael: Okay, and there’s the street. And we’ve got a fence line right here. Michael: Grapes and blackberries and raspberries. Michael: And Michael: all sorts of fruit and plants to eat and it looks like here’s the edge of the property line. Michael: And there’s some Michael: big buildings down there Michael: I do see some trees down there. Let’s go take a look Michael: Yeah. Those are horses Michael: That’s right. Okay. These are the raspberries right here Michael: Tons of raspberries, but these are spiky. So careful not to get poked okay you guys. Michael: You say these are onions? Becca: What is that thing? Michael: Looks like a unicorn horn Michael: Maybe it’s a baby Michael: Like a shedding Michael: It’s like a shedding of something Becca: And these are onions right here. Oh look! Michael: That is weird Becca: They’re growing little red onions on the top of them Michael: This is beautiful. Mr. E left us the most gorgeous garden Michael: Wow Ellie Michael: So beautiful Michael: How cool is this. And look! There’s even like a garden space right here we can do our own garden. Michael: If we want to do our own things Michael: Did you find a ripe raspberry? Michael: Oh. That’s a good one Corbin: You haven’t even washed it yet Michael: They’re good? Michael: Awesome Michael: That’s a good looking one Michael: They could get a little bit more red, but that’s not bad Michael: Look, the neighbor horses have come to say hello Corbin: Is this one a ripe one? Michael: It could be more red. Like it should be as red as the spider on as the red on your shirt Michael: Those aren’t gonna hurt you if you eat It. Don’t pick it until it’s ready. Okay? Michael: Becca, check it out. Michael: Look at all this equipment. Do you think all this farm equipment Mr. E left it here for us? Becca: I don’t know Michael: There’s the RV. So we parked the RV out on the street or so we thought. Michael: But it looks like when we turned off the hologram generator Michael: The RV was parked over there Michael: It’s like that is where we parked it, but it was by the street Michael: So this is where the street was when we first got here, but everything else was hologram when we came up to the house Michael: He’s got it like prepared and everything Michael: Just for us Michael: We’ll have to take good care of it Michael: Storage shed here. There’s the RV and then James is saying it looks like this might be an orchard down here Becca: Wow. That’s so many trees! Michael: We should go check it out Becca: Okay let’s go Michael: How’s Max doing? Becca: Oh you can look at him right through there Michael: Just sleeping. Michael: That’s so cute Michael: I’m glad he looks comfy Michael: Hello horses Michael: Kind of hard to pull? Michael: Zebra donkeys? Becca: The legs and the back has stripes on it too Michael: Maybe Michael: Zebra donkeys live next door to us. Michael: That’s cool. Here’s the orchard. Look at all these trees Michael: Do these look like peaches? Michael: They’re kind of fuzzy Michael: Yeah, they’re fuzzy just like the peaches. Do you remember when we had a peach tree in Springville? Michael: Oh I miss that Becca: Look at how many are on this one! Michael: Look at you zebra donkey Michael: Look at them Michael: Got zebra legs Becca: And a zebra look it like there’s a stripe down the back and on the side Michael: That’s cool. Michael: maybe mr. E has like some exotic creatures that live nearby Michael: Just sleeping. Michael: DoyYou think this is an apricot tree? Michael: Apricots, oh my gosh. There’s so many trees. There’s a whole row. That is an apple tree Michael: You can tell by the by the shape of the leaves Becca: And like the leaves are a little bit less vivid green and more of like a pale pastel green Becca: This is so exciting Becca: This is gonna mean so much food and it’s like… Becca: Food storage and being able to kind of take care of… Becca: Oh. It’s so good Michael: It’s almost like this whole property, the Mr. E mansion, the whole house the Michael: The like solar panels Michael: The fields of food, like everything on this property seems to be like self Michael: sufficient like you can literally live on this property and never even have to leave. Like that’s how Michael: everything is Michael: There’s the beehives. You can see the beehives down there. We should go look. Get a closer look Michael: Charlie’s on his way Michael: Let’s go. I want to go look. I’m coming bud. Michael: I’m coming dude Michael: Seriously you guys. I cannot believe this property. Like Mr. E left this property Michael: Perfect. He’s got everything in place. Every all the sprinkler systems are set up. Mature fruit trees and the vines Michael: Bees Michael: Solar Michael: There’s a well. Everything set up to be self-sustained. This is incredible you guys. This is insane. Michael: I can’t believe this. I almost just… Michael: I’m just blown away by what Mr. E has given to us Michael: We thought the house was good. This yard is amazing. And look guys! Mr. E even left us a playground for you guys Michael: It’s just like the one from our old house. That’s awesome Michael: Here’s the bees Michael: They’re doing great. That’s awesome. Michael: Oh so excited Michael: Rebecca Becca: (♫ ♫ A Thousand Miles ♫ ♫) Michael: What do you think of this property? Michael: Isn’t it blowing your mind? Becca: It is beautiful Michael: It’s perfect isn’t it? Becca: Except there’s stickers on my feet Becca: I’m wearing sandals Becca: Oh it’s so beautiful. It’s everything we need. Becca: And want Becca: I love it Michael: So at this point you guys, Michael: We came out here to try and find the next clue. Mr. E said the next clue is outside somewhere Michael: So have any of you guys seen it. We thought we saw it when we saw the bag in the tree Michael: But other than that, I still haven’t seen anything that looks like a clue Michael: There’s still a lot more yard to explore Michael: But I want to go look at the back patio. Michael: I want to see Becca: Look up there Michael: We saw the back patio from inside the house, we haven’t seen it from outside yet. Michael: Looks like Mr. E let us a new trampoline too Michael: He gave us a new trampoline Michael: That’s great. Charlie, let’s go look at the back patio bud. Come on Michael: What? Michael: You’re right. Oh my gosh, okay back up. Don’t get too close. Michael: There are baby birds inside this nest Michael: Everybody’s having babies. Mom had a baby Michael: You want to see it? Charlie: Can you pick me up? Michael: Yeah, I’ll show ya Michael: Yeah, take a look right in here. Michael: There’s little baby birds. That’s so cute. That is the most amazing thing Becca: He’s letting him see. Michael: There’s three Michael: You got to respect their space Becca: And never touch a baby bird or else the mom will not be around and not will not… Michael: You don’t even want to touch the nest or the eggs Michael: How’s that? Michael: Is that cool? Michael: Look at this lawn lMichael: Look at how beautiful Michael: It’s like a golf course Michael: Okay roll around on the grass Ellie: I can’t Michael: it’s beautiful grass Michael: Yes, really Michael: Okay Michael: So if we go up this hill right here Michael: It looks like that’ll take us straight up to the back porch. The back door of the house Michael: This is a beautiful Michael: Beautiful lawn here Michael: And check out this sunset Becca: Look at this Michael Becca: Ellie goes oh rocks. She goes to pick them up and throw them in there Michael: Are those mushrooms? Becca: You can still throw them in there though Becca: Not edible. Don’t eat them. Michael: Yeah really Michael: Look at that sunset Becca Michael: How beautiful is that Becca: I think he needs a diaper change Michael: Okay, let’s go up to the back doors. Michael: Come on up family Michael: Look at this patio Michael: Look up. All sorts of patio furniture here Michael: We used to have one of these at our other house. Mr. E must have replaced it just like you did all of our other features Michael: How nice Michael: How nice is this Michael: I’m gonna sit next to you here. Michael: And just watch the view Charlie: Now where’s the clue?! Michael: That’s right Michael: Did any of you guys find the clue? Michael: Did you guys watching the video see anything that looks suspicious? Michael: The birds…what if Michael: What if there was a clue under the birds? Michael: Like in the bird’s nest Michael: Maybe when Mr. E left the house to us, it was only eggs. Michael: And now the birds hatched. Maybe Becca: Look at this one Michael: He’s tired or hungry Becca: Or poopy Michael: Or poopy Becca: Seriously, look at this view. Michael: It’s beautiful Becca: Come look at the whole thing Becca: All the way Becca: All the way up there. All the way. Becca: You can see everything from up here Michael: It’s so beautiful Becca: Look! There’s somebody in the orchard! Becca: Oh! There’s somebody in the orchard! Michael: Where? Becca: He was wearing black Michael: I didn’t see it. Becca: And running thru the orchard Michael: Really? Becca: There was a guy in the orchard Michael: I’m gonna go check it out Michael: You guys stay here, you can come with me if you want. I’m gonna go check it out right now. Becca: There’s a guy down there. I can still see him. Michael: I don’t see him Becca Michael: Wait Michael: He was just here Michael: I saw him too Michael: Just for half a second I saw him Michael: Maybe he went over the bushes into those trees Michael: It’s hard to see Michael: It’s hard to see through these bushes. Michael: Guys. Michael: Do you think that maybe that was Mr. E? Michael: What if that was Mr. E watching us? Corbin: Wait. We shouldn’t Corbin: try to see can because the last time we did, Ryan’s phone got broke Michael: That’s true Michael: Did you guys see him? Michael: Let me know in the comments below if you guys saw someone running around in the orchard. Because that could have been Mr. E That was really crazy ♫ ♫ (THE BEACH HOUSE THEME ‘PAUSE THE GAME’ BY CODY CRABB) ♫ ♫

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