24 Replies to “Muay Thai Versus Shaolin Kung Fu Monk”

  1. I don’t know the rules, I don’t know how they get judged. But in my eyes they both winners. Both pretty fucking tough guys. Took some nasty shots, threw some nasty shots. And neither got KOd. Damn

  2. This clearly isnt buakaw at his best or in a serious fight mode compare to his other matches. Very sloppy and unfocused. Not gonna say rigged but buakaw defly wasnt mentally there to fight.

  3. ini jurinya mihak si buakaw kyk nya🤔 klo mnrut pengamatan sy hrusnya yg mnang yi long krn bnyk pkulan yg masuk dr yi long

  4. Buakaw was like easy win another bullshito then after 3 rounds hes like yikes he also actually knows muay thai

  5. This monk is cheater he is using guard below knee. That's the place Thai boxer attack most. Monk and cheating funny combination.

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