1. I started riding almost 6 years ago and I have never fallen off I used to never talk in my lesson and be shy and very very quiet and now I’m a lot more confident in riding and I did my first canter the other day the reason I didn’t do it before is because I was at a different riding school and I walk and trotted but then when I moved to the one I’m still at and I started again and I didn’t have riding lesson that often

  2. Another thing if the barn you are gonna ride at (maybe) does spring camps or any camps try those if you like it then maybe you can start doing lessons! Thats what i did i just started my first lesson today:)!

  3. Do you think I should start riding when the only thing I'm interested in is trick riding and jumping? I'm not interested in learning the basics

  4. I'm starting lessons in a week or two, most people are worried about making friends there, but I know one person whom I'm doing it with she is my friend, and then this girl older than me does it a the same time. This helped a lot since I've only gone up to trot on my birthday when I went for a trail ride (best birthday ever)

  5. I just started basketball but I hate it. My mom spent $200 on it. But I’ve always loved horseback riding and I would love to do it but idk if my mom would let me…

  6. Please no matter what where a body protector and a helmet the first time I fell of I was doing flat work and my horse followed the horse in front of me and when in to canter and I fell off. If I didn’t have a body protector I would probably be paralysed, lucky I only bruised my tail bone and got a concussion but still I love it and are as fearless as ever

  7. I really want to start but i dont think im fit enough for that and i dont think my mom has enough money🙁😞 and im just really shy around new people

  8. Starting horse riding tomorrow have one question

    So I was booking the dates and the guy that sorts out which horse goes with who said the horse I’ll be riding called pebbles is probably to big for me is that possible and if it is does it make the horse harder to control or something

  9. Jeez, I’m readin the comments and these little girls are scared that they’re too old yet to learn how to ride…. now I’m panicking, I’m 17 and I want to learn hw to ride

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