My Back Yard

My Back Yard

I’m going to give you guys a peak at my backyard. there’s a a mountain I’m up here on the mountainside and the home-sight is right down there through the trees I’m probably four hundred feet up from the back of the house. Anyway, we’re gonna there’s my neighbor’s house. We’re going to walk up to the top of this hill and I’ll show you what it looks like up there. I was wondering what happened to that buck. Here he is. He got hit by a car and suffered a broken
leg. Nature didn’t take long at all to get rid of what the, they need to get rid of. Yup, here’s his leg. It was broken. Wow! I’ll come up here later next summer and collect that skull and horns. Check this out. There’s my fence line Right there. There’s the top of the mountain. I own that. I’ll show it to you. There is the apex of the mountain right here. And there is my property line. I marked the poles. That’s a one. That means it’s one
hundred feet from the corner post where the big corner sectional
mark is. And the corner of my property which the fence runs down there. And it’s a hundred feet here. There’s another Pole down there. Et’s
marked with a 2. Two hundred feet the last poll which is basically three
hundred feet. But it’s 288 feet wide. And that’s the fence I put in last year. Anyway, look at this view up here on the mountain top. Can’t see any other home-sites. Not even my next door neighbors house from up here. You’ll see a little bit of my home site down there. I am the house sets seven hundred feet from here, from the top of the mountain,
the back property line, and the side fence line goes 1000 47 feet right down to the road from this
back corner. And here’s the back corner post right over here. Some more trees fell down here from the
windstorm Old rotten trees I can get a lot of good firewood up here. Fire up the old chainsaw and get it cleaned up. Here’s another one that finally broke down. I was hoping it would fall . I’m glad it did, because it was if it didn’t fall in the wind storm it would have fallen on me. This tree right here is dead. I have to cut that one down. This one is a BEARING tree. I can’t cut that down. I just gotta let it fall. It looks like it’s gonna fall right across the corner of my fence line. Here’s the corner sectional marker. this is my corner post. And this fence goes 1,043 feet down to the road. Look at that view. This is my backyard I had my timber Assayed, and I have about
fifteen thousand dollars worth of timber. Iv’e got a combination of douglas-fir,
lodgepole pine, a couple of spruce, madrone There’s some madrone right there. Look at the size of this stump. That sucker is big. Anyway, this is my backyard Here’s another view of the backyard closer to the barn, and you can see the
homestead down there. this area is the pasture area for the goats. We’re gonna have a cross fencing up there. three hundred foot from the back fence
line they’ll be a CrossFencing right up in there. And there will be another cross fencing down here right across the back of the barn, and this will be a
300-foot by three hundred foot by three hundred-foot
up section that will be all fenced off, and this will be a little pasture area for the couple of goats that I wanna get. We’re gonna clean all of this up now that I got chain saws I’d like
to get a chipper and get some wood chips so I can put on paths so we’re not walking in the mud. Anyway, Still got a lot of work. We’re two years
into ownership of this land we had quite the mess to clear up to begin with but we still got some more work. I just had to focus on the homesite and the animal shelters Now we can go onto other stuff. this year of 2015

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  1. What a lovely property you have, how many acres is it? I love wooded areas. Apart from the firewood have you thought about milling your ow lumber? One of the best things I've done this year is to buy a small alaskan saw mill attachment for the chainsaw. I get better lumber than I've bought from a merchant. I have a couple videos up if you are interested. Just subscribed and looking forward to seeing more of your videos

  2. I was believing you for a minute about a dead body lol. Nice back yard you have worked hard to get it and your enjoying it also

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