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  1. What do you fence?? I’m a professional epee fencer for the German Olympia team and the foot hit was VERY accurate!! Great and nicely done video by the way!

  2. I present my favorite fencing hits in each weapon.

    1) 2007 Euro championships, team foil match between Russian (left) and Germany (right). Kleibrink's counter-parry/riposte was a thing of beauty. Don't know who won the match.
    2) 2012 London Olympics, women's team epee Bronze Medal match. Russia
    (left) vs USA (right). Sivkova's foot hit on Courtney Hurley was just
    amazing. This was the last touch in regulation…th US won the match
    and the medal in the priority/sudden death minute shortly after.
    3) 2012 London Olympics, men's team sabre Gold Medal match. South
    Korea (left) vs Romania (right). The reaction by Dolniceanu to Won's
    initial attack is great…getting out of the way VERY fast (although he
    missed the skyhook to the wrist)…but the reason I love this vid is
    Won's even FASTER reaction and hit in preparation when Dolniceanu starts
    his flunge…un-effing-real, and he actually MISSED his first attempt,
    hitting on the rebound! He probably would've locked Dolniceanu out
    even with the new, longer timing. South Korean won the gold medal

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