hi scrubs to have your wells we're back with horse-riding Till's now we need to take care of violet violet it's kind of hungry and not that happy right now and definitely do with a wash you're looking very very dirty at the moment and I think we've got enough resources to craft a few things because I want to see what daily quests we have and then see if we can get those I'm just gonna come right up here for the moment actually let's no well not do that I was gonna put horse shoes on but I'm not going to do it for the moment so let's have a look at our quests so we've got our main quests nothing right now we've got side quests to complete the level 3 Championships craft a new red saddle across a new rope bridle and then for daily class I've already mined plenty of irons we've done that when you try and capture three horses and also do more training in the arena on Mac two different Moses hobby so I think what we'll start off with is capturing three horses so hopefully I have got what I need to do this right any two of these I do have two of them that's really good okay we'll have to craft a couple more before we do too much more no can I creep towards this horse with a spook in it match up no nearly spec'ed it okay it's alright okay OOP oh that was close on time nearly messed that up what could have been a major disaster yep okay it's alright it's okay you're fine you're okay oh right steady on that we did it okay so we've teamed a donor this is so cute I like that okay so we're gonna go ahead and sell this one because we just want to get a couple of those daily stone so I think that should have counted towards that let's have a little look so daily quests okay so we captured one so now we need to capture another one we don't have to wait very long when it got a couple of seconds left we had but just to be sure I think we should craft some more teaming orbs because I don't want to run out of those so that's crafts if he loved the teeming orbs just so that we know that we're not going to run out of them whenever any horse appears so oh this one's super cute right let's go okay good at use for on you okay there we are right no let's see if we can do this I feel like this horse is gonna be harder to TM yeah well I guess we'll see okay daddy no you're alright so okay oh okay okay yes okay so we've teamed up eyeballs that one's so cute I really like that one oh I don't know whether I kind of want to keep this one let's just put it in the pan for a minute and then have a look at both of our horses so this one horse info okay so based on is 15 okay so the region is 0.3 something it is two so let's have a look and the one in the pollak really quickly let's go to that one okay let me see that can we see the stats force and don't think week on up a minute I don't think I have the space I think we should probably sell this one even though I think it's super cute but I don't think it had high enough stamina in comparison to the other one that we just captured so that's a little bit more progress towards that daily quest we also need to make two forces hoppy so I think I should go and work on pilot well we're in for a new horse to spawn so let's share up file it a little bit you also need some new floor shoes so there you go okay and we need to make some hay okay we need to cross some because I haven't got any of the minutes right let me just go back outta there Croft okay so we need some hair so let's craft some about okay no yeah they forgot where my horse was I was like where am I supposed to go right okay now we can sort your I know I didn't mean to use the jambs ah I just wasted two jams on that I clicked so quickly that I didn't even realize I was doing well I was stupid of me right okay let's go back to the stable again that was so stupid and a waste to gems okay so know you're fighting to be a little bit how did you get dirty already this is a one thing I'm not so keen on is the fact that the horse seems to get dirty they super quickly okay so this horse is not happy which is good so not should have counted towards this daily quest okay and then there's another horse over here I think that we can help look after where is it it's like right here no it darkness there's horse over here that we could probably care for right let's wash this one this isn't my horse this just seems to be a horse that soup of his here which I suppose would help me to complete this right I keep missing rash okay right or do it better this time hope this horse doesn't take a lot to make it hoppy right okay poor shoes right nope there we go another horseshoe okay you're a hopping I don't think I need to put let me just check did we you want us to complete the up okay we need two horses happy now we need to capture one more horse so oh look at that one that was super cute as well right this one just needs a che Kimi orbs okay here goes I wonder if I can literally creeps in it no I was thinking if I could creep really really slowly maybe I wouldn't actually spook the horse but no I think they always speak a little bit I think there's a way not to spook them ooh daddy okay this one's really cute no okay daddy there we go skeeball teamed I was so durable right we've just saw a lot one as well know that we've completed the ox we don't have the space to put a new one in No so in our diely crest we know I just have to complete all the training arena with three stars no I haven't managed to do this yet and I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to all right we want to craft a red saddle and a rope bridle I don't know if I have the ability to do this but we can we'll check it for at least okay so rope bridle okay we can craft that on a rad subtle okay we have enough to crop that looks good maybe if I craft a couple of things that maybe will I can't don't know give us a bit of a I guess I would hope some kind of competitive advantage when we go in here so let's put all the accessories on okay so route bridle rad saddle leg wraps on a blue mosque let's hope that this makes difference whenever we go to compete with this worse so let's just give you another one of those level six okay okay nine to try and see if we can do this because I haven't managed to do it at all yet and but I wasn't really sure how to so let's get started okay so let's enter the first championship okay start oh no we used way too much energy just now I thought was really tough with me okay that was a little bit better I feel like I've messed us up and we haven't really got started yet okay I keep going I really don't want to end up running right oh no no no we messed that up completely I didn't use enough energy okay no I think I used too much energy about time so I don't know how many fences we go and it'll quote one more today we should be okay right keep going didn't think we acknowledge to do that very well we kind of asked off a bit I don't think we got three stars in last let's see one star two star darn it okay I think we completely messed that up you've done it foul that red you know I have enough gold out of the competition is your horse ratty I don't know if it is you can earn more points if you and your horse look good you'll need a quality saddle and a bridle though okay so we've actually leveled up awesome right I don't know if we like remotely did that correctly all right let's have a look at the okay I know we didn't play toeless trading arenas with three stars we still have moms thought so I think we have to have another go at that let me just go quickly into my stable here and just check that we've got okay we still got oh this stuff maybe we should have another go I feel like we should have another go and maybe we'll be maybe I won't mess it up this time is that completely messed at all right okay let's try a key at this okay right oh okay it's here for I don't know for ready for this um I guess we'll try it this is gonna be such a disaster what do we say oh my goodness I feel like I was better at this before it I think I've got worse at it like I don't know and I'm kind of wondering do I need to spend enough energy to get run the course with right well I don't obviously I can't run a divided you forever that energy I can't finish the race okay so we're just about halfway but do I want to use nearly all of its that I get run quicker what's the other thing rich I feel like oh oh oh okay that that answers my question I tried that and it didn't work okay can we do that again let's see do I have enough to enter that one let's reenter this one okay so your horse is still exhausted we at one minute or okay use thing to refresh I guess we'll wait a minute and see horse looks very tired okay here goes again this is right we're gonna try this and this time we're not going to do what we did the last time which was completely a mess I think I know why this is like doing it slower for me that's kind of giving me tips but I think this is why what if I wants to do those other ones I kind of messed up because actually when you press it it's a lot faster right come on yes I'm watching my stamina bar all right come on Brett okay there we go alright let's see I don't think we got three stars one Tay come on still haven't got three stars hmm I don't know I'm really like kind of like wondering how do I get three stars but we've unlocked more stuff maybe these will give us better yeah these do look like they give us better things so let's craft a couple of these and maybe we're running out of wood okay so we need one get a bunch more wood that looks of it but at least if we can get that stuff maybe we'll actually be able to do a little bit more all right I need to dismount and I need to go looking for some resources I hope there's some down here there normally is a little bit over here somewhere okay Brett just cotton over there we don't need cotton right now so we need to keep looking I think this is iron up here I don't really think no we don't need to earn all right where oh where is the wood because normally I trip over that stuff and right now I am oh there we go there are similar resources okay let's mine this and then we can make our I think it's subtle there was another thing that's gonna make us a well I dunno I wanna get this though alright let me just have a quick look cars are we don't captioning another six for that and then we need another four Lots as well okay well we can craft dot no I so the last thing we need is for that there's me nobody need a bit more wood for that which is something at the very least right now or would resources we need wood resources and we need them now where are they see we don't need ah there we go you knows lots here grant okay this should do it we should be able to get enough wood resources from over here cuz I think I've seen three of these little piles so maybe whenever we go to do the competition then with our horse with these new items the horse will be able to do it better and maybe we'll finally get our three stars because that's what I'm kind of confused about in this but hi I get my three stars in a competition it's not really that obvious or maybe it is that I just haven't realized okay did you think it was maybe a stop speed or something okay your coffees black well it's just a tree there we go maybe this will be enough to give us what we need all right come on please please please be enough resources to get the Austin that we need which is the sanal let's find out we do oh hey okay let's craft that not everyone go back to your stable and switch the accessories so we want to put on the leather bridle we want to put on this new Brian saddle and these new Persians the crops this route new pattern mask you're looking very very suave very suave indeed aren't you violet right so we've saved that accessory set we'll give you a little apples if you know Mickey excited about what worth but going into this competition of doing the best that we can because we've done terribly so far right ma'am enough did we do all of that complete all the training arena was three-story we didn't but we did some high what do we get okay so it's this these like items we get free stuff for doing that I can't see what all of them are though right okay I've never had this before cuz I've never actually managed to do all of them in one go nowhere as my interface gone I've broken the game how do I do this unbelievable I'm not affecting humans basically two minutes okay so I had to read log from the game just to fix whatever was going on there the interface wouldn't come back so I think not definitely made a difference doing that so I'm really pleased that we've actually managed to do all of that because it's the first time I've managed to do all the dailies right it's one of our site Chris and that's the talent team and sell a horse we've also got new daily quests but we're not going to worry about those so we're gonna focus on this team and sell a horse so let's see what we've got here okay time to team this one okay so we've got two teaming orbs to use and here goes a little bit faster towards this one okay I thought we were never gonna make that without having to do anything okay step daddy you're fine don't need to spook there we go so team their first bag and I will sell lot once you finish that quest good look far in I'd love to watch you can paint but unfortunately have to work today please let me know how it goes when you get back okay Sonia quest under your first championship accepted complete all tears in level 4 championship with the least one star okay here goes can we do it out of the question okay so gotta answer this one here goes we used way too much energy just nod I thought was really stupid I should just does she topped this and nothing more okay oh no I don't know if we're gonna make this I feel like I've used too much energy already this is gonna be really tight to get rind with you might have better genome I used too much again and just don't touch it for like a fraction of a second just so it goes I'm very right okay okay okay thank right I think we're okay please please did we do it please okay one teh oh we didn't get a third oh we did we did we did it oh my god I didn't actually think read manage it okay I'm well pleased to thought very very pleased I did not think you know actually Mel just do that at all I thought it would be an awesome failure anyway scrubs I'm gonna leave it there I hope he's had a little bit


  1. You had enough money to keep the black horse in the last vid and In the spotty one in this vid!!!! It was worth more because it was uncommon and better that your white horse!!!

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