28 Replies to “My Full Body Workout | Circuit Training | Lindsey Vonn”

  1. Awesome workout, although a total pain in the ass, but just what I need to start getting ready for the upcoming rugby season! Heard you on Rich Roll Podcast, you're one freaking inspirational athlete, tell The Rock to have him make you write another book. Enjoy your last season!

  2. The second exercise, the step through lunge, looked interesting, and like it would be fun to do!

  3. You dated tiger woods after he serial cheated on his wife, you get everything you deserve, you are disgusting

  4. Can't really trust a trainer who is shorter than you lol jk just had to be said haha

  5. Thanks Lindsey and Alex! I am 69, have had some challenging issues with family this year and still work full time in remodeling. I MUST get in shape for ski season so really appreciate this workout on video. Kudos!

  6. Thank you Lindsey for being such a great role model especially giving out workout tips, you are an amazing women ❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍🥇🏆💯🎿⛷

  7. Heyyy Good Morning from Liverpool Uk Hows it goin .. Lovin the NewsVlogs HAPPY XMAS!!! and top NEW YEAR Lin"sssssss hugs tc XXXX

  8. Does this work if you're like 5'2? I don't know that I could do a tall plank. Honest question. Also, do you have anything a little more basic for those of us who don't work out and want something simple to get us started?

  9. Thanks for sharing this routine. I certainly know you to be strong and dedicated but never knew that you are so funny. Seriously great.

  10. Awesome video, and great workout tips! I’m gonna use these exercises not only for myself, but for the students I teach at dance too, they’ll really build up strength with this! 👍

  11. 💪🏼 added one more move so i had 5 rounds 20 minutes with no break 🙃 … step through lunge -> 🥵🥵🥵 my legs 🦵🙈😅 9.50pm time for bed 😂 good night and thank you 🙏🏼

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