21 Replies to “My Girlfriend Shooting A Recurve Bow”

  1. Hi, what poundage is she drawing? My gf is 5,2". I ordered a samick sage 25#. Wondering how she'll handle it. I hope she keeps enjoying it.

  2. I like how she grabs the arrow out of her quiver Howard Hill stlye by the nock. That's how your supposed to do it. But yeah shes pulling way to much weight. Happens all the time. It happened to me to haha

  3. Poundage is to heavy for her in result to her wobbling the bow besides that she has a tough time pulling bow string far enough back for the proper anchor point. Try a lower poundage recurve will benefit her much more!

  4. Definitely over bowed maybe get her a ilf riser and you can start low and just replace limbs until she has the strength

  5. Wow, let me first start off by saying what a lucky man you are to have a woman like that.. 🙂 Also her stance is very good, you may however, want to invest some time helping her to clean up her release, she seems like a natural otherwise. Great video!

  6. I like those arrows! And if you drop your back elbow alil more the release would be a lot smoother and straighter for the arrow.

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