My Little pony: FIM Season 9 Episode 20 (A Horse Shoe-In) [Full Episode]

My Little pony: FIM Season 9 Episode 20 (A Horse Shoe-In) [Full Episode]

I think you really spruce up the office miss philodendron I'm gonna call you Phyllis doo-doo-doo good news come in uh were you just talking to someone you know why huh starlight I have something very important to discuss with you if this is about leaving early yesterday I didn't have any students on my schedule and Trixie was having a magical emergency which actually turned out to be nothing it's not anything like that boom Twilight Sparkle the princess of friendship in light of her impending ascension to the throne of Equestria and in anticipation have heard many duties and responsibilities sport with does hereby enterin to make good on her previous offer to you starlight glimmer of replacing her as an Mayor of the stole of friendship I want you to take over the school when I moved to Canterlot I know it's just so amazing little do you think I'm really up for it of course you do I've covered for you every time you've had to run off and save Equestria but I mean yes of course nervous and excited I'm mostly just nervous I understand of course I'll have a lot of important responsibilities as ruler of Equestria but I'll always be available to help whenever you need are you supposed to be at a royal etiquette lesson with Celestia and Luna right now right huh can't underestimate the important responsibilities of royal napkin placement Wow I mean no biggie right Phyllis I've totally got this My Little Pony My Little Pony under what friendship could see magic with me big adventure a beautiful heart faithful and strong sharing my you know I'm nothing but proud that you've been officially offered the position of head mare thanks but I can't help wondering if it's gonna cut into our social schedule what do you mean tick now for example instead of heading to the delightful lunch I have planned we're striving with determination toward what it can only assume is Twilight's office obviously our lunch is super important but so is taking over the school and the only pony who's really run the school of friendship is the princess of friendship and I'm worried about doing it all alone so I want to get as much advice from Twilight as I can while she's still here but do I like to never really done anything alone she always has her friends that just gave me an idea thanks Trixie you can give good advice when you don't mean to uh Thanks are we still doing lunch getting royal place settings just right is a lot harder than it looks okay I know how busy you are but I wanted to talk to you about running the school because honestly I was a bit worried about taking it over all on my own but I just realized you never did it alone having a friend help out is pretty great so what do you think about me hiring a vice head mare to help run things I trust you to run the school any way you want and if that means hiring a vice head mare I think it's a great idea really like you said I've always had ponies around to help and don't worry you can always call on me at Twilight a rarity says you were supposed to be at the boutique five minutes ago for your second fitting for the coronation gown oh how many fittings are there gonna be a lot anyway good luck finding your vice head there I know you'll pick the right pony for the job Wow I heard the whole thing and all I can say is I am humbled oh why I hadn't ever considered it but hearing you say it out loud made me realize what a great and powerful Vice head they're up being plus we get to work and socialize it well sure that would be fun but I can't just give you the job oh oh no of course not I imagine there's a lengthy process to go through before you inevitably hire the best pony for the position switch exactly I'll probably interview several ponies of course several wink why do you keep saying Linc I'm not saying wink wink I am glad you all decided to be part of the search for the school of friendships vice head Mayer honestly if you're looking for some Pony to fundraise I can bring in enough bits to have several buildings named after me well that's not the primary responsibility of the vice head mayor but anypony is welcome to apply I think the selection process i've come up with is pretty special necessary um since you all have to prove you have what it takes to be vice head mayor I've designed the interview in three stages each stage will test a different scale the vice head mayor needs only those who do well will move through the stages until finally the best candidate rises to the top so without further ado it's time for stage one substituting for the teachers once the students get a sample of my good rate and powerful instruction they might not want to go back to the regular faculty hmm Wow that scene is so straight you really learned how to sew from mending Apple sacks on the farm mmm obviously loyalty is the foundation of friendship and Trust but nothing gets more loyalty than a big stack of bits this book on business will teach you all how to earn your own chapter one equity [Applause] in the pre Equestria era your 1322 a Brack see as the bull did a bunch of boring stuff for a really long time okay I know history is important but I never learned any of it and look how I turned out mm-hmm okay Phyllis obviously those three are moving on what about the rest mm-hmm I think we're in agreement on this one oh you know what you're gonna say but it would be so much fun to have my vice head mayor be a friend she just needs a little more huff holding and some of the others but it could still work out great starlight I've given this a lot of thought and even though I still believe naps are a valid use of class time you'll be the one running the school so if you say no naps then no naps and I know I can be a little stubborn and not the best listener but I just can't wait for us to tackle this job as a team to great and powerful friends picking on the world and I know you still have to go through all this interview stuff wink but I just had to tell you how excited see I told you it could work you alright remaining vice head mayor candidates welcome to stage two all of you are here because you performed well or well enough to face your next challenge parent-teacher conferences the voice head mayor will need to be a master communicator and I can't think of a better test of that than meeting with our students and their parents or guardians I eagerly look forward to sharing my love of science with both progeny and progenitors indeed an orchestra is made up of different parts and good communication is the key to harmony a lifetime on stage has taught me that good communication is essential to holding your audience's attention which is why tour MC is also known as a great and powerful communicator life at the school of friendship is like a song and although she started out singing her part pianissimo oselas is now soloing fortissimo that's good right indeed the science curriculum at the school is somewhat lacking but yona has taken to the subject like a lactose smashing if fostered I believe she could easily blaze a trail and expand our understanding though science itself looks best Gallus is a fantastic student he's even taught me a thing or two about napping ah there's a choir put me to sleep um excuse me I don't know why I have to come to these things well most parents or guardians want to be involved in our students lives maybe we should find a different representative from griffonstone two big Alice's Guardian Oh that'd be great if you find one I'm so confused you're saying silver stream is exuberant and enthusiastic yep but aren't those the same and are they could I mean you could be trying to tell me she's unfocused but then you might just be explaining that you appreciate her high energy nope yep maybe there seems to be a lot of nuance here and I just want to make sure I understand exactly what you're saying so what are you saying gaius doesn't need to know I'm proud of him and he certainly doesn't need me trekking all the way to Ponyville good because you're no longer Oh fine I'm a Trixie what happened I'm not sure but we'll have one less conference to worry about next semester I really appreciate your honesty Big Mac and you're right parents expect a lot of detailed communication when it comes to their kids and if you aren't comfortable with that vice head mare probably isn't the job for you yeah nope Starlite I know why you wanted to see me and you don't have to worry oh good it's thoughtful that you'd want to check in on me after my shocking confrontation with Grandpa ruff but never fear I shall recover Trixie that's not exactly what I wanted to talk to you about you can't get into a shouting match with parents or guardians for the final stage of the interview process you'll each have to put together a field trip and if you really do want the job I need yours to be exceptional because if I had to pick a vice head mare right now it wouldn't be you oh I see what you're doing obviously you're not gonna give the job to somepony else but you wanna see my best message received Oh Trixie I the Great and Powerful Trixie is about to pull out all the stops I hope you're ready for the most exceptional field trip to ever race this school is it wrong for me to think she might actually pull it off no don't answer that not looking forward to the performance I know Octavia loves music but a field trip to a classical music performance isn't my idea of an exciting time okay I took it back when I heard we'd be arranging field trips I knew right away I wanted to take you all to my land I can think of no better trip than one through the quantum field I am referring to time travel I've been working on a temporal transportation device a chair and three four five congratulations you are now five seconds into the future you see we are all already time travelers who's next and now what oh I hadn't actually thought that much beyond this welcome to the greatest and most powerful field trip of your lives we're gonna in France bully I am thrilled you asked because today we're not doing a normal old boring field trip where you go somewhere so not field trip Oh country I could have easily taken you to froggy bottom bog but we don't need to leave the comfort of the classroom for our field trip I can bring the field trip to out Trixie what did you do look I found the perfect little patch of fog to teleport into the school I just didn't consider the possibility that a hive of flash bees might have nested there we might add a field trip back sixteen so with students I'll handle this I was only trying to give them an exceptional field trip experience which you have to admit I did um Starlite hey there so um they're gone yes nice teamwork am i right are you kidding I don't know what team you're on but it is in mine this was a disaster it was dangerous I think the words you're looking for are direct and powerful you went from not taking it seriously to blowing things so out of proportion you put every creature in danger and I wanted to work with a friend so much I ignored the fact that you would never be right for the job I'm confused why do you say I'm saying you'll never be vice heading there but but I thought you created the position for me I created the position because I need help but I can't think of any way that you would ever help me Twilight's friends always helped her oh ho that's because Twilight's friends are competent they care about what they're doing and they know how to do it well I guess they won't take up any more of your time head near starlight starlight I just thought I'd check in to see how the search for a vice head mare was going a lot better now okay I really wanted it to be a friend so I ended up pushing aside some pretty big signs that it wasn't gonna work out that everypony is right for every job but everypony has something to contribute the trick is figuring out what what if you and your friend can't figure it out if you have a job to do you have to decide what's best and be upfront and honest even if that means you can't work with a friend on it so I guess that means talking to them at the beginning instead of stringing them along until you get so frustrated you totally lose it and say a bunch of really awful things pretty much huh Trixie I know you're in there I'm sorry for all those things I said I just really wanted it to work out even though I knew it probably wouldn't I should have said something sooner obviously we can't have what we want because I'm terrible at everything and could never help you with anything you aren't terrible and you have a lot of great qualities maybe not vice head mayor qualities but great and powerful friend qualities well you really stand by the ponies you care about galas even said no creatures ever stuck up for him the way you did with Grandpa Groff it would have been nice to run the school together not every Pony is right for every job I know how you take your responsibilities seriously and maybe I should have known I wasn't exactly a perfect fat if it makes you feel any better no pony was what do you mean well doctor Whooves has decided to go back to his experiments and Octavia is worried the responsibilities of Vice head mayor will take too much time away from her music maybe getting a vice head mare was a bad idea starlight obviously you'd like some help and hiring a vice head in there is a great idea but who could it be well you need somepony who's responsible like you and detail-oriented like Twilight is a school after all it would be nice if I got along with them since having it be a friend can't work out maybe it came and I knew as soon as I read Trixie scroll that it was the exact right thing for me to do but what about being flurry hearts crystal er oh no honestly now that flurry heart's a little older there really isn't much for me to do outside of the occasional tradition or festival and working at a school is what I always thought I'd do I mean if you'll have me are you kidding you're honored I'm not feeling this would work out Oh Trixie thank you so much between being insightful when I want to be and giving good advice when I don't mean to you I suppose I can be a pretty good friend more than that actually you really did give good advice and you helped me talk through the problem of finding the right pony for the job and we know you care about the students – Trixie the Great and Powerful advice-giver problem talk through er and student care about her I think I'll go with friend friend is perfect but there's a position here at the school you might be right for – what would you say – being a school of friendships new student counselor I'd say this office needs a bit of redecorating but it plants green desperation you

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  1. So every fan is upset that this show is going to get over soon right? Even I feel sad but what would we see after this series is over…

    I suggest a show called Miraculous Ladybug. If you like adventures and a growing storyline then this is the right show to watch.

    The concept of this show is 2 normal teenage kids, a boy and a girl get a special powers. So their identities are secret. Even both of them don't know each other's identity. The superhero girl ;Marinette is in love with the civilian form of the other superhero Cat Noir. While the superhero boy;Adrien is in love with the the other superhero Ladybug.

    The show so far has 3 seasons and is still continuing. There will be confirmed till season 5 . But there might be more seasons too .

  2. Trixie: “I suppose I can be a pretty good friend.”
    Starlight: “more than that actually….”
    short pause

    Out of context and with the pause makes it seem like they’re genuinely more than friends now omg

  3. Fan characters I want to see in mlp
    1. Chip the utahraptor ( a mini like godzilla but good but no feathers )
    2. Alan the pteranodon ( like rodan)
    3. Darksaber the evil brother of chip
    4. Wall E chip best friend ( please don't judge me why I pick wall-e for chip best friend)

  4. Soo they are basically having twilight abandon the school AND the castle?!?!?!?!?!? Bruhhhhhhh I wanna see star light be an alocorn.

  5. No Grogar, no Chrysallis, no Cozy Glow, no Tirek, another pony filler episode…season 9 has really dropped the pony in the climate episodes. I know you got kids that watch and you got to be sensitive, but you can't write out a pony plot and stuck the viewer with one filler after another after another and wait until the near end to expose the plot, expose the villains. Who's the dummy that wrote this show? Now I'm not saying the episodes are bad at all, you got too many fillers and NOT enough of the climate. That's not how a show should be producted as you drive away viewers when you don't stick to the climate of Grogar, who is he, Chrysallis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow!

  6. 13 seconds in and I’m already loving this episode and at the end I might need to get another heart if starlight continues to be adorable

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