My neighbor billy doesn't like our security cameras!

My neighbor billy doesn't like our security cameras!

leaving all that back there for me to clean up and your dumbass husband's back there dude why didn't they clean it up I seen him back there he did clean it up they clean it up every time they work on the side okay I'll have them go out there and get it what when you put them on by the way they're facing my backyard and their face somewhere I'll walk in the front and that's imprinted on my props I don't go okay well they're not actually pointed at you they're just pointed in our backyard and they're pointed on the side of our house which happens to be the side of your house I'll bet you anything it was your stupid pervert husband because you know what icon the other morning oh he's watching right here look you little pervert had your stupid spawn of Satan son I've seen him spying on me – they weren't spying on you no one is watching you at night I caught your husband watching me through this fence okay well will impact your son a couple of pounds were you out here yelling were you what were you doing everybody's nice friendly neighborly in person where is back home well you just said back home I'm just where are you from I've always wouldn't worry about that what I want you right now I might I'm gonna give you two more warnings that's it I want all this shit picked up okay dudes better not be coming before 8 a.m. and they are by the way well they're not I doubt too pissed about that and I want all those camera angles pointed the other I want to point somewhere else I don't want to point it at my yard how'd you like it if I was filming you all the time huh huh I mean you can if you want we don't do much so we're not very exciting over here that's it I'm done okay so you come and pick up all this scrap into the shit and then I want your stupid camera angles and then tell your pervert ass son and his your you know father-son thing you're perverts yep in this house to stop spying on me cuz it's gross I like it well my 13 year old son definitely isn't spying on you and I'm pretty sure my husband isn't either okay I'll make sure cameras up I bet you he watches from his bone sits there and watches me no he doesn't it's just for security it's just it's not to watch you going through a lot Robert I'd appreciate it you got them cameras off me your stupid security cameras and all this scrapping of the shit when they don't be done I'm tired probably about tomorrow maybe maybe tomorrow yeah okay stupid information on from Arkansas you you

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  1. OMG, I seriously thought this was an SNL skit. If you look up Trailer Trash, that woman's picture is there.

  2. Oh snap tell her you are going to cut her off . She can stop harrasing you and your family . No respect

  3. Is she actually Billie Eilish practicing acting skills or is this for real? If this IS actually real then I love you two! She sounds like she is from the Appalachians around Virginia. She has a Virginia or South Carolina Low Country accent. Her "abouts" and "houses" sound like dialects from those regions both of which are similar to the pronunciations by Canadians as well. Just saying.

  4. …and I think Billy is a narcissist, all guys watch out, in the beginning she is nice to you but that isn't her normal behaviour, the soon she beginning to scream and think that she is special and can do what others don't, than you have the Billy who she is real. I have two of such neighbors, don't let them push on your buttons, ignore them!!

  5. Well that explains it Arkansas There's some really crazy people up there not all of them but discredits everything that she said as I've seen some pretty crazy people

  6. What happened I thought y’all were becoming such good friends!!!!???? Lol time to go to Taco Bell!!!!

  7. Billy is a pretty woman, if she were to fix her self up I bet she is a very beautiful lady. I really and truly hope that she is putting on an act but even if she isn't she is my kind of woman. I love your show guys and I hope that y'all continue to do what y'all doing.

  8. If that is your neighbour, why does her back fence go off to the left, i.e. Towards your house. Nice try.

  9. They’re impringant on my privacy. This lady sounds like she’s doing a bad impersonation of a crazy redneck

  10. Liked liked video awesome 👍 👍😊 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Billy sue great video.

  11. The father- son pervert thing you got going on over there, she sure comes up with some good ones ,doesn't she.

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