Naroh Arms N1 Range Review – TheFireArmGuy

Naroh Arms N1 Range Review – TheFireArmGuy

hey there friends thanks for checking in at the Rays you know we've got the narrow arms and one new release for 2019 subcompact nine-millimeter handgun let's see how it does and there it is nifty little handgun when I did my table review is traded how much smaller and lighter it is then other guns primarily the the shield it does have a seven round magazine – seven rock magazines this one with the extended base plate another with a flat base plate we're gonna check that out in a minute but it is lighter than the shield by quite a bit now the unloaded weight is sixteen and a half ounces you had seven rounds to it it's like 19 ounces so it's a very lightweight handguns got a 3.1 inch barrel polymer frame glass filled nylon polymer it does have an aluminum trigger that is red which is kind of cool to slot Picatinny rail it does have slide cutouts on top and the side of the slide the trigger weight I measure right at 6 and 3/4 pounds and it's a full reset so it's a true double action 3 dot sights and they are interchangeable with the original Glock 43 sights so that's nice you can put night sights on here get the night sights for the Glock 43 put it on the n1 and you are good to go it's got a nice feel to it many people said it's a ripoff from the sig p3 65 you know and I could see that right there especially the back end of this some of the texturing around the grip I can see where people come up with that and they're not wrong all right they're not wrong but there's a hammer fired gun it's a hammer right there partially cocked hammer upon the charge kind of gives the look of an LC p2 or even the Ruger security 9 so that's the big difference there it does have forward serrations now what I just loaded here is the flat base plate magazine with self-defense loads all right have a point let's see how it does with these it's firing but I'm hitting one out of two shots here and there it is alright so the flight does lock back nifty little shooter for a lightweight handgun it's not very heavy and recoil at all like like one would expect not bad I've got some winchester USA forged ammo the cheap stuff I want to see if it's gonna feed fire and eject that stuff let me load up both these mags will come back in check it out here we have winchester USA forged steel case ammo very dirty stuff I may have met you that it's a single stack mag it's actually a single feed into a staggered stack you can see that there let me lock the slide back here will punch this magnet and see if it drops the slide like so many okay it does like so many polymer frame guns do let's see if it feed fire any jacks this steel case all right so far so good that was with the flat base plate let me go ahead and rack some double taps here we'll go ahead and drop the slide that way all right so here we have a little issue and I am not surprised this happens quite often with with many many guns that use this USA forged by Winchester the one thing I want to demonstrate ok it's locked up in there not just with this gun but other guns grab the slide like this and then punch through to drop that that case alright not sure how this is going to do I think it's gonna be just fine alright same thing I'm not necessarily putting all this on the gun itself but once again that is stuck in there all right so I'm gonna go ahead and drop the slide see if I could pull it out okay that time I was able to pull it out manually let me go for that rabbit the one thing I really like about the n1 is the frame the slide fit it is extremely smooth when you disassemble it just move that lever down no need to pull the trigger and off comes the slide you can see that it does have longer frame rails that is nice now the MSRP on this gun is 399 expect to see it between 350 and 360 would be my best guess but there it is new to the market narrow arms and one and if you get a chance check it out you may just like it very lightweight and a pretty soft shooter if you like videos like this please subscribe and share I always appreciate thumbs up button thanks for watching and you guys be safe

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  1. Hey Dan great video. Good looking pistol but my CM9 Tungsten is 16 Oz fully loaded and has so far been outstanding in reliability, zero FTE and zero FTF. I bought it t because of your glowing Kahr reviews. Thanks bro.

  2. Winchester needs to be ashamed of that ammo. I've witnessed it lock up 3 different guns solid at the range. Not worth saving a penny a round to run that junk.

  3. My Glock donโ€™t close the slide when I put the magazine in. At the same time I have yet to find ammo the glock has issues with

  4. This is off topic but I got my first Glock today a G19 gen 4. I guess after owning Ruger, Sig, Colt, S&W it's time to go ahead and own a Glock also.

  5. Ruger copied the Keltec P3AT with their LCP 10 years ago and people weren't complaining about that.

  6. This gun was suppose to be released in the spring but none can be found. Distributors canโ€™t get their hands on them. Naroh hasnโ€™t shipped any and isnโ€™t available to public. Would love to see one up close.

  7. Not to get off topic but, I've been seeing some reviews of the IWI Masada and it looks good. Are you gonna try to get one for a review?, because I feel that you give an honest opinion and I value that.

  8. Interesting new entry into the ever widening circle of subcompacts. I think 2019 should be dubbed โ€œYear of the Subcompactโ€ AKA Subcompact Wars Great range video Dan ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

  9. Great informative video not a bad gun for a low price I would put it between the Taurus PT111 and the Smith & Wesson shield.

  10. Awesome vid firearmsguy. Love the content. Neat gun, alas I just bought a G43 and been carrying it every day since.

  11. YOU are the reason I created a YouTube account. I love your reviews! Why? You review the guns in a quick, brief manner without a bunch of "pontification" and typically 5-7 minutes or less. Keep 'em coming!

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