20 Replies to “Native American burial sites are being blown up for Trump’s border wall”

  1. The Native American burial site is actually 2.4 miles away from the border wall. I’ve worked the border for many years prior to retiring. Those "tombstones" that are being shown in the thumbnail are actually barriers.

  2. Build it on top of millions of precious little puppies and kittens for all I care, as long as it is built.

    If I had my way the country would be totally overrun by sassy senoritas from South of the border and Chinese looking to flee their government… But the second they step foot here ILLEGALLY my empathy drops to 0% and I say deport or imprision the SOB.

  3. Another WaPo hit piece. I didn't see any burial plots being blown up. What I do see is a relatively thin fence that's pretty high. Although not mentioned here, but mentioned elsewhere are the poor birds and butterflies that the fence blocks. Yep, I must be stupid because I almost thought that they could fly over or through a fence like this. Rabbits, desert rats, snakes, and other skinny creatures can walk through the slats easy enough. Maybe some coyotes, fat rabbits, and turtles might have a navigation problem but they will be fine.

  4. All the sheep in the comments , BOTH PARTIES WANT BORDER SECURITY but wasting billions on a FENCE! that is being stolen by the cartel was stupid even before that clown thought of it . His support is fueled by hate , which is the real reason the world hates him and his micropenis. Hes not a leader and has no foreign diplomacy, let the next president from either party be a real leader not a con man from the clan

  5. Is this the tribe that has land on the border who use that location to take payment for passage into US??? No? Maybe not. Anyone?

  6. Uh oh, a soyboy that says America having borders is bad while getting paid by Rockefeller and The Ford Foundation, I guess the U.S.A cant have borders because of racism goes back home filled with walls and locks doors

  7. Somethings are more important then a couple burial site or freshwater ponds think about the big picture not small things don’t be small minded

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