11 Replies to “NCAA Fencing – Women's Sabre – Gold Medal Bout: Ward v Vloka”

  1. Good job beca I love you!!! I used what you tought me in a lesson and I have done aloooot better! tysm!-Aaron Herrera from PDX fencing

  2. @fencer11793 i think tamerlanenj was referring to the last time they met in the ncaa finals when the score was 15-4 for becca

  3. @tamerlanenj At this high level of fencing it really depends on who's having a better day. But this wasn't Caroline's first go at the rodeo. She's a formidable opponent for anyone

  4. @FantasticSunshine Speaking from someone who screams occasionally, I usually do it to pump myself up or motivate myself. I don't think most people do it with intentions to be annoying. Then again I never saw it as an annoying thing

  5. @FantasticSunshine I agree that screamers in fencing are a bit obnoxious, but some people are simple more excitable or high-strung. My guess is, this sport is something you attributes to her identity to it is both more thrilling when she succeeds and more devastating when she fails.

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