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  1. wtf would anyone "think" that there's any difference in recoil in 2 9m'm's of nearly identical size, weight, and design? neither the sig nor the Beretta 9mm have enough recoil to upset a 10 year old boy.

  2. Random Guy: Says dumb thing to Ziva

    Tony: God not again

    Ziva: Surprises RG by being a badass

    Tony: Situational Humor

    RG: Fuck my life

  3. But the beretta doesn't have adjustable sights unless you get one of the new ones which is not what that soldier had. Also he grips and stance as well as general firearm safety was atrocious

  4. K……so what? She can shoot a target guess what my 8 year old neice is as good a marksmen…..the fucks the point of this scene

  5. Wow a woman in a man's world, putting up with sexist pigs. That's an original concept.

    To be fair, this show is old as shit, but this has quickly become a tired topic. Equality is great, sexism is bad, no reasonable person would argue otherwise, but it's exhausting to see the same stereotypical macho man sexist represented in shows and movies just so the female can prove herself and be a badass.

    A real badass doesn't have to prove anything to anyone and that's what makes those female characters awesome. Not because they put a caricature of a human being in their place.

  6. – She turned and cleared the pistol while pointing a live weapon in the direction of the Marine and those behind him.
    – He handed her a live weapon with one in the chamber. He did not have it holstered so it was not a range officer weapon.
    – He handed her the weapon from outside the range. The weapon was not checked prior and was not loaded inside the firing booth.
    – The target was not placed before her shot, there would not be a target just waiting at the end of the range for someone to shoot it.
    – It is a side arm with iron sights, not only are the sights not calibrated in millimeters, but it would be impossible to tell if it was off by that margarine.
    This show is horribly researched garbage for dumbasses that know nothing.
    As a side note all the dumbasses commenting that the Marine is sexist. He was never sexist. He stated that women do not like the kick of the beretta. He did not say they could not handle it nor did he say that they shot horribly because of the kick, the kick of a weapon has no impact on the shot placement of the weapon. The kick is simply recoil. As for the kick or recoil, the beretta and sig of that period both had nearly identical ergonomics and mechanics making it the same recoil. Another reason why this show was poorly researched garbage for dumbasses that know nothing.
    Ziva was not a badass. I really wanted to like her I tried really hard when I watched this show. All her cool martial arts and weapon handling was Hollywood fuckery and poorly executed. All of her cool submission holds and takedowns would never work if a man was using them and damn sure would never work with a much weaker female trying to execute them.
    Women have to fight far differently than men because they are only a fraction of the physical strength and durability of a man. It is why the strongest woman can easily be beaten by a weak wet paper bag of a man.
    If you want a truly badass fighting and combat movie with a woman, watch the movie ' Atomic Blonde ' with Charlize Theron. The movie itself is ok in general and either good or bad depending on your tastes in movies but the fighting scenes were developed and choreographed using actual special operative training standards for females. Simple things like having to use the environment for added leverage or using both hands and both feet to do similar damage to a built man. Use of distraction or ambush to give her a chance in certain scenarios.
    Ziva was just the token cliche of a Jew woman claiming she is Mossad to be a badass Mary Sue.

  7. 92F has very little recoil since it is rather large for the caliber. The Marine must have been dreaming of a 1911.

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