NEPAL VS KUWAIT | ICC T20 Regional Finals Asia | Sancharkarmi Sports | Full HD

NEPAL VS KUWAIT | ICC T20 Regional Finals Asia | Sancharkarmi Sports | Full HD

King and welcome to the Indian Association oval here in sunny Singapore it's ICC World t20 qualifiers a sheer final it's a crucial day with Nepal taking on Kuwait it's going to be an important encounter for both these two teams and as it stands the point table Singapore leading after three games – we crease one abandoned with five points great three matches one win one loss one abandoned with three points Nepal two matches one win one loss with two points Malaysia three matches one win two losses with two points and Qatar three matches one way in two losses with two points it's gonna be a fascinating day of cricket going by what we have seen so far and in today's game Nepal winning the toss and electing to field first the wicked looks an absolute belter it's a sunny day and a fast outfield we are really expecting some fantastic cricket and the Nepal 11 captain Paris katka guy and Ramallah Sharad vishakha bus and dredged me some Palka me the pain dressing iris and diplomacy on a current KC Rohit Kumar Hodel we note Bhandari the wicket keeper and Avinash wore up Kuwait skip it by Mohammad Kashif meet bubs are the wicket keeper Guzman Wahid mama – l'm Hamid a vanilla Ravi Judi silver Ilyas Ahmed Nana Reece Sanka what happened he's not playing today asanas here Shiraz can be Delta here might even be used man why he came the wickets later on for Kuwait umpires take the park Hamid ask them I'm joining you with live shots in a few moments beehive of activity the Indian Association grounds here in ballast erode asana both these two teams would be looking to stake their claim and what would otherwise tomorrow be a final Nepal taking the park looking to restrict weight to a manageable total chase it down quickly these two teams looking to stake their claim what would otherwise tomorrow be a final politic in the park religion is silver meat buffs are the two openers for Kuwait they gave Kuwait a wonderful start against Qatar yesterday resulting in a massive total of 197 the biggest of the tournament thus far they'll be hoping for a repeat performance Sampaio kami taking the new ball from the ballast erode end it's been in good form in this tournament you'll be looking for an early strike we're all set here there's a slip back Lapointe cover extra colour enemy Dolph and on the leg side there's a Madan midwicket and a fine leg Ravi ji the silver on strike some pal coming back good point cover extra color enemy Dolph first ball driven straight back stumps at the umpires and acting as the 12th fielder for Nepal might have been interesting had coming got a finger to that one meet buffs are backing up looking to get a single quick singles can put through slight miss field at backward point and quit on the way the left-hander meet buffs up blade ideal foil to meet you the silver yesterday the field remains pretty much the same white the man back with point point cover mid off let me dawn back with squarely relieved finally that's on pal kami – buffs are generating good pace here kami left ending his bags up hitting the deck hard and foiled – are we did the silver yesterday I Eva cut responding remains pretty much the same could lift and carry the ring a backer point point cover beats bounce outside off stump we don't back with square leg and a deep behind her back on the him up very important figure generator glad space here all set up Bob makes room for himself carves it back with past point four runs very effective shot was a good ball by its own pal kami credit goes to Bob's off for making room more importantly find the gap behind backward point for four runs there's a solitary slip in the cordon standing at almost the second slip position seemed to be having a conscious plan bowling – Bob saw on this occasion leaning into it can't beat the offside cordon so well fortified offside ring by Nepal there mustn't reg me current kc DP interesting I read forming an impregnable ring from cover to backward point the man comes fine as we speak flick the vape right off me dawn for a single slightly wild throw there at the end of the first to equate six for the loss of no we get looks like current Casey from the far end the Serangoon Road end marking his run up Nepal going with pace at both ends wait wouldn't mind that they like the ball coming on to the bat both meet buffs ah and Ravi J the silver stroke players they'll be looking to get quit off to a flyer in the power play overs current Casey's got a slip back a point kava extra cover it off Madonn deep backward square leg and a short fine leg Sundy blemish on a having a little stretch a short fine leg he'll be looking on eagerly to get the ball in his hand to do the business for Nepal later on right now its current KC two meatballs are here BOTS short it's given him current Casey strikes me Bob saw hangs on to his shoulder looking to indicate to the umpire that he might have not gotten any word on that but what's more important is the man that matters Tabarrok da signals meet buffs up on his way if I was striking early with the first delivery of the second overcurrent Casey doing the business for Nepal here weight loose their first wicket be interesting to see a replay on that sooner than kalidasan tabarak dark – very experienced umpires you're getting this game by a Buddha Pradhan stand by umpire max referee is mr. Manu nyah from India experienced officials at 90 degrees the dangerous at 90 degrees walks out for Kuwait had an absolute blistering half-century the other day on the man of the match in quoits victory over Qatar takes God Karan Casey he'll be pumped up what a wonderful start to his spell striking with the very first delivery putting good pace here straight away at 90 degrees stands tall on his tools and guides that pass backward point beats the field at third man four runs controlled yet effective seems to be in good touch shut Nani trees quit would want him to kick on Nepal would want to see the back of him as early as possible this is turning out to be a very good contest once again an outside edge flies down to third man tell you what this outfield is lightning quick this great value for shots chief curator mr. Kareem the facilities manager mr. Mahesh Kumar done a wonderful job here this ICC World t20 qualifiers Asia finals or a wonderful tournament this has been some action-packed t20 cricket today being a Saturday it's a big crowd expected even though host Singapore are not playing today probably the silver works it away the backward square leg for a single this is smart betting it greases motoring along be good to give him the strike both these two batsmen natural stroke players like to hit the ball on the rice and I here wicket consistent and nicely coming onto the bat 90 degrees not ready current Casey will have to reball that one it's good to see a slip being employed white sleep almost at second sleep position current Casey generating good heat on this track pins Adnani grease on the crease say if you played what weight should look to do is minimize dot balls that's what haunted qatar the other day they should also look to run aggressively between the wickets so when they power gets on the part that's what they'll do it's another wonderful delivery current KC giving nothing away pulling an excellent line and blend the end of the second oh wait 12 for the loss of one wicket Grady manager mr. Mahmud Abdullah taking a little stroll around the park wonderful gentleman had an opportunity to have a chat with him yesterday out at dinner with all the officials seem to be enjoying their stay here in Singapore swamp alchemy continues from the ballast air road and they'll be bawling – Ravi JD Silva it's good delivery the Nepal opening bowlers hitting good areas here giving nothing away the match very much even at this juncture great going at six runs per hour Ravi JD Silva finds the gap leans back and punches it past the bowler between middle on four hands that shot had a bit of calypso in it it was a good delivery extremely well put away there by Roger the Silver Swan Park a me straight away going slightly full up seems to have a very good seam position checking the ball back in off the surface probably the silver doing well to keep his pads out of the way Swamp alchemy bowling good heat here once again excellent delivery probably the silver with soft hands playing it into the colors deep interesting I read patrolling the Coward region no chance of a single sweeps in picks it up like a panther lightning quick magnificent shot single two deep backward square leg pulled around the corner Travie to the silver almost going into the hands of t backwards Kralik the ball falling safely between three fielders so I'm Park a me really generating some good heat here out on the I a park bending his back got a beautiful run up that's an excellent Yorker down he trees did well to keep it out it's a brilliant over there at the end of three create seventeen for the loss of one wicket it's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Singapore the crowd slowly starting to build up new paths got good support in this part of the world Ravi's this will go to face up to current KC from the Serangoon Road end that's a magnificent shot it's got more height and distance driving it on the up let's it too long on for two you know ideally liked to punch that straight I think is aiming for those short straight boundaries here the IAO is turning out to be a wonderful contest both teams not giving an inch once again drifting on the pads current KC flicked away to deep square leg it's got cover back there things Robbie Jesus silver be disappointed couldn't place that ball better the final akhil ders up in the circle powers got done a great job here got all his men in the right places once again apesh Donny Greece survives flashes away pass backward point beats the third man fielder to the boundary for four runs wait wouldn't mind that one bit Besant reg be diving to his left cannot prevent that boundary and on this occasion it Rees finds the gap piercing the offside cordon through extra cover for hands he's got his own unique style trust his hands does not believe much in footwork who needs footwork when you can hit it like that magnificent sharp four runs quit now looking to get a move on to boundaries in this over and a couple and a single lemon runs already of it current Casey charging in intelligently played getting right behind the line of that ball Donnie grace showing that he's got the defense to go with the offense it's a dangerous player for Kuwait weight would love for him to continue and kick on deep into the innings Nepal on the other hand they would like to see the back of him as early as possible Paris kotka he might even go the spinners wonder whether he missed a trick bowling pace from both ends current KC charges in digs it in short and that's a bit of a wild throw and this is not very good for were throws conceded believe it might even be five the paint the sing Irie letting it rip you wait 32 for the loss of one wicket looks like some balcony to continue from the ballast erode end the utilization of pace at both ends almost playing into the hands of Kuwait they like the ball coming on to right-handers in might have been worth going to Sandy blemish on a early on but that's the weenie par likes do things once again also brilliant bit of fielding Sharad Resaca experience man putting in the dive they pollen outstanding fielding in it certainly save free runs for his side so far I mean drifting on the pads Donny trees almost finding the gap probably the silver punch it over midwicket Bailey is the short bit we could feel that this is very good running between the wickets Donny tree is charging back for the second there's some real urgency here in the running between the wickets I think they have taken a lesson from the game against Kataya sterday even having posted 197 runs Fattah managed to come very very close within striking distance and have they taken the singles they might have e1 born yesterday once again a very good delivery by swamp alchemy picks the ball up throws it back at the batsman's end the timber goes flying quite unnecessary could have resulted in four more throws but that's the way a power plays their cricket full of action wonderful to see but the game played in the best of spirits this ICC World t20 qualifiers issue final bit of passion and aggression always good nobody crossing the lines here the game continues soap alchemy banging it in short one for the over and that was an intelligent delivery some power kami looking for a dot ball might have realized that Ravi Jade silver is deep in his crease looking for the picked up yoga banks one in short we instead of ball once again short octave a to mid we get it that would have been curtains had it hit probably the silver had given up mid pitch the only direct hits on the stamps looks to be coming from the bolus and in dibala there a short mid we get swooped in on that delivery that's another short ball to end the over at the end of five overs wait 37 for the loss of one wicket steady start here bike wait they would want to keep wickets in hand and at the same time build momentum and build a platform from which they can launch later on bus and Rich Beem comes on from the Serangoon Road end ball a brilliant spell the other day bowled his for was for like 14 runs also picked up a wicket his excellent control over his left arm Orthodox deliveries a very consistent action it's very accurate reminds me of my countrymen ranganna Herod very economical action struck straight away Raji the silver looks to take him on dances down the track misses it all together and had his leg stump uprooted it's a fantastic humbold fresh me once again proving his worth brilliant bowling here delivering for Nepal straight away and that's the impact that spin has had on the Kuwaiti batsman Paris Kotka going to his spinners the final over of the power play and gets a result immediately bill Alta hair walks out to join Donny trees just as Kuwait was looking to build momentum buzz enrich me has thrown a spanner in the works yeah I hear the left-hander mustn't reach me continues to come around the wicket it's good to see – gutka self standing at the solitary slip the new ball it's more likely to hold its line and proceed with the arm especially given the angles with Reggie's implementing here Bilal Tahir adopting a very open stance and 90 degrees ball watching could have had a disastrous effect there punch down to wide mid off their right eye here for a single to get off the mark straight away that's one aspect of Adnan injuries game and he'll really need to focus on running between the wickets now they have the slip for the right hand as well which i think is a very good idea Nepal looking to impose themselves the slight change in the field it's a backward point point Cour extra cover and along off and on the leg side does a deep backward shkreli midwicket and a long on HP continues it's an excellent delivery the ball ending exactly where the field is set those are signs of a classy bowler the segment behind Point has been reinforced as we speak another change in the field the backwards Kralik coming in and a cow corner going back Nepal seemed to have spend a lot of time with the analyst this feel that that's the strap to set fort Nani trees rich my pitches it up but not a tree says thank you very much I'll take you over the offside for Lance he's alive watching this batsmen play absolute entertainment front foot out of the way made it look easy punch the ball over the Cour ring the lightning-quick outfield is the rest this is very good batting now increase counter-attacking despite the loss of that wicket this excellent t20 cricket Besant Rashmi drops it slightly short hammered away past me down for another four at ninety degrees taking the attack to reach me here rich we trying too many things I feel now spoiling a very consistent line in length before and on this occasion hits it up in the air this could be out and hangs out wonderful catch rich me strikes back and I must say this is not very intelligent cricket Nani trees already having collected two boundaries in the over going for the Lofton off drive and that looked like Sharad Visakha patrolling the long off boundary coming around ran at least 20 meters made it look extremely easy beautiful catch reggie strikes again this is absolutely interesting and entertaining t20 cricket both teams exchanging blows one for one nobody willing to take a step back Nepal will be very pleased with the proceedings son diploma Shani not yet even into the attack the Nepal bowl is thus far managed to pick three wickets and as we speak Tandy blemish on it comes on at the velocity road end Nepal star spinner mama – l'm walks in to join Vallarta here at the middle for kuwait quit would be looking for a partnership and at the very least some sensible batting nepal on the other hand they'll be delighted with proceedings been very impressed this young man Sandeep Lama Shani Moses his excellent control variations and he bowls a rapid leg break straightaway finds his mark mobile haslam safely behind that presenting the full face of the bat on this occasion guides it to the backward square leg this time Nepal has a slip straight away for long journey that's the trick they missed against Qatar Paris Kotka Bilal tire the left hand on strike there's a long leg shot midwicket deep it wicket and along on law of extra cover backward point we love the hair place it away too deep backward square leg for a single few changes for the right hander it's a long deep backward square leg deep midwicket and a short fine leg on the off side there's the slip backward point cover a sweeper cover analog query batsman running the first one had he been dosing eirick in from fine leg cuts off any possibility of a second soap alchemy patrolling the long off flow on boundary for the left hand and right hand respectively another very good fielder Nepal an excellent fielding in it I'm ishani on this occasion insisting that he has the slip which i think is a very good idea and on this occasion magnificent shot below thigh here deposits Lama Shani or the pavilion made it look absolutely effortless front foot out of the way bang six Paris kotka straightaway down to his young bowler telling him exactly what he needs him to do Nasim then what's the field you require in the process we seem to have lost yet another kookaburra there's a few of them on the trees here in Singapore even though it's not the native bird and the blemish on a see how he responds to that stroke continuing to have the slip which I must say is the right thing both an excellent derivative faster flatter into the surface it's a dot ball at the end of 7 over squid 55 for the loss of three wickets this match very evenly poised at the moment one might say in a pal with a slight advantage but the way weight plays their Cricket they'll keep hammering away lots of wickets irrelevant it's a beehive of activity here the officials box at IA international media reporters it's all happening regime' continues from the Serangoon Road end mome Raths LeMond strike this is very good batting looking for the single kind in Ramallah unable to pick up cleanly witty batsman cross over safely would have been interesting had he picked it up cleaned he's a brilliant field again in Ramallah Nepal brilliant fielding unit as a team pride themselves on excellent standards of fielding Bilal Tahir he's got his front foot right out of the way could be the fielding of his own bowling there is me tumbling to his right stockily built character on the full chap of the park the opportunity to speak to him at the hotel enjoys his cricket and has been enjoying his stay here in Singapore all teams have been Singapore wonderful host city for international events on this occasion the ICC World t20 qualifiers Asia final slightly wide once again magnificent bit of fielding a direct hit deep interesting are a real live wire Kumar Powell was the field on that occasion the direct hit magnificent fielding kind Ramallah flings himself to the right I tell you what I enjoy watching Nepal field as much as I enjoy watching any other team batter bold they are brilliant and this is the way you should field in a t20 international this is the way you should feel period excellent young side reach me now and on this occasion it's a direct hit once wore query batsman living dangerously mama – l'm would fancy buying the lottery this afternoon it's managed to survive the pain dressing Irie once again they die from colors warm welcome to all our winners tuning in from Singapore and around the world this broadcast is coming live to you courtesy of the Singapore Cricket Association the ICC World t20 qualifiers Asia finals happening at the IAA oval on Bannister Road Singapore a wonderful tournament this has been excellent triggering offer rich me continues asslam punches it to deep midwicket looking for two wonderful bit of fielding once again kumar power del steaming in from the mid wicked boundary keeping it 2-1 at the end of eight overs great 58 for the loss of three wickets it's been a very pleasant morning cotton-wool skies the Sun absolutely shining through yeah you will bathed in sunshine wonderful for cricket fans coming in umbrellas ice creams it's all happening Sunday plumb Shani continued proceedings from the ballast air road end still got that slip which is great to see had a chat to him and asked him why he shouldn't have a slip every time he's bawling that's a very good shot Aslam waiting placing it expertly to sweep up or anything the strike this is good batting by Kuwait here ensuring there's minimum dog balls and the slip seemed to have disappeared – the left-hander bill outta here splashes it – dbid wicket by Khalid Oz asking the fielder and it signaled for hands well we're still waiting for a decision and it is finally signaled for runs well bill outta here seemed to have taken a liking to Sundy plum ishani his last two balls have conceded ten runs might even last three and on this location skies one and that's the end of Malaga here sandy blonde Shani showing his class bill outta here showing his lack of application once again quit not assessing the situation having taken a boundary and a single off this over already shouldn't have gone for yet another Hashanah with his expert variations bold it's slightly flatter and into the surface without I ended up you in the simplest of catches to Paris Kaka makes no mistake whoosh man wahid the way you keep up walks in to join Muhammad Aslam at the center it seemed to have rushed over while the ball was in the air so woman ask them will be facing Sunday blemish on e just got amongst the wickets now and straightaway pins pins are slim back with the googly he seemed very convinced soap alchemy still seems convinced but the man that matters umpire paradise remains unmoved I must say that looked very close but what matters is what the umpire thinks he thought it was slightly high the umpiring standards have been excellent and consistent right throughout this tournament and on this occasion Haslem backs away and cuts it to the point for a single but what a wonderful first delivery Pindar slum there on the back foot with a faster googly and for the new man just mine Wahid the slip comes in some Park amy has been invited in from the long off boundary he's given him struck straight away son de Blasio name umpire Kalidas judging smart why he'd LPW Guzman why he'd certainly taking the slow stroller back to the pavilion seemed to think otherwise that brings out the query skipper Mahmud Kashif to the center I think he's the ideal man for Quay to have at this moment I think they would have sent the left hand ahead of Kashif to negate the threat of Sandeep Lelouch on a the leg spinner some deep blemish on a going the other way with most of them and on this occasion the strategy paying rich dividends weight 64 for the loss of 5 wickets the end of 9 hours they would do well not to lose any further and take this innings deep into the 17th looks like pace once more from the Serangoon Road end Abby Nash bahara it's the change of the bowling moment asslam taxi the way to backwards Kralik for a single moment Kashif has been in very good form for q8 throughout this tournament very intelligent cricketer excellent batsman it's a good application good cricket sense he'll be facing bahara cannon Ramallah sweeping in from backward point run in Ramallah the day getting a fabulous half-century 51 or 21 turn becoming the fastest half-century maker for Nepal in t20 internationals fifth overall to do so well our up edges it up gosh chief rules it to deepen the Singh IRA patrolling the cover ring there an extra cover there's a third man sweeper cover backward point extra cover and along off on the off side short fine leg deep backward square leg midwicket and along on completes the field on the on side that's an excellent akka rush if digs it out and punts it too long on for a single that's a wonderful shot ohhara drifting on the pads mama – l'm expertly finds the gap between short fine leg and the backward square leg puts it away for four that's asking for trouble and one thing that I see all teams doing is having their helmet behind the wicketkeeper now for the life in me cannot understand that when you have substitute players who can easily take that off every time one needs to understand that if the ball it's that that's five runs gifted away who are up another yoga punch down the round too long on for a single that's the end of a good over weight 71 for the loss of five wickets the end of the halfway mark of the innings let me shine a to continue from the ballast erode and be bowling excellently thus far the star leg spinner from Nepal mobile Aslam batting very intelligently here rotating a single Kashif elegantly drives it too long off for it another single the five wickets to fall for quit our Sondra one for 15 meat buffs r45 at 90 degrees for 25 be louder here for 13 and Osbourne wahid for a golden duck quack quack quit continuing the run rate of slightly above seven runs and over you would be looking to get at least 170 on this track looks a very good surface for batting Nepal would ideally like to keep them below 140 and chase it down quickly to impact their run rate as well she works it off his pads deep midwicket and in ramallah doing the patrolling of the deep midwicket boundary that beats everyone by signaled shot that man backward point cowards reaper cover and along off the offside long on deep it wicked deep backward sky leg and a short fine leg on the leg side Sunday blemish our name bowling to kashif place it safely behind that's the end of the 11th over weight 76 for the loss of five Achatz [Applause] Vasanth Rashmi replacing bahara from the Serangoon Road end bowling to normal Aslam punch it away to deep midwicket for a single gosh if it's the marker rattling off keeps rotating the strike collecting a single if Paul wouldn't mind the singles at this moment that's a very close delivery boom blast I'm trying to add lead down to the vacant long leg region was enriched wheat crop seed chopped have a way to sleep recover for a single you you it's another good delivery byron scott cup marshaling his troops well looking like he's going back to pace I think he's looking to pick but we get here this is very good captain see it's gone back to his quick man so empower kami from the ballast erode end this will be the final over of his spell which means got one remaining current Casey with to the misciagna with one and bahara with three that's a magnificent shave and drills the ball past the watching this young man all around the good diving attempt there by this Nepali skipper Paris cat Cup at long off couldn't prevent the boundary from going over he's dropped it looking for oh the way you keeper we know Bhandari attempting to throw the stumps down at the bowlers end what Kashif makes it very good slow bouncer there by its own power Cammy how she looking to tuck away and at the last moment ramping it when targeting a glove to it this is excellent cricket high-octane cricket here today at the IAO Ville ICC World t20 qualifiers Asia final producing some marvelous cricket so Impala kami to mobile a Salaam o Muslim batting very intelligently looking for the single once again punching it on the offside running through for a quick single you've been to sing I really shooting in on that unable to prevent the one computer backing up their Bilaam ishani prevents a no throw this is excellent cricket here and on this occasion homeless slum place it too long on and that's the end of the over by zone park a me a good spell quit 88 for the loss of five wickets at the end of 13 so impala kami sending down his for overs for 24 runs bowling xi dot balls and conceding free boundaries in the spell on this lightning-quick outfield straight short boundaries if you can ball at six runs and over think you've done a good job for your skipper especially bowling inside the power plays as well happiness bahara comes back into the attack from the Serangoon Road end Baris that rotating his bowlers around marshalling his troops been doing a wonderful job we know Bhandari the way keeper helping the skipper out justing the angles and on this occasion magnificently played mobile asslam waiting for that ball placing it behind backward point beats that man on the boundary four hands Jesus outfield is lightning quick there was nothing more than a gentle guide we should now ensure that that start does not go waste should build up the momentum now scampering through for a quick single good running between the wickets mommy'll Aslam has been a good hand for kuwait here coming in when wickets were falling around in heaps all around him scoring around a ball 23 thus far skipper Kashif on strike elegantly played too long on Chrystie player that shot reminded me of the late great Mohammed Azharuddin skipper of India wonderful risky player himself played that ball from outside of stamp made it look easy gosh if quality player who are reading the outside edge and on this occasion excellent catch my bus enriched me diving full stretch from third man running in he's a roly-poly unit but he does look like he's lightning on the ground brilliant fielding all around by Nepal ball outside off stump mama asked him after playing a wonderful hand parish's with a loose shot chasing one way outside off stump managing only at top edge a wonderful catch by a bus and fresh me diving through stretch forward they're never easy when you're driving forward he made it look easy in a pal fielding an entertainment package by itself this is wonderful cricket ladies and gentlemen if you're anywhere nearby do you come down to the ia oval in Bannister Road the ICC World t20 qualifiers Asia finals kicking up some wonderful t20 live action great 94 for the loss of six wickets we are in the 14th over abhinash bahara looks like Shiraz Khan just made it out to the middle greeted by a wonderful Yorker the nepali contingent supporting their team here believes there was a catch a crowd catch as they say at the end of 14 overs wait 94 for the loss of 6 wickets another change in the bowling sundeep kishan he comes on from the ballast erode end Baris got cut doing a wonderful job regularly rotating his bowlers not allowing quoits to settle into any sort of rhythm it's an extremely important facet of captaincy especially in the shorter format of t20 cricket starts off with a wonderful delivery Shiraz Khan big unit then Kashif glides it too short that man I'm surely not happy about the single being conceded looks like current KC their short third man straight away having a slip for the new batsman this is wonderful to see this is excellent bowling by sandy blonde shiny giving nothing away bowling at a good pace here bowling it into the deck keeping it wide outside off stump not allowing the batsman to get underneath it gosh if let's that one go like you read the googly his bow name son diploma Shanna strikes that's the end of Shiraz excellent delivery set him up with two leg breaks and a googly this time looked like the flipper stunning for pace off the track Shiraz Khan did not demonstrate any great footwork just stood then the crease and had a tentative product it pace with his wicket that's the 7/3 get down for Kuwait in the 15th over 95 runs on the board moment asanas here the big opening bowler for Kuwait strolled out in his cap so very bubbly character enjoys his cricket it's been around a long time he's facing the challenge of Sandy plum Shani lamb Hashanah might be looking to pin him LBW straight away pulls wide outside the leg stump that's a white delivery I get the feeling the setup is coming giving not seal the feeling it's the ball going wide outside of stamp look to pin him with the one that's coming back straight as you're up to the challenge gets behind it safely and then he practices the golf swing after that might employ it further down wait 96 for the loss of 7 wickets at the end of 15 overs brilliant KC current comes into the attack from the Serangoon Road end bold to OS 421 before this in the powerplay was slightly expensive like to make amends Baris gutka employing spin and pace at either end moment cash if playing a lonely hand once again his batting partners seemed to be deserting him but the man from the deserts of great he should be used to this one is taking the challenge on himself it's been a wonderful player for quit right throughout this tournament consistent performer can he finish it off strongly current kc puts down the big number for teens on the wall prevents the ball going through for a single quit look losing because at regular intervals ensuring than any sort of momentum they build keeps getting stifled that might even be close to a wide indeed signal divide current kc testing the bounds of the ia pitch gets the feedback it bounces about the shoulder this time above the head the Baraka week a lead us to gentlemen empowering this game standard of umpiring been very consistent throughout gosh if punch it down in front of cover for a single Besant ridge we fires that throw in nearly mailing us on Nasir who was innocently looking to grab a helmet good thing he had the helmet on otherwise we would have had an international incident deep third man backward points we pack our extra comma enemy Dorf and on the leg side deep fine leg deep backward square midwicket and a long on current casey ball into a sunless year short guided away expertly to third man asanas he using his experience this is exactly what is required all he needs to do is get a skipper on strike and enjoy proceedings from the non-striker's end current kc I think that might even be called a no-ball this is quite silly actually conceding a free hip quite unnecessary banging it in short especially when both your fine leg and square leg are up in the circle and on this occasion a chief comes down on one knee for a Scott Card extra cover making sure it's kept to a single quit goes past 100 we having four overs after this the only concern being there are seven wickets down the skipper cash if not really able to take any undue risk and afford I mean NASA looking for another single turned down by a ship and on this occasion steals a single two back good point no sanas here responds I'm a bit confused here myself Kashia turned down the previous single but on this occasion off the last ball of the over decided to take the single should have been ideal had he maintained the strike but now asanas here we faced the threat of passin threads me but really impressed with the way orig me has ruled throughout this tournament it's been penetrative and controlling at the same time and add to that very entertaining fielding the short dead man backward point coward sweeper cover long lon deep intricate deep backward square and a short fine leg was enraged me he's bawling to us on us here son as here tapping away does exactly what he is supposed to gets a single gosh if drills it down to long off yes another single Nepal wouldn't be minding the singles at this juncture we are into the 17th over weight ideally be looking for a few lusty hits sarna's here once you sit down too long on Sampaio can be charging in threatening to throw down the stumps at the bowlers end makes us honest here speed up and on this occasion Vasanth rich meat keeps it wide outside off stump gosh if plays it too wide long on and I said NASA dances down the track and I don't know for the life in me what he was trying to do there gosh if the quid captain absolutely distraught results in conceding the easiest of catches to cover Paris Kafka makes no mistake 8th grade a wicked perish with this total reading 106 in 16 hours could only have themselves to blame this has not been the most intelligent batting display Camus Domino the man with the most interesting number on the jersey zero walks out to the middle joins his captain I'm sure the instructions are just stick around hamid Kashif hasn't been having the ideal support from the rest of his batsmen on most occasions then naught is found playing a lonely hand current Casey back on from the Serangoon Road end gosh if punch it down too long off for a single seems to have good trusty nominal up batting abilities this is the last order of current Casey I beg your pardon spin happiness GU Hara drifting on the legs this time flicked away too deep backward square leg for a single Kashif turns down the two I'd like to retain strike and face as many deliveries as possible the remaining overs of the Kuwait earrings Mahara giving nothing away concealing just another single Paris gutka completes the fielding at cover Nepal wouldn't mind these singles at all who are looking for that in swinging Yorker on this occasion wide place the way to cheaper cover it hasn't been many boundaries the last few hours quit having a bit of a drought when it comes to boundaries the nepali bowlers bowling excellent lines and areas not conceding and on this occasion Passons raged me tries to throw down the stumps of the bowlers in captain Kashif tells his partner you should have told me it's coming to my end this is excellent fielding for any youngster watching this is the way to field he's well aware of the situation and the important of cos chips wicket even though he could have gone to a module aside he went gosh if side instead at the end of eight he knows great one one one for the loss of eight wickets current case he comes back on from the Malastare road end be bowling the penultimate over in these Kuwait innings importantly for quiet moment cash if the captain's on strike can he do something special can Kuwait look to take 30 runs off these two overs it's not gonna be easy the first ball full toss right outside of stamp really should have been placed for the boundaries only manages a single to sweep a cover this is dead man backward point sweeper cover extra Hawaiian along off we don't midwicket deep backward square leg and a short fine leg completes the on side fielding current KC pulls away from the Malastare road end bullying Tom new light sky so Paul kami comes around makes it look easy and another wicket perishes this really is not very intelligent cricket by Kuwait gosh chief checking whether there was a no ball the umpires confirming that it wasn't the good thing is that he's crossed over to retain strike are in Casey striking straight away we really only have themselves to blame current KC banging it in short by calls one for the over seems to love the bouncer it's a very good dot ball option during this stage t20 innings bowlers use it both as a defensive mechanism and an attacking option they power will be very happy with the execution this morning they look clinical I shift down on one knee cannot pierce the inner ring depending I read there an extra cover keeps the total down this time Kashif goes area magnificent shot stands and delivers over right long offer six amazing hands it's through the line of the ball on the up six runs beautiful shot and once again what a shot bang gun barrel straight six over long off oh my gosh chief turning it on current Casey spoiling what was turning out to be a good over conceding 12 of the last two deliveries this is excellent batting by Muhammad Kashif it's taking the game deep looks like he will plan to take 30 off the last two overs if they can manage to take the score 2-1 40 weight would have a fighting chance against the batting juggernaut of Nepal the fans supporting Nepal getting loud and vociferous there's Nepali flags all around the park wonderful support for this team boo Hara moving the last over it's very intelligent batting they're getting cash shift back on strike it's important that he faces as many the remaining deliveries as possible might even turn down singles at this moment what a magnificent shot that is gone straight up though out of the park bahaha looking for the orca earring on length gosh if dispatches that full toss that's gone miles there is a monster hit six runs so Paul kami it's gone from third man to back that one up it's either that or to him a word of advice that might be signal to bite it's not the man that matters third our teams otherwise what a hand Kashif has played is is really showed the rest of the query unit how to bat invested with patients been consistent play the captain's innings once again short wide turns down the single wanted way to extra cover two balls remaining this is a magnificent shot Mohammed Kashif going down on one knee carving that ball or backward point four runs it's really turning it on here at ia this is a beautiful batting performance the query captain he's playing an absolute cameo 43 again certainly been the most consistent batsman in this tournament together with surrender Chandramohan of Singapore this is a wonderful performance you know this occasion goes high and it's gone all the way what a finish what a shot what a player moment gosh if the query skipper bang-bang-bang 666 certainly given create a fighting chance as they go over 140 Nepal when they come out will require 142 to victory what a batsman display is very unfortunate not to get a 50 49 or 36 fantastic batting Avinash Guevara absolutely taken to the cleaners in that last over we will join you back with live commentary the commencement of the Nepali innings you you you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you you short wide powers got leans into it slashes it for for backward a point magnificent shot yes hundred percent Lia's once again it's the deck card farmers got cup safely in behind that wonderful shot slightly wide Paris got Colleen's into that dispatches it pass white middle on for four is turning out to be a very expensive over for Kuwait Nepal off to a blinder that looked pretty close by Kalidas turning it down I tell you what if I was Ilya Hamid I'll be disappointed too it's worth having a replay of that it's asanas here from the Serangoon Road end heavily fortified offside field shorted man back good point point cover extra color and along off submit wicket turn along on the deep fine leg guy in ramallah rotates a single straightaway drifting on the paths products himself to another boundary this is poor bowling you're packed offside field asanas here not having the discipline to hit the right areas hamid Kashif straightaway makes the adjustment we'd seem to be having a plan but the ball is unable to execute they fall off to a flyer leaking runs the Quaid opening bowlers the extreme fire with the Pradhan seem to be coming in with box of extra kookaburras all seem to be well there's a short fine leg in place now straight away I think this is a better field allows asana Nasir bit more room to come and attack the stumps otherwise it would be very predictable in this occasion once again drifting on the pads powers got gap effortlessly works it too short fine leg for a single it was a friendly full Toscana in Ramallah unable to penetrate the offside field well fortified short that man backward point kaua extra cover and amid off punch straight back the ground running them all up taking a little bit of time to get his eye in Nepal can afford that luxury they have gotten off to a terrific start here Ramanna pushing it to me door for an easy single that's the end of the second over Nepal 18 for the loss of no wicked cantering along Ilya Hamid continues it's a good bit of feeling moment Kashif the skipper I beg your pardon that Shiraz Khan big number 12 uh Kuwait and in Ramallah walks across his stumps flicks that away long leg banks another single the ball smoothly progressing to 20 in the third row of the Nepal chase requiring 142 for victory will be very happy with this start yes ahmud be looking to make some inroads into the Nepali batting short unto the way too long on could be a fielding there keeps runs just down to a single Adnani Driss patrolling the long-on boundary this is very good running between the wickets Nepal really showing how it's done both batsmen quick between the wickets nice early calling safely gets through long strides of Paris gutka ensures that the single is completed without incident in the Assam it has a third man in the ring back could point point Cour extra cover mid off looks like he's gonna be going across the body beautiful shot there Paris cut playing it off the stumps a risky flick for for classy shot using his height to good advantage plants the front foot down taking maximum use of the first power play overs great only allowed two men outside I really wonder whether this is the ideal field to have if you are planning to attack on the stumps Perez got comics room for himself smashes it through the offside ring for ins Nepal putting on a display here power pack batting I wouldn't be surprised if Kuwait would go to spin as the medium paces on this lightning-quick outfield and this excellent batting wicket being taken to the cleaners by the Nepali openers bars got car speeding away to 23 and in ramallah ideal support or out on five looks like the query skipper brings himself on spinet ease which would ideally like to pick up a wicket here perhaps even to good start here gosh if he balls a mixed bag of all fees leggies go please and whatever goes on the market that day I need Ramallah he's not raced at any time gets down on one knee dispatches that delivery over the backward square lake for a towering six yep all mean business they've got on the pot great aggressive intent today they want to book a place in tomorrow's what would be a final once again on this occasion Pierce's the offside ring for a for heat up ecially but into the gap in power races on to 40 the fourth over it's building up to be a wonderful batting performance here and on this occasion punches it down to long-on that's a poor bit of fielding conceding another boundary mom and Haslam on this occasion fielding it low on can't say fielding is quite great strength in the malla we can quit pay the vociferous fans sending to a frenzy Naples got great support here at the park and on this occasion once again this could be out gone up in the air he's taking it and he's gone Mangla parish is going for yet another big hit already collected 15 runs in that hour looking for yet another six he might have been a bit greedy moment Kashif gets that all-important breakthrough for who eight looks like the experienced Sharad vasilica coming in at number three another very aggressive batsman for Nepal joins the skipper Paras Kotka that's an excellent delivery Matt's been having crossed over Paula's got a facing that gosh if creating the breakthrough for Kuwait they really do depend a lot on their skipper and both batting bowling and to marshal the troops around well it's about time somebody else put the hand up for Kuwait they are to make a match of this you kudamon Ola continues shrubberies of castrated off the mark punching it down too long on for a single baris got Gowans again drilling it down to long Loredana grease doing the fielding there mama da Manila having slight Footwear issue all seems to be okay and we are going to be proceeding both very animated form of left-arm Orthodox that's a magnificent shot Sharad Osaka finding the gap elegantly driving the ball pass middle for magnificent shot me Paulo off to a canter scoring these runs at more than 10 runs per hour quit looks like they really got no answer at this moment to this onslaught from Nepal at the end of five overs Nepal 54 for the loss of one wicket I've been handed a very lovely blue berry bun by my colleague fat Masood thank you very much it's a beautiful day here at the ILO world in Singapore ICC World t20 qualifiers Asia final taking place cotton-wool skies ice cream was he first Nepali fans were magnificent atmosphere Nepal putting on a show they want to book their place in what would be a grand finale tomorrow against host Singapore what a cracking match that would be still quite a bit of time left in this game crickets a funny game great need nine more wickets they are to create an upset paris kotka facing Shira asked on shortwide punted away feel the backward point there why the very colorful Ravi JD silver sporting his luminous green sunscreen down the track bars got Kirill's it too long on Singapore contingent down here watching this game that's a very good delivery Shiraz Khan extracting bounds and purchase from this ayah track tall leg spinner sure obvious akka immediately going down doing some gardening cleans the surface area gosh if the quake captain's got a slip in place good to see and he's put down straightaway a sharp chance rowdy the silver puts it down not the easiest of catches kept low down to his left slightly uncited by the wicketkeeper but I tell you what you need to take those it's a wonderful lower thus far Shiraz Khan regularly beating the outside edge of Sherrod Misaka Nepal need to understand they don't need to do anything silly here they're well ahead of the required run rate at the end of the 600 power plays Nepal 55 for the loss of one wicket hammoudi manila continues from the ballast erode end Baris got go on strike elegantly drives it to sweep a tower for a single moves on to 26 with minimum fuss such an important player for Nepal the captain Paris cADCA leading from the front here controlling the innings it's a very good shot by ways of car positioning the ball the deep fine leg the wicked region and banking two runs in the process so very good delivery beats everyone Giraud ways of God looking for an ambitious reverse sweep beats the bad beats the keeper for buy is the result for runs to the total of Nepal they wouldn't mind that this is very intelligent batting by Nepal in particular or it's got calling his partner true good running between the wickets and they fall a very fit side easily completing that single so we speak the malaysia malaysian contingent does landed down the wicket last it's long on at down agrees collects the ball nepal really putting on a show here aggressive bowling electric feeling and now the batsmen and on this occasion myself command ages to execute four runs expertly implements the reverse sweep they are really putting on a show here buoyed by their fans great support for Nepal all around the park on a beautiful Saturday morning Nepal are taking control of this game at the end of seven hours 68 for the loss of one wicket weight on the other hand they'll be looking to strike a few quick blows barring which Nepal are canta it's Natisha Keturah looking at proceedings from a point of advantage tournament directors you'll be very proud ICC putting on a wonderful show here this world t20 qualifiers they share finals in Singapore the lady behind the gentlemen's game Shiraz Khan continues from the Serangoon Road and short wide cut away to deep sleeper karma it's a clumsy bit of fielding Nepal where to the situation capitalise quickly grabs two on it there's one area of quit needs to focus on it is their fielding that's a magnificent shot Paris gutka using the long leavers to good effect dispatches that ball back past the bowler for four runs neither long off no long on could do anything about that one they were mere spectators Shiraz can't continues the slip has disappeared and this occasion guides it to long leg for four this is excellent batting unfortunately I can't say the same about the bowling kiosk on going for boundaries and runs on both sides of the wicket it's very difficult for the captain to set a field that's we speak the short third man moves to short fine leg backward point captain himself moves to a short third man position waves his arms around Kashif in an animated fashion Shiraz Khan beats the bat whereas kotka be disappointed unable to put that delivery away but they've already collected around 12 runs from this over well on their way once again quick running between the wickets sure obvious of a calf calling his captain through Singapore's neighbors Malaysia they'll be taking on Qatar the game that starts at 2 p.m. this is excellent betting good bit of fielding there once again the skipper Norma – if putting in the dive saving three runs for his side at the end of eight tours Nepal 84 the loss of one wicket skipper Farris kotka having a well-deserved drink it's starting to get hot out there it's going at ten runs and over Nepal having the run rate well under control they don't want to take any chances they'll be looking to dust Kuwait off as early as possible wait on the other hand you've gone to their spinners looks like mama – l'm been bought in from the ballast erode end there's a short third man backward point cover deep extra color and a long off long on deep midwicket deep backward square and a short fine leg completes the fielding moment asslam picks up the bowling marker I'm PI Callie tells him to get a move on not before few trial deliveries always a good idea we bowling left arm around coming through straight away drill down too long off which are up this our car bring the smart thing here getting for us got Quebec on strike both these batsmen seem to be no trouble at all negotiating the Kuwaiti bowling with Grady's Paris Kotka gets down on one knee it's it in the air and once again Roger silver came charging in from the cow corner boundary unable to get to it concedes four runs in the process as well foreigner Scott Kelly leaving a bit dangerously very entertaining batting dog he's in an aggressive mood of mind this occasion turns down the single it's fun mate tell them to keep a bit quiet a lot punch the way down too long off buzz gotta move Zahn 241 reading with excellent control here throughout the south coupling ideal foil to his skipper both Nepali batsmen but extremely intelligently at the end of 9 overs Nepal proceeded to 86 for the loss of one wicket Nepal fans cheering their heroes on it's a wonderful support here for Nepal flags cheering fans and ice creams it's a great Saturday morning and sunny Singapore here we have cotton wool skies and the eye a ground looking a sight wait they've created the opportunities the fielders haven't quite been able to convert them Nepal on the other hand continuing a very dominant performance here Paris got kites it up in the air ball falling shot of the deep extra cover fielder one run to the total Firoz Khan employing the slip straightaway I think that's a good play the Queen needs wickets they are to make any impression on this game slowly but surely drifting in Nepal's favor but crickets a funny game it's very intelligent betting by the Nepali pair well aware of the situation and the importance and the significance of the occasion they will not allow Kuwait look in both these two batsmen mixing aggression with caution and on this occasion a beautiful shot river sweep periscope Kaanapali skipper sends the supporters into a frenzy four runs only if they should even continue to have a slip fielder for Paris if you are looking to pick up wickets need to attack well Baldev kiosk on manages to find a rare dot full swung away the deep midwicket paris be disappointed with that total moves on 293 sherrod they saw a car back on strike looking for a quick single prevented by Oh spawn wahid the dextrous wicket keeper of Kuwait that's the end of the 10th over Nepal countering along 293 for the loss of one wicket 49 runs away from booking their self in what would be a final tomorrow against the hosts Singapore who are leading the table at the moment and awaiting the arrival of the amount Everest of a challenge moment aslam to continue from the ballast air road end quit ideally would need a wicket or two quick ones they are to restrict this Nepal onslaught this is extremely intelligent batting palace kotka hitting the boundary markers collecting the occasional boundary right from the onset having won the toss and electing to field Nepal have looked solid it's a good delivery omen Aslam bowling into the pads the wicked looks lovely for batting yesterday in the game between Kuwait and Qatar nearly 400 runs being scored mizuka punches it down too long on and that's the half century to the Nepal captain acknowledges the crowd and his dugout wonderful innings well-deserved 50 runs Paris got guiding his team in this chase standing tall like the Mount Everest himself Nepal would ideally like for him to bat through quit would love to see the back of him I said okay once again punching the ball down too long off momen Aslam diving to the left cannot prevent the single certainly hit the ground hard seem to have knocked the wind out of him Pyrus got couple launches that one that's gone miles it's a huge six that one has frequent flyer miles on it that one almost went back to Kathmandu great work there by the facility staff senior curator mr. Kareem my Kumar the head of facilities they produced a wonderful surface and an excellent outfield for cricket to take on here in Singapore the live broadcast coming to you courtesy of the Singapore Cricket Association the ICC World t20 qualifiers Asia finals what a spectacle of attacking t20 cricket this has been thus far runs wickets brilliant catches it's all happening all the teams having a wonderful time here in Singapore one of the best destinations in the world for events assan NASA we brought back into the attack doesn't do the captain's confidence any justice sambal Zin and bulls one down the leg side a real help yourself delivery Sherrod where's our car takes food all of it four runs down to find leg and on this occasion guides it too short third man for a single Paris got cup quick on his feet crossing through for a single moves on to 56 with avocado 26 Assad Nasir bending his back trying to extract some assistance from this I ever get or as got beautifully placed that too deep backward square leg of his pads for for for a single app with your pardon aníbal go past the hundred they had 109 now once again the query fielder's despite valiant effort conceding a single Shiraz Khan they're a big unit putting in the dive the ball ricochets off his right hand nopal banks a single Cara's gotta punch it down too long on for another single it's been an excellent display of t20 cricket by Nepal hot favorites here in this ICC World t20 qualifiers Asia final clean this game they've lived up to the billing they will face their challenge tomorrow whose Singapore undefeated in this tournament playing some magnificent cricket themselves they'll be awaiting Nepal Sunday morning here 9:30 game big crowd expected at the ia looks like meatballs aha with some left-arm Orthodox from the ballast erode end it's got a long deep midwicket deep backward square and a fine leg straightaway balls into the pads threatens to throw it back it's all in good spirits it's been a wonderful tournament played in the best of spirits sharra they saw a cop he's got his gloves off looks a bit relaxed at the non-striker's end baris got takes a few steps down the track eases that ball for four hands or the backward square leg the nepali batsman grabbing a quick drink while the skipper has a change of pacts tell you what that bet has been doing him well scored 62 runs with it it's the highest individual score by a batsman in this tournament nepali skipper para scott-carr has been very impressive this morning punt it down to long-on for another single weed buffs are looking desperately to get a breakthrough for his skipper and quite the short third man back with point cover sweeping along off from the offside race of God drills it so long off and collects another single it's been betting extremely intelligently been a wonderful partner for his captain hey Paul effortlessly moving on here short wide dispatched back pair of 0.44 magnificent batting here by Paris Kotka is really setting the eyee all on fire no fuss quality batting Nepal really putting on a strong display outdoing create in all three departments bowling fielding and batting once again punch it down to long-on and at the end of 13 hours they pol 122 for the loss of one week at cruising along quit captain brings himself or from the Serangoon Road end the change of gloves nepal batsmen ready for action straight away just 20 runs required nepal should manage this chase barring a historical collapse all my god palace got Cabrera's to the softest of dismissals Mohammed Kashif lobbing the ball wide outside off stump he certainly looks like the man with the Golden Arm virus got come bearing so beautifully managed to give the easiest of catches to backward point however not before ensuring Nepal has got to safety and to a very dominant position in this chase certainly play the captain's innings looks like Singh I read walking out to the middle so very busy cricketer he's got his little bandanna under the helmet he's a player that reminds me of the young Tillakaratne Dilshan from Sri Lanka always very busy with ease on the field over these batting the absolute livewire I think Nepal would now look to these two to complete the chase not the loss of any further wickets quit wouldn't mind picking up a few just to make things interesting kashif's got the slip in to the new batsman the pain inducing Irie and he lobs up another lollipop the painting I rape wants no part of that cuts it to the sweep offense for a single she fires one into the pads face of God glances hit neatly to the deep backward square like fielder collects another single and he's got him depending on parishes format Kashif buys another wicket he's been bowling right on or the wicked popsicles and the Nepali batsmen have been just throwing their wickets away that is very unfortunate the pain dressing I we are able to resist that invitation Adnani greece taking the easiest of catches this is really unnecessary from Nepal Sharad way Sava curve reduced to a spectator at the non-striker's end I'm sure he'll have a word to the incoming batsman looks like rohit kumar powder it is rohit kumar paru if I really don't need to take any unnecessary risk they can win it with singles from here there's no point in donating wickets cash if on the other hand will be delighted picked up all three Nepali wickets to fall and to have been absolute gifts good bit of bowling tell you what very impressed by the equator captain carries such a huge workload bowling batting fielding captaining the side and on this occasion he tries the lollipop one too often deposited to the deep midwicket boundary for fool kumar powders having none of that smashed it away that ball got the treatment he deserved Nepal moves on to 128 for the loss of three wickets at the end of 14 overs requiring another 14 runs to complete what's been a dominant performance this morning since winning the toss and electing to field the ball brilliantly and filled it brilliantly to restrict Kuwait's to 141 runs the quit batsmen they only have themselves to blame Shiraz Khan from the ballast erode end ways of calm calmly punches it into the colors for a single ring through it come on strike this is all really what Nepal needs in the partnership between Charlotte way Sokka and the skipper Paris gutka ensuring Nepal's in absolutely no danger so very good delivery Shiraz can cleaning out a valuable dot ball hasn't been many in these Nepali innings drifting down the lake side swept away the balls raising to the deep fine leg boundary for leg buys it's a valiant effort by the fielder there can't prevent from four runs being added to the Napali total weight would reflect on the experience of this tournament and I'm sure they think tanks will be looking at the fielding and injecting a bit more youth into this t20 side they have been wonderful fighters and very gracious participants that's a wonderful delivery beaten for turn but as this game draws to an end so will quits hope of qualifying at this tournament that looks pretty straight for the man that matter is umpire Kaali besides not out the impairing has been extremely consistent kind of a high standard throughout this tournament by Cali from Malaysia by tabarak da from Hong Kong and mentos umpire Buddha Pradhan Nepal mr. Manu nyah match referee been the officials irrigating this tournament at the end of 15 hours hey pal 133 for the loss of three wickets two leads away from booking themselves in Sunday's would be final think of already there gosh if town lobs it up again it's straight back to him could not hang on to it that was hit like a rocket racer calm nearly taking the bowlers head off would have been a fantastic return catch had he held on to it I can't really put it down as a chance those either they stick or they don't stripped away Rohit Kumar too deep midwicket for another single this might be the data it is the data share evasive gob experience player manages it effortlessly too long on Mohammed Kashif resorting to delivering ML flighting that ball extremely high this part of the world we call it Singapore Airlines flight and on this occasion it's a great effort there but 90 degrees in the deep but cannot manage they Paul from going past the total and securing a command victory over Kuwait here finishing off in style Sharad do is of God and Rohit Kumar staying not out it's been a wonderful performance Nepal winning this encounter by 7 wickets we will join you shortly with the awards presentation you you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you you

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