NEPAL VS SINGAPORE | ICC T20 Regional Finals Asia | Sancharkarmi Sports | Full HD

NEPAL VS SINGAPORE | ICC T20 Regional Finals Asia | Sancharkarmi Sports | Full HD

you you you you you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you [Applause] [Applause] a very good morning ladies and gentlemen from the Indian Association ground at balance tree road in Singapore it's a bright sunny morning but there are predictions of showers the weatherman says there's 60 to 70% of thunderstorms chances of a thunderstorm today for the match today it's it's been one week of intense competition and it comes down to this game between Singapore and Nepal to earn the right to play in the next round of qualifiers for the world t20 tournament it's been a very closely contested tournament all teams have had very little between them but Singapore and Nepal have been by far the top teams and rightly are in this position we're now going to take a look at the wicket it looks to have a sheen on it as we walk across the wicket you can see that there's a there's a hard sheen on the track and that promises to be a nice bouncy wicked with a lot of assistance for the batsman there's been only one game played on this wicket so far that was between Kuwait and Qatar and that was a very high-scoring affair with one team scoring 197 and the other falling only 12 runs short that's it it's a final of sorts and you win the toss you want to put the runs on the board and back yourself to defend them a very good morning to you folks which we're coming to you live from the beautiful Singapore criticized at Singapore Indian Association I should say apologies ground for the ICC t20 World Cup Asia final for the qualifiers and today we are going to see Singapore the host country taking on Nepal which is virtually a final for this tournament the team that wins today will make it through to the next stage of the qualifiers for the t20 World Cup to be held in Australia next year I'm cash Patel your commentator along with mr. Zubin Shroff who is joining me here in the commentary box former captain for Singapore from 2001 to 2005 and also an opening batsman for Singapore welcome Zubin sir thank you gosh delighted to be here and very very excited given given that you know there's a very very vested interest in Singapore doing well today the boys have done very well and very excited oh absolutely and I I would certainly add to that of was as commentators will be expected to be neutral however of course you know you and I are both gunning for Singapore what what are your thoughts on the tournament so far your personal highlights amongst all the teams the top three I think I said this at the pitch report it's been a it's been an interesting tournament there's been a lot of closely fought games and if we look at the points table it's it's interesting to see how far ahead Singapore is for example on that net run-rate and I think that was down to the one game they had against Malaysia which was you know where they sort of blew Malaysia away but it's been it's been quite close there's not much on the points between the teams either kappa all moves there but just not good enough singapore at five points at the top of the table another interesting point is if this game gets washed out then it does help singapore because if the teams split points not that anyone wants a result like that you want to win always and go to the next round it's been it's been there was a lot of things said about the size of the ground and how people were expecting this to be a very very high-scoring tournament and it's been interesting to see how many players have been caught upon the boundary so it can it can be a bit enticing when you look at those shorter boundaries but you still got to clear them oh yes absolutely you spot all about that well what about performances as we say the Singapore team on the screen Alaska bar performances shortly since we have the team on the screen why don't we go through the playing eleven today Singapore led by an JIT Babu who has been a very good servant of Singapore cricket over many years a very very wily medium fast bowler I would say very clever mixes up his pace very well also an anti Krishna leg spinner a niche perm homegrown talent very talented young cricketer leaving some of his cricket at Australia yes he has indeed in the last two three years I believe in Tasmania and done well over there to chicken surah 1 XI former captain another stall with of Singapore cricket played for Singapore for many years young fast bowler genic Prakash a very hardworking very honest cricketer ago always giving him hundred percent on the field man paid saying very good addition to the Singapore squad also going to be keeping the wickets and he bats in the top order salad or even Kumar spinner Rohan Rama Rajan another talented young opening bat yes we note Baskaran left-arm Orthodox and a left handed batsman again a very very handy bowler and and bat surrender Chandra Mohan who we saw against Malaysia scored the first 54 tetouan for Singapore in t20 international and other explosive batsmen and Timothy David who has been a recent addition to the squad first-class cricket overran in Western Australia as well as played the Big Bash League for Perth scorches last year as well your thoughts on the team Zhu Ben sir it's look it's been a journey when I when I joined the selection committee almost four five years ago we knew we're looking to build a side not just for one or two tournaments but one that grows progressively and what we found is that the boys have worked incredibly hard I also want to add here the all the support staff and the work done by Bilal the coach it's it's just you've seen the boys worked very very hard they're beginning to get some of the results that we have been anticipating and they there aren't any you could now say there's a star of sorts and Timothy David who plays for Perth's coaches and and what-have-you but it's a team there's no real individual brilliance that this side depends on and that is reflected in the performances it's it's an all-round team and they win as a unit indeed I mean sir I have I have seen that in these last couple of years in fact I was discussing that with you just before we started the the commentary the effort that has been put in by Singapore Cricket Association led led by Assad satellite the former captain of Singapore has been fantastic and and as as we are now starting to see those results along the lines of what you what you just mentioned and we hope that the boys continue to put that hard work to you know to further their progress on the world stage as any any other thoughts is open so we can then go through the Nepal lineup no good what's hard Jonjo does for Singapore cricket he's he's big he's big hearted he's big on effort his efforts are untiring and he is if you if you actually stood next to him and there was a moment of silence you'd hear his brain ticking thinking of what to do next for Singapore cricket so he's he's mean he's been quite incredible in knowledge efforts and I'm sure nobody is happier to see the team do well then yes indeed indeed as as the game is about to commence in another 11 minutes folks we will be bringing you the Nepal playing 11 very shortly those of you who are tuned in at home please like and share the link on your social media on your Facebook pages on your Instagram LinkedIn very Wales and ask your friends also to join in and watch and support these two teams Nepal of course ranked quite higher overall than Singapore in in the in the world rankings they will really have ODI status as well so it is it is a big game for Singapore all Singaporeans watching as well at home do come down to the ground to watch this match the grounds here at ia are just beautiful the atmosphere is going to be electric because we are expecting hundreds of nepali fans to come in to support their team we hope we will be matched in the crowd by just as many Singaporeans turning up to watch the game as well folks we have on the screen now the Nepal team for you will go through the playing xi Zhu Ben Sarah outside of I should say outside of a couple of familiar names for me I'm not personally very familiar with the with the Nepal team para sacar kadak if the captain was also the opening bat I saw him Pat the other day and whether it matches explosive batsmen then again in there mala sherrod rusalka doesn't correct me so mal Tommy depending on a of course the jersey number 25 is is the most famous exports and a plummet on a spinner who has played in the Big Bash League as well as in the Indian Premier League and I was told this story about Sunday plumage honey by my fellow commentator who'll be joining us later Sharon the other day that it was Michael Clark who had spotted Sundeep took him to to Sydney to train and that's what opened up opportunities for him current KC Rohit Kumar barbel Vinod pandari and rounded out by abhinash bhajana we have been getting a lot of support online with a lot of Nepali views coming in when to watch when the power plays and no doubt is going to be the same today folks we wish your team all the best in today's match as well to stay tuned then the action is about to begin in 8 minutes Zubin sir a place to watch out today look it's a big game and that's where you typically go with the big name so you expect them to step up and come to the party so guys like partes Karka Sandeep Lama Shani you expect them you expect them to bring their a-game to the match but at the same time if you are the opposition playing against these guys you're looking for the opportunity to try and make the most of it and probably put one over them so yeah everything to play for today indeed and and much more so for Singapore in today's match if they win it will be a big boost for Singapore cricket as I was mentioning earlier folks Nepal is already well on their way on the world stage Singapore making some good progress and winning today and going to the next tournament for the world t20 qualifiers which will be happening in the by which will be the world finals out of which I believe six teams go to Australia next year to play in the t20 World Cup which is happening in October 2020 the weather is lovely here this morning the Sun is out but not quite beaming down yet there are some clouds about but definitely it is unlikely to rain as I was looking up at the weather slide there's a forecast for thunderstorms and Jamal and I were talking about this yesterday about how often the weatherman gets it wrong and we hope there was a man stays true to form and gets it wrong this time as well indeed I really hope so as well Zubin because we do want to see a complete game here after Yugi it's a beautiful sight this ground here at ia the outfield is shaped shape nicely for the ball to run down along the ground if hit hard the grounds been putting a lot of effort on the pitch here as well I was mentioning the other day in the Singapore Malaysia match there are matches happening here all the time with the three wickets they do a fantastic job as you would have heard in the pitch report that's been did this morning as well looks like a cracker of a wicket there's only been one game played between Kuwait and Qatar and that was a high-scoring affair probably the highest scoring match of the tournament they've been preserving this wicket for the final and it looks nice and hard it was probably a bit just a little damp in the morning and and that should even out with the Sun baking over it for the last couple of hours this ground can be deceptive of sorts it doesn't look very big but there's a lot of perches there's a lot of return for the shots that you play good triggering shots you get boundaries over here a lot easier batsmen tend to sort of want to go for the hit and here the rope every time not realizing that there's a lot of perches if they just play good conventional cricket and you know a4 is not that bad to return oh yes and we're talking about conventional cricket there was a there's a really good mix of that displayed by Singapore in that chase of 94 against Malaysia which they chased down the 14th over very good mix of that positive intent of stroking the ball around to keep ticking the singles and the doubles and then taking in the boundaries as we see the Nepal team already on the park and the Singapore batsmen are walking in surrender Chandra Mohan and Rohan Rangarajan an exciting young talent for Singapore we do have Rowan's main a star right from the age group cricket and he has done well but he this is this is this is the game you want to really do well this is the one way you want to bring your a-game oh yeah well yes I completely agree with that Zubin and all the youngsters watching out there today I hope you guys will get to see a masterclass in in bearing in approach in intent from these two young Paris for Singapore opening their innings Surinder will be taking strike to face a Nepal's opening bowler sample kami 928 play about the comments folks as I was mentioning earlier please like and share the lead on your social the link I should say on your social media pages so that more people can watch this exciting encounter about to begin first of all about to be bald okay my apologies folks is Rowand who is on strike so in there at the non-striker's end and I figured that out because of that that I didn't see that little shimmy of the front leg just before the baller comes into the ball net surrender does rohan off the mark with that single in the covers laid that down well well judge single good understanding between the two batsmen very important especially in t20 cricket because what you don't want to do is give the opposition dot balls and even a signal as you keep taking it over makes a big big difference exactly I mean it just comes back to the basics of it to that you want to look to score of every ball what what do you think of of the stance they're from from surrender and open up easy is he just eyeing his favorite area is that is that why he's he's taken that that stance do you think he wants to hit the ball in a certain areas of it I've never I've never really been big on stance it's never made that much of a difference to me I think what I look for is the balance you know and how quickly your player is able to get into position I mean talking about stances and talking about Twitch's I mean Steven Smith is a classic example I mean you would not if you didn't know him and you saw him back in the neck you'd wonder what that man was doing with the bat but he is one of is probably the best in my opinion the best test batsman the only thing I find about surrender on is he the way he shapes up to bat he is going to be inclined to want to get onto the front foot which is again very typical of players who've grown up playing in South Asia or are of that descent they'll like to get on the front foot versus players who play in Australia or elsewhere who are probably better of the back foot because of the nature of wickets nicely pulled that last ball one for the lock for the loss of none power play on folks first over only one run they still five more over Singapore want to make the most of it Zubin yes and and this is where experience is gold I think Sarandon is finding himself in a situation that he's not too accustomed to and it sometimes can get you know the better of you it would almost help that the ball flew off the edge and he got a run and you know those hands and legs would start moving he's he's currently about he's a few seconds later on the ball as we call it and it's it's you know the bowlers got the upper hand and Rowan on the other hand was very confident playing it off he's just made that many more games for Singapore opening the batting so I think that was what was visible in that first over hopefully he gets his eye in quickly and gets on his way here Singapore definitely needs that interesting ball my Karen had us all fooled yes I it's it's obviously those nerves are our honored persons at the moment a very important game for both teams yes and I would think Nepal have more to lose than Singapore given the reputation and their ranking they would be expected to win this and and get through that said now crickets a funny game again very very oddly done by Rohan Rangarajan stealing a single there so in then knows the ground in the conditions very well I was mentioning the other day when they were playing Malaysia as well I've seen him hit many big hundreds on this ground as well so you would you would hope that you know he would just let his instincts take over and just back himself to go big instincts yes but different opposition here there's a different caliber that they're playing against and there he goes the instincts have taken over first boundary of the game yep got enough meat on that one although it did look like it didn't really get under it that well but as you can see got the result if sir Windham keeps going and stays for most part of the innings we're going to see a big score although Singapore bats deep as well your thoughts on that shot he's getting rid of his nose he's decided enough is enough this is the big game easy easy he's not gonna die wondering you know he's not and good on him oh yes hang on he's taking on the bola he's he's reading it Karan has bowled both these balls he's not pitching it up unlike the opening bola who was pitching it up and getting it to move Karan is trying to hit it into the stumps and that kind of it shoots Serena yes so far so good I would love to love to see him do well from here it's and this has been one hit too many yes the girl said earlier but this this was you'd feel this was coming this was it seemed more like nervous backing then it it looked like a plan yes certainly and you know having scored two back-to-back boundaries already nine runs of the over you wouldn't want to take that risk and as I said experience now this is where the nerves come in this is where you want to be thinking about your game this is where 120 balls is a very long time people people often underestimate how long that can be if you if you were to target getting a boundary every fifth ball even or sixth ball you know with a bulk of them coming towards the end of the inning that still puts up a very good score on the scoreboard and he'd gotten two boundaries there but it is what it is that's when in is Tim David and let's see what he has for us played behind square by running for another single it's a leg by signal by the umpire Tim search Timms short stay at the crease the other day against Malaysia and he was run out I think he scored about 12 runs had a couple of boundaries in there very good approach I thought he was very positive and and played some smart cricket in that short stay well bold and there's the experience of card coming through I mean he was not ruffled he got hit for two boundaries held his line focused on what was under his control and got that wicked so they are a very strong side they're an experienced side and you know that kind of showed him that over well you know he didn't get disturbed and was able to get the wicked of surrender on yes and at this level it is that bit about holding your nerves isn't it yes it is and that's what I think Nepal has the edge over Singapore it's the experience of playing bigger games bigger teams their players play a very high standard of cricket and that's going to come in very very handy to them in this game driven down to to mid off dot ball I like soap all the way he comes in and sets himself up he's got a very nice run-up nice throwing and a good last ride you can see by the carry he caught on that ball and surprised rohan wrong Rajan he he is one of those deceptive quicker bowlers they don't look very big they're they're just you know he's not that big but he comes in he hits a bull's a heavy ball yes that that last ball surprised me as well wait wait wait kicked up by bold and well played for one two third man yes dropped dropped his hands nicely on that one Rohan and I I feel he's real this this approach of wanting to take the single and get off strike if if everyone has that throughout the game it will definitely help Singapore well especially as the north wall is about to be bald Tim Tim wanted to go for a single there I think he lost sight of where the fielder was behind the non-striker and and quickly retreated back to his crease very good or another very good over shaping up by some ball he's world really well he's been the pick of the two bowlers so far for me although I know it's Curran who got the wicket but he's he's really he's steaming in he's hitting the deck hard and bowling a very good line it's not came in a giving an inch played nicely by Tim around his legs for that single that run that Tim wanted to take earlier I was mentioning the other day when he got run out and we've surrendered at the other end it's also that he's just recently joined this the squad most of these plays they have played it with each other over long periods of time well bored indeed he did him for pace on that one hurried him and another leg by couldn't come down quick enough on the ball Ron yes well yes that that run out side of it as I was mentioning with Timothy and I think that's possibly also something to do with it I mean you know he obviously came to get runs came to get on strike but when you don't have that much experience of playing against each other it does make that make it that tad bit harder wouldn't you think yeah this game this game is this game is played a lot between the years and it's all down to what you're thinking and the mindset in the meantime current comes in bowls pitched up nicely they're still about three hours of the power play left at some stage you would expect them to try and hit a few over the couple over the top yeah I would I would I would just focus on playing good cricket again it's a bit like it's a bit like short boundaries and you know how they can entice you to get your full sets of confidence I think power plays if we I'm sure there's data on this somewhere but if we actually look at it statistically you'll be amazed at how many wickets are lost during power plays simply because the batsmen are trying or over trying a batting is best when it's reactive when you react to a situation or you react rather than try and yeah unless you're the likes of we've Richards or arguing that the silver or or look at how a David Warner is batting now he's playing the game rather than his approach from a few years ago and you look at the change in the quantum of runs that he's making and the consistency so they've got they've got to keep the power play out of their minds and just focus on good backing it's still a long way to go this the 17o was almost left in this game that is a hundred that's about 98 balls if you may and a lot can happen between now and then indeed very well said Isabelle it usually is also the best opposition Beulah's that are bullying to you in the boundaries so you got to keep that in mind you got to know which bowlers you're gonna pick on who are the ones you're gonna score off you know do your homework good single by Tim there I like this approach where they're dropping the ball and taking singles it at least keeps the scoreboard ticking totally agree I mean as much as you want to see as an audience the boundaries being scored if you're not going to continue to rotate the strike it is always gonna hurt you well the other thing is if it was all boundaries nobody would want to be bullish then right it's it's you got to give credit to the bowlers when it's due there they're bowling they're bowling exceptionally well and they've really got these two batsmen tied down and it's a game where you give respect to the situation the opposition and you wait for your turn oh yes I mean and like you were mentioning just just then as well you have to look to go after that fourth fifth bowler there is going to be some where those opportunities you're going to get with his loose balls okay Rohan wanted to try and swap that a liver square but got a thick inside edge he wouldn't complain though I'm sure he take the four runs although he would have probably wanted that to go through covers which is or long off or wherever he was trying to it at Paul I'm not too sure but it's it's a welcome boundary for Singapore and you know this is just ease the nose a little bit it also tells you they fancy current more if they've taken more chances against him again tried to drop that ball into the pitch to run a single field it well by the Nepal field at short cover Eric in the fielder would have run the batsman out by just walking to the Sun had he gone for that run but good over guru for Singapore I think that saw six runs coming from it not much to talk about in terms of a run rate yet but these two need to consolidate get their eye in and once they're in you know you think they'd they'd get a move on from there yes and and and you you you do want to do that I mean Malaysia the other day in the in the match when they lost those couple of quick wickets against Singapore they they lost that momentum they were in two minds and didn't go for runs at all which didn't help their cause folks this live telecast of the match being brought to you exclusively by the Singapore Cricket Association and WEC sports there's a lot of effort and planning that goes into bringing this to you guys in your lounge rooms and we certainly you will stay throughout the game and and bring your friends in by sharing the link as well on you on your Facebook pages and the player we were all talking about suddenly lamby Cheney coming into Bowl ow nobody could run very good run by Rohan he backed up his partner really well it's it's very easy taking the good runs for yourself but you know when you do it for your partner that inspires a lot of confidence oh yes it's it's very well said it's something in fact my son plays and I always say to say to him don't go to the danger end suppose like a dad yes another another single they just keep keep motoring along those singles I think it'll it'll go a long way as I as I keep repeating it but also a way for the ball to be bald it'll keep them in the game it won't help them win it but it'll keep them in the game there this is a very very experienced and a very strong Nepal team la macchina is a very seasoned experience compared to the players on the field he's he's played with the bigwigs and that would reflect in the confidence that he brings to the ground I was a bit of a hopeful appeal I thought was definitely going down like as you can see in the replay here there's a penny I'd love to hear on nicely nicely played by Timothy behind square for a boundary as you see in the replay there they just pulled that down too much lobby Chani and Tim latched on to it instantly the previous ball was a little more pitched up and that's where he did him he had him in two minds and that loud appeal and again well bold bold and well played and played yes he young Timothy is definitely one to to not mess about he wants to keep going you can see from the approach nicely played nicely very nicely played by Road around Rajan's straight down the ground for a six that's a much better shot than the one he tried two balls ago where he tried a bit of a slog sweep if you are gonna play a bowler of Lamy Chinese class then you you need to be doing that well you can't be losing your shape against him a really good shot stepped out and dispatched that that would probably go for six on most grounds and that will also give him a lot of confidence for this innings as well taking on Lambie Charlie as as the over is about to switch over I will now take a short break and ask Sharon Swaminathan to join Zubin for the next few hours we'll see you back in a short wild folks thanks cash hey so Ben how you going oh sure interesting start Singapore would be happy with the stuff absolutely they're doing seven and over almost in the first five you're against an opponent who is ranked higher and a strong side definitely definitely a good start and need to continue from here as we can see persons rigged me left-arm Orthodox coming into pole tends to ball a bit slower in the air trying to tempt the batsman to play and Timothy's gone over mid on four four off the first ball looking to put the pressure on the bowler straight away the two shots the two boundaries that Timothy has played so far he's known exactly where the fielders are he knew the long on that the the fielder at Madan was up in the circle he did try to hit it too hard or go for six he just wanted to get it over the fielder and that's exactly what he did smart batting it'll be interesting to see how the bowler responds to this the dole is moving his EEP square leg to a cow corner looking at that shot probably wants to target Timothy's pads and flight it in so he can tempt a slog to work a corner that's interesting that's the second time a bowl is done this Ruben yeah it's an old bowl of trick to sometimes see what the batsman does as a trigger or a movement I don't think it's always done because the ball was gonna slip out of the hand smart bowlers do it and that's another beautiful shot by King David he has creamed that through covers he certainly looks on song Zubin it's really important if Singapore wants to get a good total around the 190 mark which is what has been sort of predicted in terms of score for this wicked it's key that Tim stays to it till the end yes it is and you know he's he plays his cricket in Australia and we all know the type of cricket they play in Australia which is good hard aggressive cricket and what he's done here is he's taken the challenge to the bowler in the first three balls good batting getting off strike after two boundaries in the over smart play it's an interesting field Rigney has said he is he's got to he's got protection on long on and deep midwicket and that means he's really got to keep the ball in and around middle stump which is okay given that the ball is new but you know we saw that shot go through covers which was a ball that sort of flighted and pitch way outside off stop so he's got to be very careful of the line and make sure nothing there's no room given on the offside again person trying to tempt Rowan into a big shot there he's actually got the long off back and and midwicket and he's hoping if the best one goes were a big short he would get the leading edge too long off yes he did that I think he did that for Rohan when he got the log off back he had long on and we took it for Tim which the way to its Kaukauna for a single doesn't make me a very experienced campaign fo for Nepal being playing with them for a long time one of the key members in the system they palter with ODI status he's an experienced campaigner it's definitely gone for runs office first over and I'm sure he's got a few tricks up his sleeve he won't be done by this one over the batsman may have gotten the better of him this time but it's it's important that and they we see in the last ball he he beat Rohan all ends up experience counts it always does looks like let me Johnny it just had that one over and they've gone back to somehow coming who opened the innings for Nepal with his bowling he's a pretty skinny character both around the 130-135 click intense this kid and rushed the batsman a bit does have a decent bouncer as well so be interesting to see how he goes against Tim David's I like some ball I like the way I'm saying this earlier I like the way he I liked his approach to the wicket it's very balanced he gets good momentum as he comes in and he's got a good action he looks balanced he's a little just a little open chested I think as he you know if he rotated himself a little more maybe he'll get a little more movement both ways but otherwise he looks really good coming into Bowl yeah he's that typical rhythm sort of bowler when you know on his day he runs and really well everything's going towards the batsman in terms of energy hand legs entire body movement you know he's going to certainly create some trouble played nice and late by Rowan but straight through to the point filled up one thing really impressive about Rowan especially during the start of the innings open is he tends to play the ball really late and tries to nudge it around towards that point and backward point area for for singles which is not an easy thing to do but he sort of mastered that that art of opening the batting and just trying to rotate the singles as much as you can indeed and which is why you see against the spinners on the two occasions so far he he's got that slog sweep that he tries and I don't know why he does that because he's he's such a good player coming down the track and playing a conventional cricket shot you see he likes the ball coming on to the back in the beginning but he is a good player technically and just your time and that becomes his downfall on a lot of occasions where he tends to give his wicked away but otherwise a very very good prospect that's extremely well fielded I'd find leg put in the dive really quick outfield ball was absolutely raising away to the boundary and he's restricted the batsman for two runs they would bring it all round that was that was short into Tim and he did well to play that towards back at square leg and great feeling on the boundary there certainly saved to that ball would he usually be non-arab batsman's throat unless unless it was Tim Davis where was just at his hips or cracking shot absolutely could rest through backward point by Tim he backed away gave himself some room and hit that through backward point fantastic show he certainly looks like he's on song he's coming with that attitude and that intent this innings Singapore will be looking for him to go big I was talking to the CEO of the Singapore Cricket Association was the South Khan Joshua and he mentioned Tim and the SE have been in touch for the last three to four years to see what was his oh that's a full toss down left side Pro tickled away straight to find like for for that's what pressure does to you another mentioning Zubin mr. saad mentioned Tim and se have been in touch for the last three to four years to see what Tim was looking at from a career pathway standpoint and when the opportunity arose for him to arrive here in in Singapore to represent the nation and he qualified it sort of aligned with regards to SES interests as well as for Tim so it's great to see that something like this has worked out yes and this is a credit here goes I think it's it's it's the ICC and how they've created the qualification you know one is you know if you're born and and they just want more teams having more good players to play cricket for them there's there's a lot of the big nations are the ones with larger cricket playing populations have it better that way they have a bigger pool of players to pick from Tim certainly helps Singapore cause and he helps the Singapore cause and given the standard of cricket that he plays in Western Australia I think it must have been a tough decision for him because you know it has every decision has its implications gone down the gun hitches strayed over long off I was predicting this Rowand someone who has extremely itchy feet and when it comes to a spinner and someone who flights it to the likes of bustled he's not the sort of player that's going to sit back and let the Borla dictate terms and this is the difference I was talking about where he plays a proper conventional training shot versus going down on one knee and trying to just hit it he tried that in the first over with basan basan doing the right thing he's tempting the batsman to make a mistake and that's a cracking short behind point person now pulled a ball pitched up he's gone down the track try to shorten it a little bit and Rowan's crested through a backward point really good batting here he certainly put pressure back home to the bowler this is the third over in the row that the batsmen have certainly put pressure onto the ball in the first few delivery so Singapore approaching each over with the right mindset and they're doing it by good batting it's it's pretty risk-free so far the shots played have been very high caliber my son seems to be a little off-color he's he's giving the ball good air but he's just not sort of getting his line right like he did there that's a much better bowl you could see that he's put a little bit more body into that ball and hence he's able to get the right land and the right pace on the ball as well the ball he got hit for six full credit because it's there he's inviting the bats when he sees he's playing his guard there and the batsman's taking him on but it was the ball after that that I thought thought was a bit of a poor follow-through short and wide outside all stop which drove unpunished for four that's very well hit that's very well hit down the ground for for timpz absolutely smash that ball straight past the bowler for a single it was just a check drive but he managed to get enough meat on the to get four runs Singapore going at almost 10 runs and over really good stop that's a miss field towards car corner that's helped Tim David to come back for the second run really good batting by both Tim and Rowan both of them have accelerated the innings I've got a couple of boundaries in the last two or three overs they certainly putting Singapore on track to get a good total Nepal on the other hand needs something to break this partnership this is where the experience should come in they need to just slow things down a little rig me rig me just readjusting his field he nearly took his partner out there Tim David on that shot was very well left by Ron non-striker's in this is gone by history usually at this point Nepal would turn to a very experienced campaign in the form of Paris who's on screen at the moment to bother both his medium paces or at one point he actually converted to bowling off spin but unfortunately he doesn't Bowl anymore because of an injury so there's Nepal certainly could be feeling feeling that just a tidy bit probably but there's so much talent in this side I don't think teams come to a tournament certainly not Nepal they've got a they've got a good cricket setup they they are a very good slide I'm sure they have the players parsa's experience is going to come in very handy in this situation to get his players together and not let the game run away from them but he's trying to see who the next bowler is the next bullet is a bahara abhinash Mahara I mean Archer coming around the wicked broiling right right arm around a bit of a slinging action first of all I haven't seen much of abhinash Zubin but he's started off really well with the dot ball a bit of a sling action interesting approach so he's molding around the wicket with a long-gone Cal corner square leg and a short fine on the offside happy now she's got a third man point covers a sweeper and long off she'll be looking to ball wicked wicked he wouldn't be want to be straight on the pads as this minimal protection back of square listen that's an incredible shot by Rohan Ron Rajan he's pulled that between long on and Kyle corner and absolutely smoked it create bat speed nicely played by room he'll be talking to come back for two and he does Singapore certainly after great start here folks if you just tuned him we'll give you an update after this ball he's absolutely smashed her through long off another six so Ben Rowand certainly getting into his stride here he is and when he's playing shots like that when he's batting like that conventional he's is he's got great technique and when he keeps his shape he's one of the best batsmen to watch in in the Singapore circuit it's when he starts to lose shape or try something too much that he loses the plot but when he tries to over hit the ball when he tries to hit the ball absolutely and that's what he's not doing here he's pushed that through too long gone for a run so folks if you've just tuned in Singapore won the toss and elected to bat they open innings with soon hundred Chandramohan and Rowand Rangarajan soon as I understand them on getting to quick boundaries before departing to Karen Casey hitting him straight two-point joined by Tim David's and both these batsmen have certainly dictated terms since then as you can see on the scoreboard Timothy pending on 37 roe and Rangarajan burning on 41 both of them accelerating probably in the last four always getting at least two boundaries and over so Singapore on track to get a big total here it's only to keep their composure and it's opens words keeping the shape yes said it's this is a this is a ground way you get very good return for good batting you don't need to be looking for those big slow sweeps nopal have gone with Sandy plum attorney from the other end when he started bowling to replace muscles reg me groans absolutely smashed that past the bowlers head for another six he's certainly taking on lumpy Chani in Lemmy Charlie's first oh we came down the track and he's done the exact same now that takes into 47 of 28 balls Zubin I was going to say it's certainly difficult reading sandy blemish on a of his hands because he bowls with bit of a cross seem similar to Imran Tahir not not like your traditional leg spinner that holds it with the semen balls hence picking up the leg spinner versus the the wrong and is certainly a bit of a challenge but Rowan seems to be picking anything at this point I think not just LA meet Johnny but even read me previously I think what the spinners have done is given room to the batsman they've they bull wider of the players and that's probably why or where they've been taken for runs I mean there's been very few balls that have been hit of the stumps and even this last six the ball was flighted which is good or fine but it just had a lot of weight it allowed Rohan to free his arms that ball got the under edge but difficult catch for the keeper the Impala that in is Tabarrok da who I had the good fortune of playing against when he was playing for Hong Kong and I for Singapore we've had many an interesting tussle good run there good pressure put on the fielder it's straight 2.4 no run 1000 was gone Singapore 96 for one I would like to invite cash bottle back into the comm box its have been going for a benefit break cash welcome Thank You Sharon good to have you back today commentating as well I really enjoyed commentating with you and the Singapore vs Malaysia match very knowledgeable about the game just like Zubin Timothy taking strike to face Mahara we went for 14 in the first over Rowan's gone for a lap sweep here the white ball down the left side Abby Nash has changed ends he was when I say say it's change side in fact and was balling around the wicket and now he's come over good intent from Rowan to try and get him get the ball over short fine tight single but he's got back so cash 97 for one after 10.1 98 for one beg your pardon after 10.1 Singapore will be very happy with that yes they would take that any day and and it's also in this nice to see these two youngsters batting with such intent with such a positivity especially Rohan was a local homegrown talent I was mentioning the other day he's first played for Singapore when he's 15 really happy to see him playing well today quick shot by Tim straight to Paris at covers I was mentioning to Subin usually at at a time when Nepal usually needs a wicked paracin till up until the recent past used to be bowling either his medium paces or off spinners Nepal certainly will be missing his services from a bowling standpoint oh bomb bus took took roughing out their young team that was smashed down on the ground that's not the first time tim has done that sir Owens probably gonna watch himself it happened to overs ago as well but that's what happens when you're absolutely creaming the bowl to all parts of the ground that incident reminded me of once we're into mom hit the ball back – mornin – Haywood back in charger that's a fan short not hot at short fine leg didn't get the connection that he was wanting and the fielder was good to get around to snap up a really smart catcher yeah and and missing out on a on a well-deserved 50 really but very well played by this young man especially after that early loss of officer in them I'm sure he's not happy with himself getting out knowing Rowan he'll probably be kicking himself but this is the break that Nepal wanted Nepal we're really happy to see the back of Rowan this is an opportunity for Nepal to get some inroads into the Singapore batting lineup saying that we've got multi Singh coming to bat who looked really good last innings and certainly a fluent stroke maker as well yes a very very classy batsman when Pitts saying again brings a lot of positivity to the crease very busy young cricketer always looking to rotate strike which which if if they play well or they played well for themselves will work well for Singapore – with the you know Timmy tee at the other end you know still looking to hit that ball hard and and try to score those boundaries and what month can work his way absolutely man Pete's got a highest score of 1:55 in the premier division in Singapore definitely one of the key batsmen within the Singapore batting lineup that would know that was a mess of wicket for for Nepal Rowan was playing really good cricket up until that point and when he went a bit extravagant it led to his downfall but that's what we teach when he goes cash oh yes and and at only one wicket down one would then say you know you do have that luxury of wanting to manufacture those shots to get the extra boundaries good ball buyer be nice to start off a nice tidy Yorker month we just done sit down too long gone for a single 100 is up for Singapore at the end of the 11 over 100 up in exam five overs Singapore will be elated with the start it's really important for them to carry this momentum for the next 10 overs I'd be not coming around the wicket to Tim get down too long on for a single he had to hide down in the end there's a bit of a ricochet off the stumps and one people is very keen to steal another single Timothy was not interested that's how he hit how hard he hit the ball cash from the boundary deeper Kyrie has has hit us hit the stumps down on the full brilliant oh very good throw indeed eleven gone 101 for two Sharon what would be your target score from here Singapore should surely target a score between two ten to twenty with the start they've gotten the firepower that they have coming in as well but it's important to carry the same momentum and what will be the minimum you would want I was asking you the other day as well but on this pitch today I was told by Zubin this is only the second time he's being used the first time was it as well was a high score in the Kuwait Qatar game so what will be the bare minimum you would need a change in the ball we've got sarod my soccer coming to bow probably along with Paris one of the stalwarts of Nepal cricket later if I'm not mistaken was born in the Middle East and moved to move back to my power and since then has been an excellent servant to tune a power cricket bowling his off spinners here coming back to your question around the minimum scores up in cash this looks like a 190 wicked but saying that this wicked is going to open up and certainly going to play a role for the Singapore spinners but this certainly looks like like a 180 190 we could at a minimum yeah and at sitting at one or two or two you would one would expect Singapore to score at least I placed that for why did they keep keep that same approach of wanting to rotating the strike and then hit those boundaries in between to me that dismissal of surrender and and have been rightly pointed that out that was to do with the nerves sided with too many Hitler's to back to back boundaries it didn't need to go for that third shot so as long as they don't commit any of those mistakes in the rest of the innings I think 180-190 should be definitely on the cards that's exceptionally well played by Tim David photos from sarin hit between deep midwicket and long on collaborative illness absolutely split the fielders in half really well placed by Tim suddenly going really well for Singapore 24 of 27 really looking on song Tim just walking back and pushing the ball to deep midwicket for a single issue would definitely want Tim to to go on from here I think about would certainly want him to stay right to the very end hopefully getting a good 1890 or but he's the sort of batsman that can really a great shot by Montreat to a backward point for a single he's a sort of batsman that can absolutely change gear like just the other day he was there for a short stay like you mentioned previously cash but the kind of cricket he played he you can already see that he's someone who can score really quick runs and 45 of 28 has come relatively easily to him in terms of just nudging the ball around and playing conventional cricket but if he goes big he can probably accelerate even that current strike rate oh yes and and as we were really seen as well he can hit the ball hard I saw him in the nest the other day one of the players was giving him throw downs and the the power that he had in his in his drives in the nets at one point I though I hope the the guy giving him thrown arms should go and wear a helmet because if there's one which would have you know slight miss hit or something the ball was just rocketing into the nets sundeep kishan is come into the attack and top edge from Manfred that goes over Paris at covers this 1d blemish on e coming back from the palace to a road and dusty road and he started off at the Bannister Road and pulled his next over from the Serangoon Road and he's back to the ballast he rode in Rangoon Road the other side apologies folks Tim's absolutely monstered that over long on for a massive six that six in any ground yes definitely and it's gone out of the ground and there's this lots of spectators here today the ground folks as you can see the scenery a lot of Nepali supporters in the Singaporean contingent watching from the pavilion side just being shown on your screens now and there are absolutely ecstatic they be making a lot of noise as Tim is now on 51 of just 29 create 50 for Tim well earned now he plays it to square lek for another single smart smart intelligent cricket by both these cricketers alderman deep oh sorry man people my apology smokes early days at the crease for him but he's rotating the strike and handing over to Tim again just nudged behind square to keep her runs around one more single as Subin was mentioning earlier even if they keep to look to score at least just one boundary and over and pull in another three or four singles that should easily pull them through for that 180-190 score another googly by Sundeep and it's really well played by Tim for a for smartly rounded down the ground cash usually teams within T 20 or 50 over cricket tend to target the weakest bowler in the opposition for runs this approach from Singapore to target Nami Changi has worked worked out really well for them so far oh yes Lammi charnae's definitely seems to be reeling a little bit from this approach that was the first flighted ball by sandy pan you got a bit of purchase from the wicked that probably sends a message as well to flat the ball just a tad bit and get as much revolutions on the ball oh yes I mean and if you want to get wickets you know you have to do that you have to look to do that toss the ball up slow it down a bit like you said get those revolutions going on the ball that's what's gonna get the batsman tempted and also possibly make mistakes as well if you're going to keep bowling flat and quicker going to be very hard to contain and as well as to get wickets 122 for two after thirteen folks if you've just joined us after the first ball cache and I will give you a quick rundown of the proceedings are frontal now as sarod continues from the rangoon rod end well played along Goff for a single by Manpreet Singapore winning the toss elected to bat opening up a surrender Chandramohan and Rowand rung the Rajan soon under more and after a couple of boundaries this guide want to point Rowan and Timothy taking Singapore back on track he has absolutely smoked that one behind square for a six the number of balls we've lost this tournament cash has been unreal indeed it hasn't and if there's any any kids who are watching it at home you want to come down after the tournament finishes today for a little treasure hunt with your with your parents around the park outside of the grounds is sure to find find a few souvenirs for yourself and those staying in the vicinity don't be surprised if one actually enters your doorstep the weight timothy is hitting them so yes just to continue sir Owen got a really well-made forty nine really took to the bowlers had some absolutely towering sixes as part of those part of his innings he perished trying to play the lap sweep getting caught at Short fine leg of the bowling of abhinash ohhara since then manpreet and Tim have been nudging the ball around and hitting the I would like to say occasional but it's actually not that occasional it's it's been probably a big one every single Overcash yes and again any kids watching at home this is the approach you should bring especially in the t20 the least number of balls and if you can look to hit a boundary Ariela you've got yourselves in a good position you have to look to take on the bowlers Manpreet missing that one outside off stump that was his bread bread but a shot which is the inside-out shot over covers Middleford changed the field short third man and point and covers coming into play don't be hitting that back of point bit of a miss feel allowing the batsman to go for one looks very classy one Pete when he plays such shots on the other side certainly with a lot of good batsmen you can certainly see they have a little bit extra time to play the ball and that's the key that's the key all you youngsters out there always always it should look to be watching the ball early out of the ball his hands Tim David's asking for a change of gloves let's talk about Tim for a second here cash Tim's obviously come from Australia for him to acclimatize to the Singapore conditions I certainly saw him a couple of times during the innings remove his helmet and you can see sweat just absolutely pouring off his head so kudos to him to actually acclimatize come into the setup and now obviously contribute to sing upon a big way oh yes Singapore cricket is definitely you know enjoying the fruits of having him in the squad today but you see about the acclimatizing part when you in there you set yourself up with a nice sport the adrenaline just keeps you going you know I'm sure you you'll probably lose a couple of kilos by the end of the innings but you know we'll have to quickly go and rehydrate I had heard from from Rahul Dravid years ago years ago in a typical Test innings and he used to sweat a lot he would lose about 6 kilos in Hue no and when you play those long test innings that reminds me of Mike Mitchell stock conversation that not that I had which I did but when he had an interview he he certainly mentioned sure when they tour India for for Test series they all will come back about eight to ten kilo Lichter that's unreal this is this is gonna be really interesting button drag me who went for 29 of two overs has come in to ball and he says he's your typical left ham off the dogs who flights the ball in trying to tempt the batsman to a big one I'm really keen to see how he goes here against Tim David's bold nice and flat drill down to long gone for a single he certainly would need to ball a little bit more quicker to Tim David's and maybe tempted Montreat for that big shot with a bit of a flood bit of flight going let's see let's see what he's gonna bring in in these next five balls Nepal searching for that for that next wicket and definitely Manpreet will be the first one to to go to look to target as he's just recently come to the crease the it is–there's is inside out drive to extra comma or a single just looks elegant just in just absolutely love watching that shot many place but that was some persons make me again changing the approach and ball in a really flighted bowl for Manfred Tim would be fancying himself to take this all the way 65 or 36 still about six hours to go well bald by a bus ins reg me saw the batsman come down the crease and absolutely fired into the vestments pads who played it really well there was long gone for a run wait too long lon bye when prey for another single very well really well fielded by Gerindra mullah here at long gone experienced campaigner with with Singapore as well opening bad for Singh for Nepal but Preet doing a really good job so far of rotating the strike and letting Tim to look to play the big shots really well bowled by bustin swag me again really cramping up cramping Tim David's for room no allowing Tim to use those big levers yes powerful shoulders he has you know Tim Tim hailing from Western Australia batting with the Bradbury bat as well which is certainly manufactured in Western Australia as well slightly moving the filled air in the covers full toss by bus intrigued me and caressed away to deep midwicket for one run by Montreat sing this cause on 138 for two after 15 always folks if you've just joined in just a quick rundown on the Nepalese team Paris cut cut cut leading the side followed by Jenna and Ramallah shared with soccer person to make me some power coming dipendra sing Airy sandy plummet Chani current Casey Rohit Kumar Podell and so I beg your pardon peanut Bhandari and Abby nosh fahara cash will you do the honors for Singapore yes as we will also have a change in the commentary box Sharon will be taking a short break Zhu Ben joining us back again Singapore today led by their medium far smaller experienced campaigner unzip my boob and enter Krishna or the leg spinner dot wall first up welcome back Zhu Ben thank you a friend we were in the business end of the inning now the last 5 overs Singapore have done really well to get to where they are let's step on the game played by Manpreet through just sweep up for a single your ideal score sipping from here I always thought it needed to be around at least around 170 180 to be competitive it's a good batting track and Nepal are a strong batting side so they will need to make sure they put up something that's competitive they're not too far from that and they still have 30 balls left a lot is going to depend on this pair here they are well set and what they make of the last 5 overs is very very important jared is he's bowling well if you see what he's doing is he's hitting the ball into the wicket he's is it might appear as half trackers but it kind of reduces the options you have it out towards Cal corner first couple there by Manpreet yes you're right Andes is also mulling smartly you saw the earlier shot from Tim as he was stepping out he fired the ball a bit wider it was a bit harder for Tim to get under it in the end he only managed a single with that one that's well played too deep in wicked for one by Montreat Muppets a he's a thinking cricketer he's got a good head on his shoulders he it was almost like the right guy to come in to bat after the fall of Rohan's wicket you needed someone who could partner with Tim and take meanings forward and these two have battered really well as a pair so far yes very well fielded on the boundary they're saved a certain full save two runs for the side just just look at that power that Tim had in that shot I I almost thought to me look like there wasn't much bat in it the way he played the shot but it just rocketed it towards the boundary it's a it's a feature you find in cricketers who come from who have learned their cricket and played in Australia is the timing because they don't play with very heavy bats in Australia given the nature of the wicked stay you find players from the subcontinent using a lot heavier bats because they tend to play more of the front foot you can see the timing that Tim has and he's really he's been timing the ball spectacularly today he's he's on 70 and I'm sure Singapore are hoping he's not done yet yes as you can see the Singapore crowd over in the pavilion it's been some exciting cricket by this young fella very pleasing for the crowd from both sides I'm sure crowds love their boundaries and haman and Rohan certainly given them a number of them today folks the bullet is read me this telecast is brought to you exclusively by Singapore Cricket Association and WTC sports hope you're enjoying a coverage at home scream straight down the ground Biman great for a four ended up being a full toss that one when paid joining the party with Timothy with that boundary great use of the feet there he made that into a full toss and straight behind the bola the best spot to hey if you want to get a boundary was certain another tossing this one for a huge six to its midwicket as you can see on the replay stepping down again not the best of days for Rigby he's he's been targeted by the Singapore batsmen he's given 45 runs it's an interesting choice by para sacar car to give him that over given that he'd already gone for about 35 in his first three but you know he's the captain he knows best the singable batsmen have battered him well as well they have certainly taken him on is lost control there a bit that one also ended up being a being a full toss it obviously plays into your confidence when you've been hit for 30 odd runs in your first three hours when you played a lot of cricket well it does two things it either eats into your confidence or or you respond to it and you do something about it I've always said this the game never keeps going one way if you've got something in you you've got to be able to pull it back and what's very creditable so far is that the batting side has been able to keep up the momentum we've not let it slip at least till now it's been a I don't know what it is but it's it really it hasn't been the most impressive bowling effort it's mean a lot of full tosses and balls that have been more wide of the stumps you still have to score of them but it's they haven't really tried to pick wickets they've tried to contain and this is a very hard ground to contain a batting Saigon yes with a with a deck like that it's it's just going to be a batsman's batsman's day if you're not going to try to take those wickets like I said another big big hike by Timothy that's monster hit definitely out of the ground has gone at least 90 meters if I'm not wrong and this is quickly turned into a day that person ring me would like to forget yes 54 runs in his four overs he's a much much better bowler than that it's just the caliber of batting that he's had to encounter today here so I have to agree with that and it's it's cricket I mean you have you have those bad days and you know for those youngsters watching out there as you can see happens to the best of all is it is about how you come back and keep working on your game to keep improving soo-bin yes you have to and like I said in the very beginning this is also the day you want to bring your a-game to the ground and sometimes sometimes it just doesn't go your way that's it Nepal could pick up three or four wickets in the last three years and you know stop Singapore ten or fifteen runs short of what could be a big score you never know this is this is a funny game especially t20 cricket it changes every over absolutely is urban and for all the nepali fans out there as well you know just hang in there like Zhu Ben said cricket is a funny game things change in a matter of a couple of balls nicely played out to square leg by when prayed for a single happy nashville hara the bola from the stranded load end switching back to bowling around the wicket took him as he has done pretty much all day he did that – he did that – Rohan as well I think that's a strategy to the more aggressive of the two batsmen where he's trying to cram them for room and a catch taken down it long on by the fielder the end of a very very good inning by Tim David tried to get on with it and this is exactly what I mean by coming back into the game that is just a break Nepal needed that is just the break they needed this is a very crucial wicket at this time knew two batsmen in just takes the momentum away from the inning and very well bowl of eNOS bahara yes I think he held it back back a bit there which which which crammed him for room there Timothy would have wanted to go on to score the big ones get the hundred but having said that very well-played indeed by the young man as chicken see one she not a bad guy to come in tight on if he if he has a good 10 balls we could we could see something spectacular yes it is his his home ground as well and he hits a long ball from everything I've known of him oh yes right for Singapore for many years did he play with you as well Oh was it after it was altering this I stopped playing I would love to hear some stories single taken by Manpreet from user win you've been involved with Singapore cricket for many years played and captained as well yes I started I started paying for Singapore 1993 and I just come in to Singapore about a year ago and it's been a wonderful association oh he's hit that in the air and it's so brilliant brilliant catch not a happy outing for for Chayton looking to very ball very well bowled by Avinash mahara there he he really held that ball back he's turning the game in the space of one over as I said a little while ago Singapore need to finish well it's not over you know the difference between winning and losing could be ten runs absolutely that's why you don't lose your shape absolutely who's the new batsman at the crease this is a game about momentum it's what momentum you take into the next inning and Nepal are bringing the momentum back in their favor also the psychological difference of chasing anything under 200 versus a 200 or more is again something very different so that's a beautiful shot lovely lovely and a Miss fielding Montreat that's a cracker of a cow Drive that's his favourite shot his role and I was as I was saying earlier it looks very classy when he plays plays – is a lot of time playing that shot and rewarded with that boundary which will be a welcome relief for Singapore in this over having lost those two wickets of that of set batsman Tim as well as chip in surah 1 XI on the first ball or golden duck another beautiful hit and again we see we sing proper proper batting missing conventional batting and we are seeing the way Monteith is reacting to the ball rather than trying to make too much of it yes and what that just tells you in fact I was having this discussion with a mean ol Islam who was here as part of the ICC for the with the tournament top layer table and top top gentleman indeed and he was talking about this bit with this whole capability and power hitting and all that but also at the same time that if you play with that strong base with that good technique you can still score runs which is what is going to help you in his view also to play for longer as well because as you get older and the hand-eye goes a bit off it's a lot more than I than the hand where more the eye and it keeps you it keeps you in the game which is why you see people like people often look at a B de villiers and they wonder what you know he's he's being all these shots 360 degrees around the stumps but that's an a/b de Villiers you know he that's not not every batsman is going to be a navy Devilliers and I think it's very important to know your own strengths you look at Rohan and and his dismissal today it wasn't any of the conventional shops he played yes that brought his downfall and you look at the difference in Tim David yeah and how he batted and the shots he played they both immensely talented players but it's just that that difference of keeping your shape playing good cricket shots that makes the difference between a 40 and an ad if you may oh yes and this single taken by the batsman the first of all was a wide so two runs of one ball so far the server and that sensible cricket bio nish he's not tried to he he wants to give himself a couple of balls just to get a feel of the page Jatin I thought went he got done by a beautiful slow one there's no doubt I mean it was very well bold and that was kind of the breakthrough that Nepal were looking for six a good attempt by the fielder at low off that's one of the shorter boundaries this is just down the ground and montigue making free use of it again a good shot down on one knee hitting it straight down the ground you can't do much better than that and hit it over the bola oh yes and he is murdered on 242 he it was looking or asking for that wide there nicely polled in the end my current current and so Paul Tommy have been the pic of the bowlers for me they would especially so bulb good thing he's had a good day otherwise you never know what could have happened field is running like a rail line and he's taken it and admit wicket or deep midwicket well bowled by Karen he tucked that in short he's got a good measure of this track and he's bold well he's this is his second wicket sitting at 182 now eight balls to go anything's possible absolutely I will not put this code past Nepal by any means they're a very strong batting side and I would expect them to chase this Singapore will have to pull incredibly well and feel even better and take all their chances if they want to make this into because I I do it's a good wicket I I call 180 a par score and that's looking it's looking like they've gotten to that as well and I up the sweeper on the off side for a couple so young Jennifer Kosh has joined Anish at the crease he can t off as well I've seen him hit a few big ones Jenna Prakash he can Ashley straight down the ground yes he can well bowled again slow one by Karen and well played by uh neesh for a single learn tango Aqaba nineteen Oh was gone 185 we have a game on our hand folks yes this will be a very interesting chase in deeds have been all of you watching at home do stay tuned named for the guys in Singapore come down to the ground to watch Nepal chase there's a lot of spectators here today making a lot of noise on both sides quite an exciting atmosphere here at the ground beautiful day too the Sun is beaming that it's not that hot as yet talking about earlier as you as you were saying about Singapore have to ball and feel well with a score like that on the board I mean as a former player yourself as well does that give you that conference bring in that energy on the field when you know that you defending a big total or can I go the other way too could you end up being relaxing a bit it was a good attempt day by the fielder again almost got a wicket like you were mentioning earlier the way Ron got out of the game maybe at this stage of the game maybe but not where Rohan played it and when he was well set on 47 49 49 sorry you know just think of what he could have done in the remaining 11 overs it's it's what I call thinking big talking about your earlier question I think it's there's two ways to look at it if I'm the bowling and feel it all comes down to what I'm about to do if I'm if I'm a batsman I'm raring to go in and make a fist of that chase and I'm sure each and every one of the Nepal players right now the batsman especially are thinking and in their minds planning they've seen the ground they've been here for a week you know what the wicket is playing like so I'm sure they'll come in with a plan they'll they'll certainly have a plan and a beautifully balled lovely yoga the beautiful bold Bora is turning out to be this this could be a potentially match winning performance for Nepal if they end up putting this game it's it's the four wickets that he's taken and I think I was mentioning this a little while ago when Sharon was here it's a this is not the kind of ground to contain aside on you've got to keep picking wickets and that's exactly what he's done yes I the way Singapore going at that 16 over mark and to me it look like 200 was going to be easy for them to get but again bringing back to what you were saying a couple quick wickets and look at look at that now the game really keeps going one way the games the the games like you know it's got these peaks and it's troughs no matter which side you are and this is a bit of a mini trough as far as the Singapore backing effort is concerned they still have three or four balls to finish well yes if they can hit down the ground I think an entire would not be exactly happy with that one is a full toss what I wanted to get more from that ball what would have thought yeah but one of those difficult full tosses onto his body very well Paul I thought that was very close to probably the umpire calling it but very well pulled again whitish you also got to remember that this is the final so you know there's always the the sense of occasion counts for 10 or 15 runs oh yes Singapore were fortunate to win the toss I think Nepal would have batted first as well right the boundary as you can see this oh here the Singapore crowd going wild their last ball four by Anish param Singapore finishing off with 191 Zubin would you be happy with the score well it runs on the board happy or not I've got to put everything behind defending that it's something I said at the pitch report if you win the toss put the runs on the board and then back yourself to defend the score they've done the first part very well I think they've exceeded expectations in the score that they put up on the board now it's down to the bowlers in the fielding to see how well they defend that said Nepal are a very good batting side and I would expect them to come hard at the Singapore bowling chasing this total and Singapore will have to play out of their skins to really make sure that they don't let Nepal get past the score it so folks watching at home the second innings Nepal says will resume in 10 minutes so don't go away it's going to be an exciting chase as Zubin has mentioned just then that Nepal is a strong batting team this is Singapore's home ground definitely definitely would have been exciting the second innings coming up please like and share the feed as well in your social media pages and we will see you back in ten minutes after a short break folks [Applause] you you you you you you you you you you you you you you it's novella Christopher Ulman are you enjoying watching this match it's a fantastic day and we're really enjoying everybody 191 runs put up by Singapore do you think Nepal can chase it down with a powerful batting today they played really well but we think Nepal will definitely prevail the target and we will win today as you can see here Nepali supporters quite excitable very very loud I hope you guys continue to cheer your team throughout the rest of the chase and wish you guys all the best for today thank you tune in for the second inning is about to commence very shortly [Applause] welcome back folks Singapore posted 192 on the board an extremely competitive total and they decided I'm joined by Zubin back it'll come box again Zubin thoughts very good batting effort if you if you'd given Singapore 190 at the start of the game I think they would have taken it so this is this is an exceptional batting effort it is a good batting wicked and Nepal are a good batting side so this is not going to be an easy score to defend you'll have to Bowl and feel extremely well but it is a final and it's runs on the board so may the best team win Singapore opening the bowling with Renaud Baskaran left-arm Orthodox coming around the wicket the kind of bowler who steers the balls towards the batsman spared trying to spin it away and they fall opening the batting with the experience pair of Paris Kaka and Janna in Ramallah lots of nipples hopes will be resting on the shoulder of the tube opening batsman who have bought them really well for Nepal and here we go first ball and gun in them and Paris has played that off the back foot two covers for four really good start for Nepal positive start we know it will be feeling a bit of nerves urban I'm sure that it's a new ball there's not much turn so he's got to get the line in length absolutely right it's an interesting field though I don't see any sweeper cover which is interesting you would think with the ball knew and skidding of the surface you'd want to back yourself to keep one fielder on the cover boundary and probably have only one back on the left side but he's opted for two fielders one deep I had long on and one deeper Square and Paris goes down the ground over mid off for another boundary positive intent here looking looking to dictate terms right at the very stop he tried to back away the second ball to caress the ball through the offside but took the alternative option here to go down the ground see that's exactly I actually would want him playing across the line and not keep the fielder at square leg and invite him to go there rather than go downtown to a new ball which is the easier option because it's not going to turn that much and interesting me I'm jet has really well fielded by windows off his own bowling just to give the viewers a bit of a feel for what the field looks like you've got a short-term and a backward point covers extra cover made off long gone midwicket square deep square leg and find like well bold good comeback by Vinod in that over despite being taken for a 4 and a 6 for dot balls totally from the balusters road end will be genic Prakash all the little people keep referring to young Janek Prakash he is a seasoned campaigner has been playing for Singapore in some high-profile games as well see someone who comes in with experience as well yes and he's he's one of our exciting prospects he's gotten better over the years his base has picked up and this will be an interesting test of his mental strength not just his cricket abilities starts off with a good length wall outside off well played by Ken in the mouth a lot to its backward point you got Rowan wrong erosion fielding at backward point he's someone who doesn't have an impact on the field not only does his bat income good for Singapore but he's truly exceptional in the field as well Zubin yes and I this is probably the fittest you know simple side has ever been they've trained very hard and that's shown in the fielding played straight through two covers two on each peril like to see him get a little fuller and closer to the stumps those two balls have been the first one was alright this one is a little outside off and yawning the still sort of finding his way into the inning it's early days he's only played two balls but janux trace it down to the left side and batsman picks up and easy four runs the pressure that was building on to again Anabella has sort of released with that boundary the surface that's picked away by gana Nomura off his pads and it's clip clipped over midwicket for six brilliant shot brilliant shot there by jana indra he didn't try to over hit it relied on his timing Janicki usually gets a gets a lot of movement especially towards the right hand is moving away considering is quite hot not finding the swing I don't think anyone's getting any movement today and that's why he needs to keep it he's bold on both sides of the wicket especially two Vols down lakeside this is the power play you're not gonna be allowed the luxury of fielder's outside the circle so you've got to be absolutely spot-on with your line in length which is where I thought some part of it a fabulous job in the opening spell for Nepal I mean if he hadn't bold as well as he did who knows what the score would have been as did Bora and and he even got the reward of fighting for wickets it was he got a really cramp you got a bull fight into the batsman no room on either side of the wicket and that's where Joe Nexus trace it down the left side and he's been clipped again through fine leg for four runs both Nepalese batsmen getting into the flow getting into their innings good positive intent by both batsmen and after two overs Nepal are 24 for no loss so when you touched on some part kami of this tournament he's going to be heading into the g20 tournament in Canada so a really good fine from an Asian perspective going into a global tournament which is the great for the game to see I think it's absolutely the opportunity for players to travel and play I used to do that when I was seventeen eighty nice to go and play in England and I used to live alone and it's a huge development process when you go and you you live it you live and you work with people you haven't you don't know and then you learn to find your own way there's a lot of development that happens as an individual with such experience so fabulous four so Paul I was going down the track and hitting that straight through to long gone for a single you know it was lucky to get away with the first ball but good comeback by him to duck the ball straight into the best man's path for a single on this ball who knows himself being a good find for the Singapore squad not only a handy left hammer but also good left hand batsman who's able to rotate strike this is the first ball again and Amala will be facing off we know and they're trying to give them some some room and trying to hit it swim it off top oh and that's what I meant by making the batsman blade towards my cricket it's not gonna be easy playing square on the on site when the ball is new which is why I feel that fielder a deep square leg is a bit of a waste I give him protection on the offside which is probably where they want to hit him when the ball is still new and the way he's bowling that's not the best effort in the field like I thought he would go for it maybe I'm wrong it's one of those games where you need to pull off a spectacular catch or have a blinder of a spell that kind of wins it for your team and that's very good bowling by you know they followed the batsmen there and Paris had no choice but to just play it back down the ground for one run could come back this over by vinod brings a bit of sanity back to the chase and the PAL batsmen were going berserk in the first two overs they raced away to 24 only three runs of that over so could come back by vinod let's skip off Singapore under the boom into the attack understanding very quickly that his young prodigy was struggling with the ball and he's taking the responsibility to come come into the attack to get some inroads into the Nepal batting lineup I'm sure also very experienced campaigner usually amongst the wicked column for Singapore has an excellent back of the hand slower ball especially in the t20 format that has done really well I call it the wicked taking arm oven of the Singapore side is he can be a bit expensive sometimes and his pace has dropped over the years obviously but it's all that experience he brings in he bowls a brilliant slow ball which becomes the undoing of many batsmen he's got a very quick action arm action and so the slow ball which he releases back of the hand becomes even more difficult to pick let's see what he has here parsa's hit it up in the NES cart and that's a big bucket for Singapore did I call him Ricky picking arm off Singapore you did sir when you did and that got the bottom of Paris's back and he's caught at mid on good catch by surrender gender moon and the Singapore score are absolutely ecstatic that's a big wicket that's a big big wicket and I think part us got done by the pace of that ball I think he expected it to come on to the back a lot quicker and it didn't so early blow for Nepal but then again they're a strong batting lineup they bat deep and Singapore need to make sure they keep the pressure here good start by the skipper absolutely you see started with soccer coming in to bat again another experienced camp you know stalwart for Nepal cricket lot of Nepal success has been because because of the three the first three batsmen for Nepal which is gonna in the Paris answered but the Nepalese will certainly be feeling a little bit of pressure here good total on the board one the captain's out of the equation now in the game certainly a bit of a dent in the in the confidence yeah I say would have liked Baris to continue he is there he's their trump card in the side the great Sourav Ganguly once said in a final you in a 50 or final you add 25 runs just for the pressure of the occasion to any total that a team puts up and you know this is a t20 game and you know the sense of the occasion is equal to another 10 or 15 runs on that total so it's gonna be interesting you know strong batting lineup they've got to keep a tight line and what's very important what what was very important about that wicket was that catch being taken because had it not if something happens it just lets the whole team down and this is where Singapore have been very and that's dropped third man that's a great effort but bad luck short ball outside off Gannon and Muller trying to get that over backward point gets gets a fine edge to its third man great effort but fingertips very hard to pick those shots they drop on you very very quickly and it's it's hard to kind of figure they're falling in front of you all catches that either fall in front sideways are a lot easier but when they're dropping in front of you or behind you then they become that much harder and this is this is not this is not the kind of the spinner this is of a quick bowler so it's coming flat but good effort in the end ball outside off left by Sherrod I'm Jed Mable bringing all that experience into play four balls into the / one for one he'd be really happy with that start it's what wickets does it keeps pushing you back as a bat inside and what Singapore should try and do is keep the pressure on to keep picking up a wicket and not just think of containing because it's very it's a very I keep saying this every time it's a very very hard ground to contain a batting side on another ball outside off gets the edge to its third man one bounced straight through to the fielder Salladhor which a Kumar fielding at third man yeah you could see he didn't want to go for that second shot that went in the air given his experience with the first one which was a fabulous effort and he'd had one in we notes over as well when the ball was hit high in the air I think in he kind of stopped short and held himself back good first over by under the number one for to Nepal a 29 for one is this a bowling change now we're not Baskin continuing from the I've been told it's the Rangoon Road end and we're not getting into his third over has done a really good job for Singapore so far after going for runs in the first over really contained the batsmen in the second well bowled nicely Bowl and well fielded not giving the batsman any opportunity to rotate strike nipple should be a bit careful here if they don't balls pick up that can lead to a fall short so they need to look at at least rotating the strike well pulled again by we're now starting it into the batsman's pads not a very big Turner of the ball but gets the ball to move ever so slightly which is probably why he gets the new ball you know he's he's very accurate he's very hard to get runs off and he bulls these darts into you and you can see the pressure he's already creating on Charlotte who's a new batsman on strike he's only played five balls and I think what Nepal need to do is just compose themselves in play sensible cricket what they don't want to do is give another wicket to Singapore at this stage even if they fall behind the runway just a little bit they can always pick it up there's got to be the fourth and fifth bowlers of every bowling side so see how they go and just consolidate for the next five to seven hours oh that should have been caught chance goes missing as I was saying earlier Singapore will have to field out of their skins if they want to win this game and you know team like Nepal is not going to give you too many chances and when they do come they have to be taken the left to a bull shark trying to go inside-out shot ball by winnowed well bull doe he saw the batsman charging in dashing into the pads for one run towards long on that was really smart bowling where we know to Sharon he could see that Sharon was trying to go inside out over covers and wasn't giving him any room and that led to the fall shot well played by Ken in the mall up straight down to long-on for a single we're not spoiled his third over and and not a single ball has gone too deep squarely in the three over still now sorry I'm just gonna keep hopping about it it's it's it's a field I would leave open and ask the batsman to hit through there he's so hard to hit office of the pads we know and he's given three boundaries on the off side so that's probably where I should be giving him more protection but it's worked so far and I'm just into his second over we're gonna have a change I'm gonna hand over the Mac Mike to ash and take a break myself good morning folks good to be back in the commentary box Sharon miss feel they're behind square Maskman managing would get a thick inside edge towards short fine and run to the boundary for four it's an epal r35 for one after five point one always cash but realistically if you look at it Singapore would have taken this start considering this goal on the board and the pressure that you've created with a few dog balls they wouldn't be complaining at this point no I certainly would agree with that one so far so good for them chasing 192 it definitely a tall order especially in a pressure game short ball from Amjad and Yana Nirmala has pulled that over square like four six massive six really good short got beyond the line great swivel and gets it over the square lake boundary for six I'm Jed will have to summon all his experience I'm Judah had to summon all his experience now for the rest of the four balls already gone for two of the first gone for ten sorry of the first two let's see what he's got in his bag of tricks Jelena Malik takes um Jed all were made off for another six he's certainly looking on song what's really good about him he tends to keep his balance really really strong he's very neutral in his feet and he plays to the merit of the ball really really good batting yes for all the youngsters out there watching it's it's definitely a masterclass in in terms of following the basics of batting keeping the base strong getting your head to the ball getting right under it that's where you're going to get maximum value for your shots folks we have about six hundred thousand people overall at some stage of the other feed has gone into and that's a brilliant shot again really waited on that got on top of it and crested through the off side between cover and point brilliant batting by again and Ramallah he certainly setting the tone for this Chase for Nepal and bringing some momentum back in favour for Nepal yes and she will not be happy with himself with with this pitch some short balls in as well which they've capitalized on to Mobile's to come that's the duck first stop ball in the other he certainly would want to keep the next one to a dot as well with about 20 runs already in this over cash I can already see the writing here it's it's Nepal just on track now with that 20 runs 51 or 5 close to the 6th over going close to 9 runs and over what's your prediction on the close finish your cache look it certainly is setting up well like you said Singapore has had a couple of fumbles a couple of drop catches so far if they want to stay in the game they're going to have to definitely lift their fielding side of it as well a few not just as well as what the balling I mean you know it's just it's criminal to two ball short or give the best win anyway on this wicked Salladhor Vijay Kumar will be replacing Vinod Baskaran at the rangoon road end bowls both off spinners usually from around the wicket to the right tenders cramping them up for room against again got the ball towards the batsman's pads usually has a very tight lakeside field trying to encourage the batsman to play it on the off side he's done well in this tournament as as he is he's a consistent performer and hopefully he holds on to his is his nerves in this crucial match and delivers for Singapore Sharon it's important for the Singapore squad to keep Sharra's on strike as much as he can he's faced 7 balls not sure we can square first single shards played eight balls now score three runs and he certainly did not look too comfortable with the spinners so for a Singapore perspective Singapore might want to keep him on strike as much as you can as much as they can saying that Gannon Ramallah is someone who usually likes to dictate terms and and has been going really well this inning 37 of nineteen so he'd be looking to take summer on yes got to be a good contest this one telling us that ball was swept towards backward point bit of a turn on the ball leading to a missed field and the pattern were able to come back for two runs as if the singapore is no and it's all a bit through the gates you miss I hit selador has cleaned again animal off a very crucial wicked here for Singapore brings them right back into the driving seat that if they can keep it tight from here on I was just going to sit just before that broadcast I'd why do I feel there's something that's going to happen this mold should have said it should have said it I show it that one I think we've done a couple of those commentators case it's that's why I have been holding myself back actually from really making any any predictions in fact even just before the ball that Ron got out today as well I was just talking about how well he was playing how well he's approached the game and I was looking forward to his fifty and and he got out new batsman is deepak re by tender usually a good playoff spin Paris katka and again in another boat back into the dugout for Nepal yes and and and obviously their two best batters as well and they've done well throughout the tournament to and then I'm sure the Nepal fans were also counting heavily on at least one of them coming through and playing along innings quick single taken by the penderson selador has done well so far they'd really smartly played past shot third man for four he's smart batting by Sherrod he certainly had to do something to break the shackles he was certainly going through a few dot balls special sort of building and that's the experience of shower coming into play he someone was played for Nepal for a long time and has grown up the ranks of playing under 1517 and the 19th from the apparel and he's come through that sort of a route for for Nepal and she's bringing all that experience here into play indeed you're gonna want to try to predict the type of ball hit straight back to the bowler I know this man would has signaled to another Krishna the team's leg spinner to warm up so I wouldn't be surprised if he is kidding Ananta to the ball which is the case yep exciting young cricketer an entire as well very passionate about his game I don't they usually a big Turner of the ball balls really good wrist spin has a very good flipper well he's gonna have to pull all of that out of this bag of tricks if he used to help Singapore's cause years I had started saying earlier while we wait for the over to start a win today means a lot to the Singapore team and they very well know that ranked overall few not just below Nepal Nepal already is a team with ODI status and a win here and going to the next stage for the World Cup qualifiers will be a big boost for the Singapore boys let's see what they've got coming up from a field perspective Anitha has got a long-gone a deep square leg a midwicket leaving the deep midwicket position open trying to entice the batsman to go over the left side and a shot fine leg swept and swept fine for a couple on the offside sinker post got a shot third man a backward point a cover sweeper and a long off good start where Ananta getting it right up there causing the batsman to create a shot really well bull ban and enticing the batsman to come down the track getting the ball to dip and the best one fortunate enough to get a bit for a bit of an inside edge onto the pad Billy will pull Banta doubted it on to the best ones pads government of ten in one run scored some intelligent polling there saw the batsman ready and wanting to step out at the crease did that the first ball he faced of him as well funny appalled is important that both chard and Dipendra Irie stay at the crease long off a brilliant catch right on the ropes that was a brilliant catch by Jerry Prakash at long off he's taken some good catches this tournament young Prakash as you can see easily they're highlighted over with one hand cash our last Steve Smith what a billion catch all the youngsters watching out there a great lesson in boundary line catching master class thereby gellick Prakash that was probably catch of the tournament cash yes I would have to agree as a new batsman comes into the crease Rohit Kumar the pros Ruth come out pal the new batsman I've just been told in fact I was part of it I should have known the same catch that Johnny Prakash took face similar to what Tim Davis took off the reverse sweep at that point yes Singapore's is Malaysia yes there been earlier highlighted if Singapore had to get some inroads into the Nepal batting lineup they had to feel out of their skin and just with that catch it shows how it can actually demoralize the opponent and as he runs that down to long-on for a single and also lifts the morale of your team when your teammates see you do something spectacular something heroic like that everyone will give him their extra 100 percent on top of what they are doing on the field really well ball violent just outside off stump that's Ito was going 63 for three definitely game on I was going to ask you Sharon and nipples batting depth you've seen them play a couple more matches earlier your thoughts nopales got a got a deep padding line up and and this is where when associate countries play with each other they usually tend to bat deep because of the the caliber of cricket that you play within within Asia they all know each other well similar type of batsman's so they tend to bat deep and the wickets as well in the subcontinent helps them to sort of that deep as well because they're playing in in sort of similar conditions current kc for example a bat battered at number 11 for Nepal and scored a 50 to get them over the line to get ODI status so certainly bad deep and a good slide top all day first up lay down straight down the ground for a boundary cutting the to fielder's into half as I was saying earlier if you want to maximize if your chances of getting that boundary they're gonna hit straight past the baller hit it hard I'm gonna get it nine times out of ten good shot but with good intent even with Nepal three wickets down they're still going for their shots and he's headed straight back to cellar doors taking a cotton ball brilliant brilliant his more than made up for the drop catch earlier and Nepal definitely in a spot upon him now my oh my what are we seeing here cash well for Singapore from here on they just have to keep their bowling type a what does miss feels they will have themselves right in the game I would say all the way through the new batsman into the crease is be not Bhandari the new police we could keep her have you seen him at earlier this tournament not quite cash but I'm glad to see him betting now well Nepali fans will definitely be hoping that he goes on to score a big one from here from the PAL I think they're going to be a bit difficult as you can see there next we back up square for for a single always always a good relief to get off strike and get off the mark first up for for a batsman absolutely cash you touched on this I'll get to that in a second nice to weigh again through the onside for a single by deeper carry cash you touched on what this means for Singapore in terms of an opportunity and just by looking at a couple of the celebrations by the plans it just goes to show what it means to them as well Singapore obviously been working hard over the last 12 months trying to put in the that's great shot by the north vinod correct through the offside for a boundary short ball from selador rock back and taking them through the offside like I was saying cash Singapore have obviously been training for for a good period of time and putting the hard yards especially with members were a lot of working members and coming in to train in the evenings you know from 6:30 Tuesday 12 or even once at times to put in the fitness levels just it goes to show that if the Hardy has been done how much of an opportunity presents want to play good level of cricket but also make it make an impact oh yes absolutely spot-on Deshawn and all the youngsters out there watching as well a lot of you who are passionate about the game we were talking about this earlier as well in the Malaysia Singapore game almost I thought there was going to be another catch behind square there the way the ball ballooned up as you tried to paddle that towards fine leg but yeah that importance of hard work hard work the dedication the sincerity always pays that's really well bowled by another top he is the first bowler to get that much of turn on this on this wicked as well and that is the impact a good luck spanner can make in a squad they certainly go for runs at times but they suddenly pick you the key wickets that you need as well or yes ambitious shot there by Bernard but again he's looking to break the shackles shot ball hit straight through to sweeper on the offside well casually we spoke about how hard the thing about players have been training but a lot of credit has to be given to the the coaches and the support staff as well who day in day out try to make sure the right facility in the right infrastructure is in place for the cricketers owners well pulled again van anta gets the leading edge dot ball Sybilla said bowling coach hardness ood fielding fielding coach we haven't mystery on Arjun min and Jamaal disavow this show Bruce AK all of them spend ample amount of time or played by Deepak just a turn strike off really good bowling here by Anantha really keeping things tight it's great this is great to see that he's making the best we'll think for different shots on executing different shots and getting them to be a bit more ambitious with their cricket and he's keeping things simple yes that's it's a very important point they're keeping it simple when you know again back yourself to to plate the way you do and not taking anything away from from young Ron Rangarajan the way you're better today was just absolutely sensational but what got the better of him was that unconventional shot which like Zubin was mentioning he probably should have tried a bit later in the innings that 50 was is for the taking and he missed out unfortunately the folks if you've just tuned in stinger preparing for winning the toss in batting first scored 192 top score being Tim David and roe and Rangarajan great shot well feel about him really never at Spieker keeping the batsmen to 2 runs yes very good effort there by Timmy's a tall lad not that easy to run and get along the ball to pick that up in the boundary but very good effort that's a slog sweep on to the left side field is getting underneath needed and he's got it though each other he juggled it a couple of times and then has picked up the catch another brilliant catch out there in the end who's taken that my guess would be uh nice perm yeah fumbling a couple of times and he's taken it million catch 79 for five Nepal Singapore at this stage definitely in the driver's seat unless Nepal can pull a rabbit out of a hat Nepal certainly needs something special from this point to get across the line Singapore playing extremely spirited cricket so folks if you just join in Singapore batting first scored 191 for the loss of six wickets Tim David stop Corinne with 77 or 43 Ron Rangarajan is going 49 and month reasoning gaining 42 for Nepal IV nice prahara making up for wickets and current Casey with to Nepal currently 79 for five opened up with Paris cut car and Gannon her mama mama scoring 39 powers getting 12 and since then it's been single digits for Nepal great bowling by salad or good catching by bussing a pro to this point they've certainly been quite energetic and quite spirited on the field oh yes they've made up for those early fumbles and a couple of drop catches in the beginning lifted their game sky high in the air that's taken by chip and Suri when she Nepal six down Singapore certainly certainly will be confident from here on absolutely cash just made me think about the different winners for the major tournaments you had the World Cup in India in 2011 India triumphed you had the woke up in Australia in 2015 well straily came up on top and just the recently concluded World Cup where England came up on top could could they be something called truly called home ground advantage yes it used to be it actually used to be a jinx before it used to be a disadvantage but it's definitely ten eleven last few tournaments and it's dropped off on this Asia final as well for Singapore all you all your youngsters are watching out there some fantastic display of off of outfield catching there by Singapore even the one catch as the dot balls ball that an itch took as well in the second ball of the server he had that presence of mind to juggle it and and still hold on to it that's a close one at the bowlers end nicely by deeper carry backward square leg the new batsman is is the opening bowler for new palace on Park kami Nepal are 80 84 611 I'll take a break from here and Subin will take over welcome back Zubin thank you I I have to admit was getting a bit excited out there it's it's been it's been a terrific performance Singapore have really tightened the pressure and they've caused the batsman from Nepal to force the pace and like I said this is not one of those grounds which you can clear that easily it is very misleading you need to play good cricketing shots and get maximum value that's a close one yes so did it or did it hit him outside the line I'm not sure but yes you're right probably some back in it no it was outside Lake good ball well I was standing in the crowd and when Anantha Krishna started his spell I said this could be the turning moment in the game and then Shaitan surah when she pulled off the most spectacular catch I think that was a catch that met in 10 national standards of spectacular on the boundary it was not a catch he took by the way he landed back inside the Rope that probably made it that and I think that to me is if somebody were to ask me about the turning point of the game was it was that oh yes that catch your speranza win that's exactly what we was saying when that catch was taken although we mistakenly thought it was Jeanette Prakash who took that catch was a Janek Janek I'm sorry okay so played out two words midwicket very well feel it thereby surrender and to cut that down to two sorry that was Tim my apologies folks everything is going for Singapore at this point they're fielding and bowling back aside on top the dives are coming in the balls are being stopped and from here Ronnie Potter will need something superhuman to win the game for them because this asking rate now is almost are probably more than twelve and over and it's a very uphill task from here with only four wickets in EFT in hand indeed with all their all their top batsmen back in the dressing room it's it's going to be a superhuman effort from the lower of the batsman straight that's a very good shot down the track he used his feet very well and hit it for six beautiful shot there by the pre-nursing he's not gonna go down without a fight and he's he's just showing that it's it's something for the fans to cheer about and it tells the Singapore team that this game is far from over they still have four more wickets to get and Nepal lead exactly a hundred and three runs from here spot on the Zubin you just cannot afford to get complacent you have to have to stay in the game all the way through sometimes you know having sitting in that driver's seat sometimes you can get a little bit lazy thinking we've got the game in the back I'm sure you'll be able to share from your experience complacency yes absolutely that's it's been the downfall of many a feeling side from time to time where you know the last two or three wickets have come and taken the game away so Singapore need to be careful here and not not let it slip out of hand quick single taken good feeling good pressure yes slightly expensive this over I still board apples spells so far nineteen in three hours and that one wicket of a spectacular catch oh yes by Janet as I've been corrected and rightly so definitely good figures so far by by Anantha he's got good control that's very important for Alexis Pina Kumar falling his last over starts off with a dot ball it's been a consistent perform of a Singapore over the years selador well bowled again keeping it tight only a single of that ball this shouldn't worry Singapore too much at this stage dot balls and once it's it's as long as they can keep the boundaries down to a minimum exactly this have been Singapore will definitely not be bothered about the ones in twos every so often what's on pollen dependent will be looking for is the boundary and you know he showed us in the previous over-dependence thing that he is no mug with the back he danced on the wicket Anantha is not an easy bowler to step out to he's tall he's quick through the air but the way he played that short told you that there's a lot there as far as the Pender is concerned as a batsman he's a good player hit that now to its tip mate for a couple yes that six was a very good display of of that basics of padding of of you know setting yourself up in that strong base Oh probably hit him outside I'll stamp the point of impact and with selador coming around the wicket this he's probably not gonna get a lot of Kern and the balls probably sliding down that said it's still a good shout I'd like the umpiring in this game it's been very consistent and what I've liked is what I've liked particularly in this tournament is that the umpires haven't been trigger-happy something we've you know I think as a player it's the one thing you want you you're fine with umpires earning on the side of caution then to throw it to the wind another good over by selador that's the end of a spell four wickets for 25 what a performance that is by the Ospina a great spell probably a match to anyone we'll see how the game goes but excellent excellent effort under the circumstances in dates have been very well ball by selador again he did he did that in that game against Malaysia as well the other day some good consistent performances throughout this tournament four wickets today he'll be happy well we could send a final he's held his nerves four wickets in any meaning is a great return for a bowler and in a t20 final of this magnitude it is a huge effort for sure chanax come back in as the best ones taken uh okay there's a bit of miss feel there which is resulted in a for its sloppy on third man boundary they're just trying to get who the fielder was exactly – is it was it surrender now Renan it was surrendering and no actually it was Vijay Kumar Senator Vijay Kumar and like we were talking you know you can't get complacent yes laid out two sweeper and a mix up there and there's a run out there was never a second run in there when the ball was hit out at Dame extra cover and depend is saying obviously understanding that they have to go from try and go for maximum runs every ball took a bit of a big punt there his partner wasn't interested I think it was a swamp all whose run out he was going for the second run deep end there is now on strike yeah my apologies folks that was so polluted that shot and somehow they they obviously did not communicate amongst themselves but the thing that was quite clear from the very beginning that he didn't want the second run but some pal kept running and even though he was fortunate the throw went to the keeper but oh there was plenty of time plenty of 24 sided to come back yes but he just kept running and that did it good take by genic at the bolas end it wasn't not the best opposed by much but Jenna kept his cool caught the ball and took the bills off the umpire clearly had no hesitation in giving that out exactly just that importance of keeping your eyes on the ball that's cool yes a hwhile swing there good good comeback by gellick in this over after going for 14 in his first 100 up hunting for seven not looking pretty when a pal it's an interesting shot there was like a stop pool he's a talented batsman they paid the saying he's got so much time the way he swatted that ball Jonah is he's medium fast and he ducked that in and but the thing I've noticed in this inning in particular has been I'm Jed my boobs free placements which have been pretty spot-on I know I was a little critical in the beginning of the fielder he had a deep square leg on on Reynolds bowling but other than that he's got his fielders in the right place most of the time especially with the catches it looks like a yes thing has gone up Singapore crowds just absolutely going wild out there in the pavilion I can hear the background noise in the background yep there was a big deviation there big deflection off the bat good simple take for 4-month Nepal 8 down Singapore are definitely definitely now right in with this one it is from this point on going to be next to impossible on the problem what Singapore will be looking for now is to get those remaining two wickets and get them quickly to make it a big win for themselves that's what they'll be trying to do 14 gone 101 for 8 folks this live coverage is brought to you exclusively by the Singapore Cricket Association and we sports hope you're enjoying our coverage out at home a lot of work has been put in by the production team in bringing this together as this game progresses towards close do like the Singapore Cricket Association Facebook page as well so wide Jen on getting a bit carried away there and bending is back but losing control of the line and length using a white I think even the captain's gonna forgive him at this stage yes I would say so with this score and this number of wickets you do have a little bit of a leeway of going away with it with a few loose ones finishes off with the dot poll one or two four eight at the end of fourteen exactly 90 runs needed of six hours you could you could probably discuss that if there was you know a far smaller number in that wickets column next to the scoreboard but given the number of wickets they've lost I'm not sure how much of a chance I don't know enough about Nepal Oh or dependent looks good but I don't know how much bus on the rate we can bat it does look to be more of a case of how quickly Singapore can wrap this up now oh yes and it is also about the pressure on the lower of the batsman they might be able to bat and bat well but if chances are that you don't bat out there in the middle that often because your top ordered as well in this kind of situation it makes it even more difficult that's sort of pulled behind square for a for my dipendra we know it's got a finish well here this is an older ball now it's not the new ball that he was bowling with so he probably needs to adjust his line a little bit and move a little more towards the offside because the ball becomes slower of the wicket and that'll give the batsman enough time to place him anywhere on the leg side it was okay that line was okay when the ball is new so he'll just have to make that slight adjustment right about that as well he doesn't mind that single gets the painter off strike no he refuses that run I'm sorry okay the painters gonna do a my indistinct holy now he's gonna farm the strike for us and then look to see there you go he's being held to a single there by the field of there behind square but as he was saying earlier about I'm just feel placements he's been good throughout the tournament even the game against Malaysia he was he was spot-on with his sketches and and the ones out saving the boundaries Allah sanction early I call him the wicked taking arm for the Singapore bowling side more importantly what I feel is he's got he's a very calm and collected individual he he's never ruffled about anything and that's that's something that comes naturally to a to a player and especially a leader yes I'm personally a big fan of the leaders who can keep their calm in the storm and he seems to have that and that is the end of the premise a menacing stopped off a white ball very well bold i IE he saw him charging and hold it wide down the legs and a brilliant take by him entreat saying yes he has that's dumping he has done a good job behind the stumps man preach saying brilliantly taken this reminds me of a stumping in the 96 World Cup in Lucca was I think batting on 96 no this is the game against Australia Luger was going all guns and mock war was bullying Osman and he had him stumped off a white ball he saw him charging and bolded really white of the off stump which was which was you know it's it's etched in my memory and this is again very good bowling by Vinod – he saw the batsman I think and he just slipped her down like side – very very intelligent bowling there and talking about when you talk about calm leaders and you know having having that aspect which is quite important for all the youngsters out there as well you know if you want to want to to lead and lead well there have been himself captain Singapore for a number of years so some good pearls of wisdom there kids if you want to learn to lead well if you look at some of the best captains in cricket you will notice that they give very little away from the emotion on their faces and I was reading Shane Warne's book no-spin recently and he rates Mark Taylor as one of the best Allen boarder and Marc Gill as the two best captains he's played under and has wrapped it up fantastic fantastic win for the boys as you could see the celebration so them going wild out there the crowd is just loud cheer icc t20 World Cup qualifiers Asia final they'll be going down to the bye I believe in September to play the next round out of which six teams will progress to Australia next year in October for the t20 World Cup well done team Singapore spectacular win very happy for the boys it's been it's been a lot of hard work by a lot of people not just in the team but even behind the scenes and a huge congratulations to all the people involved in the Association in the coaching staff the support staff the all the administrators of the game spectacular effort congratulations to Singapore folks stay stay tuned in because we will also bring you some interviews with the players will try and do that for you and we will also have the presentations coming up – this has been an exciting win for Singapore we will we will definitely try our best to to talk to a couple of the players at the same time folks I would also like to thank my fellow commentators Ruben as well as Sharon it has been an absolute pleasure to bring this game to you guys out there on your screens hope you enjoyed the coverage I mean thank you very much sheer joy being here and congratulations once again commiserations to Nepal but a huge margin of defeat there very well played by Singapore in folks

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