welcome to the vlog welcome to another
awesome day if you're new here I'm Stephen Sharer and I'm part of the Sharer Fam
them stuff best family on YouTube if you haven't already hit that subscribe
button look at this log started shaking Josh they are back shares you can
remember last time we did some pretty epic videos with them and today we
reduce more videos and all right whoa you get the started trampoline nerf war
let's do this but before we can get started where's uh Carter you ready to
get this nerf war started oh yes nurturing war started Jake and
Josh Berg come in whoa let's do this grab all right we're here what are you
guys up to dance me Lu dunks like this
but but so shares we are back at launch
trampoline park there's a lot of stuff to do here they have these awesome
basketball hoop things Josh the you can dunk just do it trick shot Oh the trick
shot master oh yeah we got you guys gonna do a battle alright this is warm
up for the nerf war go one before I never started Carter one chairs I think
I got a battle Carter real quick full card I got the green one pick up the
yellow one oh yeah there's a lot to do I just earned the launch Tripoli Park you
guys ready to go do trample the endings the first ever nerf trampoline war
yeah it might feel good great do it yeah place you give you the route the rules
are whatever I say goes so let's get started let's go oh yes tears now it is time for the dirt
trampling more the rules are there are no rules tip is the center line we're on
a dodgeball course here hope you got news in that whistle blows press the
middle take up your nerf round of choice they get back okay sure so for this turf
war we have team cake and job okay so the rules are once I say get
ready set go Team Jacob drop and roses – run – no
breath between gun and whoever gets hit by here we go Duchess gets even three to
one Oh first up shut yo live it up oh go for jig let's do it here we go
three two watch out corn I'm going through Wow hey
coach take over together okay come in hang onto I'm going to
speak up you have an attack here we go let's do this
three two one go I got hit I got hit okay dude my god now
my god I need to go grab some air okay here goes okay Josh medow won this battle but
we've got one more competition yeah it's not over yeah that's right the next
competition is the best nerve crippling tricks you ready for this yeah whoo this
competition we need to get to take our own nerve bed we're gonna go to the
crash pad so let's bounce away over there so we got the cross bed over there we
get one bouncing trampoline here you get one chance to do the coolest trick ever
a chair it's up to you to vote does the coolest thing shares the rules are you
actually have to fire the nurse sir in the air it's doesn't fire doesn't count we thrive there's no retries even you blew it
that's it you had one try and you messed up you think we should give a refund
it's a bold strategy to not jump in a competition about something yeah I mean
I get just upstairs if you vote for it you still have a chance to win so let's
move on if you want to go next yeah I'll do it okay let's go Jake okay that did
not go as planned I was gonna try to do a crazy awesome flip and then fire in
the air but something happened but shares you can still vote for me okay up
next is Jake let's do it you ready great here we go that was awesome that was pretty awesome
let's check out the slow-mo ski because if he doesn't shoot the nurse right it
doesn't count remember that I think it fired straight up take it up okay okay
you did fire that is the point shares on my dick you think that's the best one
boots up next job you up let's do that alright Josh you got the wreck and got
the wreck in ready to do this it did a really cool flip I can't really do a
flip I've got something in my all right let's do this
all right here we go in 3 2 1 go that was crazy let's replay that see the
nerves are actually fired Derk are fired so that is a boring so
under the light shot under the leg shot that was crazy Sharers job if you
think it's the coolest I think pardon table oh yeah I guess I'm
the last one to go order what gun you're gonna use I'm gonna be doing the nerf
mega woodshop now stretch this actually might be a little bit difficult because
this nerf gun is actually pretty heavy so part of it might not be a big you
might not got to get it around in time by the let's see how he does it all
right Sharers smash leg one for Carter three two one nerf trickshot and go oh
here we go and and go
no chairs that look pretty cool Ezra plans for my seasoner Fred's actually
fired like inspires your partner that is a boy
whoa no the shares of the boat remember oh yeah the Sharer has to both go down
sexy you think I was the best hashtag Carter I will take Josh our house take
Jake who do you think had the best trick so far hey what about Liz oh yeah oh
yeah I get an extra turn won't get Liz thanks so much
okay looks like I'm up again and this time I'm gonna use a lighter gun the
brain saw super light super easy let's do this best trick ever here we go he
think he's gonna be able to flip this one he's gonna be pretty sweet if he
does yeah I think so too but uh what do you think Jake yeah okay hi guys Dave
wait I mean with this is Liz this is Liz return this is perhaps a quiz because
did this Liz this trick with Steve is going first ahead night Liz be likely to
see here we did it that was awesome Stephen I mean Liz that
was great oh yeah come on I said Liz do you think that was the best one
okay Sharers well there you have it that was the best family trick ever
okay Sharers a terrible cycle is if you thought my trick was the coolest house
shake Steve it let's check Jake hashtag Josh oh and
hashtag quarter view mine was cool too and go and see more epic Triple E
challenges head over to take a just channel right now and until next time
you know what to do. Stay awesome and share the love, peace!

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