42 Replies to “NEW Andro Table Tennis Blades 2018”

  1. Nice video. Definitely a good move from Andro, with so many blades it's hard to choose one, and many times you just stick to one because you tried too much 🙂

  2. I'm also playing with Trieber Z — love the blade, except that its FL handle is a little bit too thin for me (I enjoy shapes of Nittaku's FL more, for example).

  3. I'm currently looking at the Andro line. Only I need a bigger/thicker handle like (or even bigger) than the Stiga Legend handle. Why don't manufacturers increase the handle size for Western countries?

    I suggest Andro showcase each blade/line on YouTube.

  4. Hey Dan, can you review DHS Hurricane 301? its gaining popularity in TT forums lately as players started comparing it with Butterfly Viscaria . I would like to see you using, reviewing it.

  5. In my opinion is a nice idea to simplify the choice of table tennis blade. Sometimes it's a hassle, especially for beginners that don't have any idea about well they need to buy. As an advanced with such as experience, I can perfectly know what im choosing but not everyone knows about table tennis gear.
    When Damienn was a sponsored Thibar player I bought his blade…. Balsa core super light as a feather and violin shape… IMO, one of the worst blade ive ever had, balsa made it really slow and fragile.
    TT brands should also agree a common measurement method about rubbers: some parameters like speed/Spin/control are not really accurate and mostly subjective

  6. I like their approach. When someone that is new to table tennis looks at butterfly blades he sees the viscaria, Timo boll spirit, alc, Marcos Freitas, inner force alc, zjk alc. We all know they are very similar if not almost the same, but newer players might be confused. But I also wouldn't like butterfly to cut out all except the one, cause I still like to have a viscaria or Timo boll alc

  7. Its better if Andro compare all blade performance by graph, just like butterfly / nittaku. For example speed(/reaction) and vibration

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