16 Replies to “New leather mask and shoulders protector for longsword fencing”

  1. Very nice work.

    We have been using upside down face grills from hockey masks, covering them with leather for protection on the back of the head, but I like how yours protects the shoulders and gives better protection for the top of the face and temples.

  2. Top leather is about 2.5mm thick Padding from 4-6-8mm, thicker padding is in more exposed parts or how who wants.

  3. Thanks Anton. Though Google translator sucks, I did understand most of it. I think it's a fair price for the piece of equipment.

  4. looks great – this sort of protection is absolutely necessary. what grade leather are you using? what thickness padding?
    We're adding boiled leather sections to our masks – especially for the forehead and side of head. good stuff!

  5. @Leondrian Hi Robert, all info are available at our web site. Link is in description and English translation will be tomorrow. But in the footer of the website there is a google translate selectbox. You can try it. Thank you for interest.

  6. Looks very interesting, especially as my shoulder bones are very conspicuous, and therefor often hit causing me a lot of pain. Do you have any estimated price yet, please in Euros?

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