New Mexico Elk Hunting – Archery Elk Hunt – Full Hunt

New Mexico Elk Hunting – Archery Elk Hunt – Full Hunt

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  1. Amazing bull and amazing video dude! I love your humble and calm demeanor through it all. I have a 16b late archery tag this season and I’m trying to learn everything I can about the area and the herd dynamics there. I’ve never been a trophy hunter, but I want to do justice to the class of animals that live there. I’ve been working on my field judging and your video is great for that. Would you mind telling the score of this bull? Also, I never saw you call in this video. Do you just Stalk in close to a big bull and wait on an opportunity? Thanks!

  2. I didn't think you looked that much like an elk for someone to shoot at you!!.
    I am going on my first ever elk hunt this year. Trying to learn how to score them…
    Nice video footage

  3. Have you seen the rut that crazy recently? Seems like the rut is getting later and later in our area. Thanks man super cool videos!! When was this video taken? Thanks

  4. Another awesome hunt! Thanks for sharing this video rob loved the footage, look foward to future videos. 🚙

  5. Oh, I forgot to comment on almost getting shot. Wow, that was crazy!! Glad you weren't shot. I think I would've tried to find the guy shooting and let him know about it.

  6. Great video! I would love to be there filming for you. It's a shame you get all that great footage yet don't have someone filming your shot. Congrats on the monster bull! I've got one P&Y bull with my recurve in the past, but unfortunately I haven't hunted elk with my bow since 2002. I'm going to Idaho this fall with a few of my buddies from back east. I can't wait. Your video has me even more excited. I watched a few of your other videos too. Very nicely done.

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