New Shooting Range & Targets + DIY $100 Plate Rack

New Shooting Range & Targets + DIY $100 Plate Rack

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  1. Go to the local bowling alley and get bowling pins, usually free but can be had cheap. They make great targets

  2. Use balloons filled them with confetti cheap and hard to hit you can adjust them to any size you like

  3. Hey I notice your SBR, sorry to bring notice to it but I notice the vertical grip on your SBR. Did you get it tax stamp or did you prefer the stock you have on it.

  4. working on a range as well, bullseye, you can find them on e bay and amazon, the least expensive ar 500 I've found. if you find cheaper let me know, still need more here. paper Target stand, use chicken wire for the back board, then buy 80pc ss clips off amazon for cheap, no staple gun needed and paper targets go up and come off ez pz.. 50 ft roll of chicken netting will last long time.. just a tad over $100 in my 3/8" 6 inch 6 plate dueling tree..

  5. You should have alot more subscribers always enjoyable to watch your channel have a good day and stay

  6. Very nice setup. ย I'm jealous that I don't live out in the country and can have this in my backyard.

  7. Good shit man, I really need to tidy up my range, I'm sure I could make it better for training instead of how I have everything just thrown around

  8. how about the Polish spinner and texas star. i have found moving targets are so much more difficult.

  9. with the knockdown targets u can use rebar and weld small steel plates to the top and hammer them into the ground that's what I've always done

  10. dude you need to get your hands on a Steyr M9-A1, thing is seriously BA. I have a video on it but id love to see what you thought

  11. Looks great !!!! I'm looking forward to your new action video series on your rebuilt range. I know alot of us are a little jealous BC we don't live in a area that would provide us with the ability to go out the back door and be able to shoot. I need to move lol !!!!!

  12. You have the perfect 'back behind the house' range. It's good sized, has plenty of targets, but isn't overly huge or expensive.

  13. Looking good. Although, I think Hickok has us all beat with his personal range(s).

    I was recently in the AR500 Armor store in North Phoenix and they currently have a sale on a 4-piece steel target set. Occasionally they have in-store only deals that any of your viewers who may live in Arizona, might want to check out. They also have a payment plan for those who wish to go that route.

    Keep up the good work my friend.

  14. Texas star would be awesome. Very high challenge to shoot. Only other this Id do is shore up your targets a bit so they cant blow over. Add wider legs is the easiest way.

  15. So whats the deal with the vertical grip on the pistol? Was the ATF making up bullshit about that also?

  16. I know first hand how hard it is to shoot videos in our Iowa wind. I am looking into some sound options myself to deal with that.
    More moving objects for targets for sure. Texas star is a great start. Looking at options myself. What about building a resetable plate rack? If you go with a cardboard rack there is some great ideas for targets that turn flat. Sort of a shoot/ no shoot target. Might not be the best thing with our Iowa winds… LOL

  17. Any knowledge of steel targets with chest,head cut out that move when hitting them.kill boxes ? In vitals ? Thanks I'M JEALOUS ๐Ÿ‘

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