*NEW* SNAKE ARCHERS vs ZEUS! – TABS 2019 Early Access Gameplay Part 1 | Pungence

*NEW* SNAKE ARCHERS vs ZEUS! – TABS 2019 Early Access Gameplay Part 1 | Pungence

oh this is gonna be an interesting matchup picking it up and the eyes on the snake pose actually blank look at that oh this guy's gonna do it this guy's got a small head wait oh no guys okay I I heard I need to be recording when I first opened the game do we just get rickrolled just kidding okay that was close it's April Fool's Day by the way the game is actually out okay I thought we just got April Fool's happy Falls day you can kiss me my heart is like pounding well good a totally accurate paddle simulator guys this is actually happening okay so first of all guys happy April Fool's Day is that what you say I think he usually just trick people ho but dude they aren't tricking us so guys for those of you who don't know totally accurate paddle simulator is one of my favorite games I've ever played on the channel and I think it's a lot of your favorites – I still get requests this day to play it and guys it's been over two years almost three years as we've had a new update on the game and they're finally releasing I think it's an early access okay so let's see if we can get to the title screen actually okay let's do it this as the game is in early access which means you might encounter weird annoying at some times game breaking bugs don't worry working on them during the time the game is in early access you can expect regular updates – dan is so amazing where we fix bugs and add more content to the game in case I was really hoping for that because I just didn't want them to release the game and just leave it alone so we're gonna be kidding updates if you encounter fogs email this email him or factions units and maps are call Meg you can find the list of all things included in the Kurvers of the game and what's to come here we couldn't have done this without the amazing support of the tatts community that has been with us since 2016 we value all the feedback suggestions and encouragement we've gotten so far and look forward to finally having you play the game enjoy guys I can't believe it I can't believe we're actually playing this game so here's here's the thing on April Fool's Day they usually release like some kind of do don't we have a panel going on right here we got a battle going on in the title screen this is crazy so what is that game bed versus some kind of Archer guys just shooting some kind of arrows but yeah so the past couple years on April Fool's Day they've released like totally accurate battlegrounds I think and super truck and it puts it like really great games but this year they're actually releasing totally accurate battle simulator guys I don't know how many times I can say I'm so excited to play this game so guys let's go crazy we gotta go crazy we gotta celebrate this is a huge huge day so our like goal has to be huge it has to be monstrous okay guys call me you know call me crazy but what do you think about 30,000 likes 30,000 likes it's crazy it's an absolutely insane light bulb but guys we've been building up for almost three years so if you've been saving that like let's use it right now the more likes we get the more videos I'll do so guys this is what we have so far we have a campaign with 50 levels let's actually take a look at that campaign Oh does the official landfall campaign have fun and enjoy okay so yeah there's 50 levels in the campaign and we have sandbox mode which I love we got five factions and a bunch of units and they say this is what's calming five more factions a unit creator which i think is this grayed out thing and we're gonna have a faction creator we're gonna have a battle creator and a campaign creator I don't know what some of that stuff is but guys I'm already starting to think of some ideas for a faction creator dude if you have any ideas let me know too so guys for today's video let's hop into the campaign let's see how many levels we can get done today and maybe we'll do some sandbox 2 and guys as usual you gotta put in the comments some matchups you want to see so we got clubs we got Spears ok so we're going like pretty prehistoric up to tweet what hello there's a faction called hello we have priests we got twin Lords we got the king we got a ballista I remember the police those zoo I'm a sous give me Zeus big brawl is that is Big Brother the biggest boars and Birds long shifts and all in kids that's a lot of units so we're gonna check out as many as we can today and if you have a favorite let me know any comments what your favorite is okay clubs here we go first okay this is the first battle ever look at this user interface it's like a dream it's like it's a dream come true this is literally a dream come true okay so we have 600 okay so we're going up against some club guys we're going up against some club guys so if I hit half I can just take a look at them just Club guys okay so they're like caveman or something – they actually have like braces on their arms and stuff guys oh those are spikes dance or something he's happy hey dude this is so beautiful okay um so what do we want so we get some clobbers let's get some clobbers and i wonder if we was it shift or was it control I feel like there was something where we could have them all in a straight line before guys if you remember and let me know in the comments okay let's get rid of some of these guys let's get some protectors in the front to protect of course they don't have any protectors and we got to get at least a spear thrower we don't want to decide cuz I don't want to spear my own guys okay let's do this do we get stoner uh bow mage chieftain mammoth guys let's do it let's do it this is our first battle ever first battle ever I wonder if I could change the sensitivity I feel like I need to whoa okay let's go slow-motion and you're the left mouse button and it goes slow motion okay this protector yes our spear thrower is gonna win it for us spear him spear him and actually I dig they said you can hit g4 super slow motion and so this is super slow-motion okay so I just hit G and it toggles the super slow-motion guys this is cool so we have that now he's moving but it's super slow and I think if we hit T it frees his time so let's chuckle this off T freezes time this is new guys we were never able to pause it before okay does he have like a skull protecting his skull he's got a skull protector in his skull okay finish it out whoa come on spear thrower you're my last hope you're my finally your final all last hope final hope what is it hey you're my only hope victory press tab to continue guys we did it first try he can't see look at this guy what are you looking at shifty googly eyes okay guys first level first try let's move on okay so we just beat clubs what do we got next okay so we're going up against a bunch of spear throwers so what is this like logo thing I'm not sure what that is in the bottom left next to 800 okay dude so look at all these other factions wait a minute so it said we have 5x yeah so these must be the factions that are coming so we have five factions so far and also guys I'll put a link in the description if you want to check out the game for yourselves so okay this might be tall so we need at least a couple spear throwers to combat um let's keep them let's keep them back here and we'll get some protectors yeah these protectors are gonna be very important protection wise okay some protectors right there there and there and then some clobbers here here and oh we're running low okay I think the protectors are gonna be the best against the spears let's just try it guys let's just try it and let's get in there okay yes you can't spear my protectors you did you get us Bo Rai protectors yes protect look at that great oh look a that great protecting look at that Oh because the sound effects are amazing okay that's weird row dispute doors are amazing okay I slowed it down a little bit and watch this spear thrower – oh we did it I want to see that spear throw okay do first try what killing it guys first new levels first try okay we at 1200 that's a that's a bunch of clubbers and so I think we have to unlock the new units I guess this is a new guy okay it looks like this is a STONER and that's a bone mage guys let's take a look let's take a look at these guys sigelei this bone mage okay whoa his staff blinks to his standpoints – how is that possible this is stoner he's got like bones on his necklace – look at the detail case the detail is pretty amazing okay what's his pic here oh it's like a dream catcher or something okay so how beautiful is this game please tell me please tell me how beautiful this game is on a scale from one to 30,000 okay what are we gonna do we have 12,000 credits or money or something okay these are the only units we can use okay there's two a bunch of clobbers is all about strategy okay luckily they don't have any spear throwers I think that's how we're gonna beat them okay we'll do four spear throwers maybe five maybe six do I have enough for protectors okay guys this I don't know me I'm not sure what the strategy should be here okay Colombes r16 let's just go with it let's just go with it guys here we go here we go whoa wait a minute I think we already got the mage guy I don't even know if the mage guy does spirit about the beginning oh oh that's a lot of clock guys that's gonna be tough against those bald guys okay this stoner you're gonna stone and you're gonna stole he's picking it up and go oh boy club guys are going crazy okay hi oh there's a strong guy born a stone Oh this tall guy still alive spear man um hit him dude dad did that just go right through him did it go right through it oh no hitter with the stone directed oh did you see me with that stone oh oh boy okay spearmint throw spear please throw spear throw spear oh you missed no good okay yes okay these two spear guys are our only hope come on you guys close those Spears those are Spears um we're in trouble throws beer yes oh no he's older my protector these will do my protector shield that's a fake shield you stole my shield and throw we're gonna lose that's not good this give me a first loss okay we gotta change up our strategy what if we got rid of all the club guys just did protectors focus on protectors I think the protectors are better and get one more spear thrower and put him like way back here people put the spear throwers a little farther yeah let's do that okay guys formation can play a big role formation can play a big role and here we go hmm whoa oh my goodness that's what the mage does cuz that reminds me of like the dark peasant didn't the turpin used to do something like that where he brought something up in the ground okay these spear guys are about to go crazy okay get the stone guy oh yeah this dog guy that is on guys he's bold oh my default is freaking his own okay oh she's fooling his home guys yeah the spear guys being farther away is kind of helpful both there was a good hit and it was a good hit how many they have left I think we're gonna win I think we're gonna win one more spear I think is this guy this guy's gonna do it okay guys how amazing is this how amazing is this game okay now we can get some stoners in there 160 oh oh okay so guys is this happening right now is this seriously happening right now we got one guy dancing this guy's dance at all I think is Arvind Stark find his body or something and I think he's glitched but it kind of looks like he sticks his eyeballs going up and down hey what do you think II think he's dancing or do you think he's glitched case that is really funny okay look at all these protectors we gotta go to I think this is gonna be perfect for the stoners the stoners will knock them down and that'll give plenty of plenty of room for the spear guys to throw some Spears that's gonna be my strategy okay guys let's try it also I don't want to see if I can change my mouse sensitivity because I feel like I'd like it a little faster okay gameplay oh that doesn't do anything controls audio video oh I can't change it right now okay I don't think we can change it yet alright so guys we need some stoners we need so nerd here and here here and here yeah we need them we need a bowl in these guys we need we need a strike here we pretty much need a strike okay and spear spear hey guys don't you know don't forget the protectors don't forget the protectors you know having the protectors in front of spear guys will be very good and don't count out the club guys these are gonna be I don't know this is gonna be kind of our Last Stand thing one more stoner and we'll put them like I don't know just put him here guys I don't know if this is gonna work but we gotta try it we gotta try it come on stoners throw some stones do bola strike Dada demolish dum so we still have like three or four protectors we have three or four protectors and everything Oh guys that's a lot of clubs – please ball a strike bro – we got to spear guys and what are two stoners where are you looking can you get a collateral okay let's just clear it guys whatever we did it was very wrong what if we just did all stoners let's just see what happens we'll just go full speed all stoners just see what happens dude that's it that's actually not bad it does take a while to respawn and you throw them again okay bola strike oh please that's right yes yes so doing it kind of whoa wait a minute guys okay guys what just happened this guy's got a small head I thought it I thought I heard higher pitch boys these kids are higher pitched voice and a small so that must be random where every what's a while they'll have like a small head and a high-pitched voice dude you gotta be kidding oh you just got my high pitch voice guy hey I think did we do better I think it was about the same I was about the same as last time oh boy oh we have access to the bone mage did he always have access to the Palm Beach how long if I had access to the ball mage okay let's hear the bone mates then okay let's do a close bone age and we'll do a far ball mage right okay donors to knock down the barricades we'll get some spear throwers maybe like to spear throwers that great honestly the spear throwers don't seem to be very effective and some clubbers just to get them keep them busy keep them occupied okay you gotta believe me there's a lot of strategy involved yeah there's a lot of strategy ball okay come on bone mages I need you to do something good I need you to just destroy them and here we go oh dude are you serious are you serious that's what the bone page does salute bone mate I love bone mage okay how many did I do did I only have one bone age okay oh I think I had all dares the other one dies dance how you do it hit the page in here okay um I need this bone mage to get these other guys dude okay home age home age I need you I need you do your thing again do your thing bone age we got to to Paul Magers come in case we did it okay well that would have been easier if I knew about the bone mage from the star but me I don't know maybe if you can't beat a level then they give you another unit I think it was always available what is this now tomahawk guys oh boy damn looks like that bog guys oh and this guy's bouncing he's ready okay do we got these small head guys whoa okay some of these guys are different so some of them have tomahawks and some of them have like tomahawks tell it to Hawks it's all just have their arms out dude is he one of these eyes are bigger his eyes are bigger than the other okay I do like how there's some variation whoa he's gotten sup small googly eyes I love how there's some variation guys thats Paul head guy was hilarious dude I can take you all out with one bone mage make it two make it three dude are these guys actually gonna be that hard let's get a lot of bone mages it seems like the bone mage that's like that's where it's at that changed the game that changed the game when I got those guys in there okay and maybe they will get some protectors and some clubbers just keep them busy and that should do it guys here we go you can't you can't stand up against my bone mages do this to kind of a top-down look okay that was good listen to this sound effects when I let go and go back into slow-mo whoa to my bone mage explode my guys oh this is not as easy as I talked to my ball mage kosher chance he's left it I know oh boy these tomahawk guys are pretty good what are you doing missing Oh let's see what these tomahawk guys got pretty good okay baby we'll get rid of the club guys get some more bone mages how about that getting a bow mate get it guys really do anything it's getting on a bone mage over here yeah they won't even see him coming in another spear thrower sniper guys it's just this easy it's just this easy get bow mage woo give omae's you know what I bet these guys have a lot of help can we see the stats on these guys I would like to see stats and all Majo okay so they're getting bone mage but they're still alive that's the problem so we're only getting like one hit on them dude oh my goodness the pole mates are you trying to hit him with his staff I think they're just too powerful okay so what are we gonna do and hit him he missed boom a missed ooh what we gonna do oh we need something that with the highest damage we gotta figure out who has the highest damage let's just try all stoners I don't know maybe the stoners do a lot of damage this is gonna be interesting that was good although it's taking them too long to get more stones take them too long to get more stones this I don't know this is a little better than last one okay it's a ruby three to be to the stone is the stone was stuck behind him wait it's a 1v1 this stone is messed up dude are you serious oh my goodness guys my sweaty do you see my sweat dude damn boys is close as it gets look at that time a hawk going flying okay guys let's take a look at the sandbox mode I don't even know what level we're on what was that noise I don't know what level we're on but let's take a look at sandbox okay so campaign we did one two three four five looks like where it's something sneaky so we've done five levels it's pretty good let's take Oh Mammoth's tooth that's a big mammoth okay let's go into sandbox dude look at all these levels simulation tribal one two farmer Wow okay so he got some levels what do we have before like four or five levels so simulation that's probably like the title screen tribal is probably what we were just at and let's go to like ancient sandbox okay whoa look at this level this is actually really big guys these levels are next level no pun intended yeah because these are next level 2 these are a lot bigger than the originals okay now I'm starting to see why it took two or three years okay so let's get a match going so okay we have access to all the units – let's just pick some randoms so let's do like hay baler seriously a hay baler a potion seller okay what dude it's actually a bale of hay okay let's think about this let's take a look do the mammoth is in that one okay let's just take a look halfling farmer hay baler potion seller harvester wheelbarrow scarecrow bard Squire Archer priest Knight catapult King king cerissa sounds like a name shield-bearer hoplite snake arch herbalist of Minotaur Zeus you gotta be kidding me head butter ice Archer brawler Berserker Valkyrie Jarl longship – and there is an arrow is there any more so they're probably gonna be adding more eventually oh my goodness what is this ancient tank in cerissa wait it's it's IRISA before ancient tank what does that look like oh that's an ancient tank it's a guy on someone's shoulder it's yeah dude that's crazy what's this all about whoa okay well against these guys I think we're gonna need a lot of help hey bailers okay let's just see what happens so let's see what this IRISA is all about okay so Wow dude he's got a pretty much just a big stick that looks pretty powerful and this guy here this guy he's protected by that shield guy – the sarissas gotta have a lot of help right nope maybe not as much as I thought okay guys I want to think of some matchups that would be really really interesting guys I showed you all the units we got two in these the ones that are coming these the other factions coming but yeah out of the units you've seen at least the names let me know this might be is in the comments okay guys I gotta see this snake Archer let's put the snake Archer on this side and we're gonna take I don't know me and how many units do we have to sit okay it doesn't tell us how many we have but that looks like maybe 50 and let's put them up against the Minotaur guys I have a feeling this Minotaur is gonna be really powerful okay to locate them in a dark okay guys let's get a close-up let's get it close over this guy dude he looks like he's ready to fight he's ready to fight I bet he has a ton of health okay how about these snake archers – look at this – the snakes eyes blink please – oh my goodness the eyes on the snake pose actually blinked and where are the snakes let's check out the quiver okay so those the arrows I don't see any snakes in there so some of the guys are taller than some of the other ones I don't see these small heads okay guys let's see what happens in three two one go okay dude let's see these snakes let's see these things oh my goodness whoa listen to those snakes Oh guys the snakes are life his necks are alive dude he's destroyed by these snakes how is he still alive he has to have a dawna house the snake archers are just came they're just standing there whoa did you hear his voice that looks like it hurts is he beating the snakes he's coming for him hit him in the crotch oh okay guys he almost got to home okay guys let's try one more matchup let's put these snake archers up against Zoo this is probably gonna be a lot more difficult – are you serious look at those lightning bolts he's holding lightning bolts oh he's ready he's ready this looks like it almost looks like Zeus is stomping grounds really I think he's got home court advantage okay I got a feeling he is super powerful well look at him he looks even a lot bigger than those guys yeah this is gonna be an interesting matchup okay guys let's start it in three two one oh my goodness dude he's coming Adam oh boy oops I guess he doesn't have that much out okay let's try that again with a few less archers come on Zeus let's see what you got Judy zapping oh my goodness that hurt good guys there was only one lightning ball oh my goodness it zaps everyone around oh you guys are gonna need to choose some more snakes if you're gonna get him hey you guys gotta shoot some more snakes oh he's gonna snake right behind him about to bite what oh he's at the snake this is gonna do it man is that God oh okay so I think it can handle a few more let's get a few more mergers in there and I think this is gonna be a perfectly even battle oh my goodness okay they knocked him down okay inactive dad you gotta get back up dude he's a pit of snakes and he's that for the snakes whoa did you stab himself I think the snakes got him fuck guys that lightning looks amazing okay guys I could just keep going on all day this is probably a really long video but it's been so long since we've had an off day and I'm just loving it guys like I said let's say four thirty thousand likes we've had three years to save up for it and guys if you want to see more totally accurate battle simulator I have a whole playlist with a ton of videos you guys if you're not already subscribed make sure to do that hit the bell you'll get a reminder every time I upload a video kiss guys I'm gonna be playing a lot of this game guys thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time the moment of truth let's see if this thing is going to do it so pundits gone oh it turns everyone to budgets no no II got crazy red shark – he's going in

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  1. Uhm " Sarissa" is actually vlad from another update. They arent supose to be in the game the sarissa and ancient tank.

  2. 21:22 Alright who gave dis dude a hard stone ball. He putting it up his butt and he kissed the tomahawk guy to death

  3. Pungence when you were fighting with the bone mage did you notice? fly super high and don’t you notice that they are facing in a arrow

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