New Trend In Table Tennis: Harimoto Tomokazu

New Trend In Table Tennis: Harimoto Tomokazu

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  1. Why Harimoto Tomokazu improved so fast?

    Read here:

  2. How we can adapt the equipment for the new trend like this? What kind of equipment we need? Is it harder n spinny rubber? Or we should change to softer one? Please your comment.

  3. excellant analysis ! thanks emratthich coach~and plus…my opinion is everyone has different prime when i see Zangjike's eye he doent have much passion and will to win.because he achieved every carrer in table tennis history. he is a Harimoto will be a legend – love his passion eyes, roar, will to win.

  4. Actually the new style started with Liu Shiwen. Harimoto is the first to almost match her reaction time. You'll also need lighter blades, and carbon, which feels unnatural.

  5. I'm more of a tennis player than table tennis player, but to me, it seems like a slower ball would actually make it easier for the old school, huge looping swing, hit every ball with the forehand type players.

    It's similar to what you see with clay court tennis actually. Slower balls/courts benefit players with longer swings who like to stand farther back and run around every ball and hit it with their forehand.

  6. so what is the best equipment set up now for the new trend?is it still flexible blade and harder rubber for the spin and kick effect?since the new ball according to this video we should focus on speed, we do need to change to a faster set up right?

  7. Have you noticed when audience cheers the most? It is when longer rallies happen and players show amazing skill. That is being removed. There was complaint about table tennis decline and we need more participation from public. Yeah we definitely want to have fun watching it. That has been effectively removed. An other half baked idea gone predictably wrong. Nobody bothered to test it and only now when in full swing we have game which is not pretty and seems too late to reverse. I wonder who made money of this one.

  8. In summary. This new ball is not good move. The game is not pretty. Just today I watched FZD vs Liang. It was boring event. Two balls and error. What a shit. If the rubbers do not advance in their specs to make up for new ball hindrances it will not be such fun to watch.

  9. Can you do a video on what specific things us amateurs should be doing to adapt? At the end of the video you mention something equipment changes but was us a suggestion or question?

  10. it is here now to stay but smaller ball made for better matches and forced players to have better overall skills imho. i have some new older celluloid balls since i don't really play anymore. i remember playing with the rose 40 mm when it first came out it was ok. i'll remember your advice on how to hit the 40+ balls though. thx so much.

    because i have a bad hip i will have to play closer to the table anyway. usually my came was close to mid distance attack anyway. very spiny loop on both sides and strong dangerous back hand drive too. I WILL ADAPT TO PLAY THE STYLE OF TAKING MY PADDLE STRAIGHT BACK MORE THAN MY NORMAL LOW DIPPING FOREHAND DRIVE/LOOP.

  11. I love your videos. Im in the west and while your accent is to not too hard to understand I do really appreciate the subtitles. Keep up the good stuff

  12. Cool video, and your English is great!
    here's a suggestion how to make it better – make the introduction no longer than 30 sec (instead of 2:47 as in this video). In intro just tell what it is about and why it's important – then get straight to the point. Your subscribers will love it!

  13. Eam Rat Thic– Actually this technique many player like Harimoto in amateur level..just simple play..wait at close table and waiting for spiny or loop ball then just tap or slap the ball..but in profesional, as an audience, we do not like to watch playing style like that because it really boring..harimoto just share and give back another player ball..if the ball is a lot of spiny or power drive we just tap/slap that bal..l but if the ball have variation or weak return ball this playing style was in trouble..maybe in professional is new trend but in amateur level many people playing like that, just wait at close the table and tapping the ball..the different harimoto and amateur level is he can do it better than we all..In amateur level playing like Ma Long is a bit, but in amateur we have a lot playing style like harimoto–wait at close table then push or slap that ball..

  14. Wen ZJ was olympic and world champion the ball was the same,(offcourse all what u say in the video is true) he was playing must better than now…so i don't think harimoto will have any chance or any other player against ZJ at that moment…considering how is(harimoto) plyaing rigth now.

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