New Turkish laminated Bow by AF Archery – Review

New Turkish laminated Bow by AF Archery – Review

welcome back to the world-famous okay welcome back to the famous okay welcome back to my archery channel motor archery here and look what we have today a Chinese sword not just joking heavily requested and one of my students and Friends a when bought one from the internet because unfortunately when you buy these bows from eBay you can get them cheaper as this company is giving me the reseller condition so it makes no sense to sell these bows here because what do you think from China not too expensive and it's a pretty pretty sleeve if it's only a little long but it's one of the most beautiful sleeves I've seen lately recently unboxing is quickly done look at this what comes out hotter tops the string the string is here this is the short Turkish bow the string is kidding it's not nice AFR Jerry the trough Turkish bow from a yes archery okay and this is quite a beautiful piece and has a lot of technical specs to it so what you get first of all is you can get this bow from 20 to 50 pounds has a length they say of 117 centimeters was during his 114 the price is very interesting is $149 +5 dollars shipping and for this price you get a quite pretty looking Turkish bow with a green leather wrapped handle an arrow pass and the rest here that looks a little like we know from other boat builders then here you have your logo if archery 28 inches 35 pounds we have smaller string that's you don't know is very thin and narrow CEA's the wood looks very good I don't know which would this is what it looks very good and everything is nice and shiny so we have the price interesting on this boat is it has a mixture of 32 inches I say and what I like so what what do we have I can tell you which would it is because I wrote it down I'm prepared today so we have glass fiber we have bamboo if you have ash wood and this is Crazy Horse leather whatever that means so but what we have on the website because they learn they wrote directly that the arrow might have not more than the poundage of the pole might be polite with 0.6 that means it's a 35-pound bow multiplied with 0.6 would be 21 I assume that they mean then grams because this would be 325 grain so now you know what is the minimum what is the minimum weight for your arrows that's nice so that gives you a little more you know another turn of the music thank you it was so nice in silent okay so my length measuring knock to knock before a string this beautiful book is 49 inches so now of course we need a calculator and my glasses again you Alysa shut up can you turn the music not so loud please so we have 32 divided by 49 and it gives you a 0.65 3 which is quite impressive I need to write this down so it's a zero no my pen is a zero six five impressive so let's drink this part is it a string yep it's easy to string we can test directly not too Wiggly here yeah every treaty but it's stiff enough even for a beginner it's fine look it's a pretty pretty bow draw experience nice nice nice so 28 29 30 31 and after 31 you feel it a little getting a little up but it still feels nice there we have a serial number not your pretty bow draw experiences thank you – there 32 Ichiro's yeah back to there feels nice here it goes up then a bit so the last two inches gets a little stiff but $150 I wanted to see this power many asked for it but I said I don't buy this public house from it makes no sense when I pay more as a reseller then you can get this both in eBay sorry F but not with me but it's a pretty bow I'm completely unbiased I like all posts you know that's why when they don't want to make business with me it's fine but you still can order them directly from AF archery nice mate handle is just find it one was a little too small for my pig heads but it's still fine if you're nice nice nice control the screen leather looks fancy we have here a nice stitching to it it's well well crafted we can't see anything and raw experience I said nice nice the other they have a lot of experience now I only don't know most probably this is not with Bearpaw class because what what I remember over there record is that they have always two different price sections the lower price with I don't know which class and then the higher class with with Bearpaw class the most probabilities that memory class one but we still have one of the air of thirty five point taught elbows here in you since three years I guess working so that's good I am measure the ball at 32 inches this bow has roughly forty pounds which gives us an arrow weight of 370 grain which is exactly what these arrows weight and this is a 9.2 grain per pound we shoot them because this is the limit what they say look at this ball pretty pretty in here it gets the little stiff so the last two inches are art and then you feel it already in the handle pending what do our first I need the hungry images nice and then we have only just to see this will be 12 grain per pound feels still nice each of the groups a little a little nutsy too much vibration not bad not bad snappy snappy what does the Fox say about the server that hand shocks a hand job hand choke I heard about tight you have a little little vibration in the handle of course yesterday I shot the grocer there was nothing but it's it's fine it's not annoying you most probably don't even feel it when you do a little cutter it's already fine it comes natural with this bow 152 it's only arrow 32 inches until here it feels nice and here you really need to force the power so days already you feel the difference in power but it doesn't feel that the ball wants to paint there so 32 is really the maximum but a nice group snappy you not bad nice bow finally we can continue no brainer is gone so let's shoot let's shoot with a thundering OH the string is quite thin so all the normal knobs they don't really knock so this you need to consider them but then works so you need to maybe pinch you knocks a little or what fine you get the hang weekly of it this looks a little too wide with a tumbrel then bring the hallway maybe it's not the fastest but just for a beginner when you think you want to start now something with whatever Turkish powers horse pose and not only mental voice we know that Bray said is I forgot I think it was written about I forgot I am not sure but it's roughly six and a half seven inches moment of truth good then let's see first with 12 grain 166 167 era 9.25 grain the recommended weight minimum weight for the spa era no way stop one day or not we're not stop why don't you stop with your arrow 181 we should one more time I mean if you're looking for an entry level but laminated or which looks quite neat and it's a solid performer as you see Oh 285 well that's kind of a speed of a brochure 169 yeah we had that so 168 so almost 170 foot per second with 12 grain and with 9.25 grain 178 184 183 so 100 1885 foot per second with the minimum weight arrows of 9.25 grain not too bad so I didn't feel like it does 180 foot per second feels a little 435 pounds yes but it's fine 28 is fine 29 30 31 and then you feel it saw the last inch is really all you need to force the pole of the hinge so I don't know draw experience wise I would not like to shoot this bow in 32 inches but when you say whatever 31 is enough for you comfortable to get there if you want 32 you can have it but it's already from 31 to 32 I wish we would have the drug after already then I could show you what I mean let's wrap it up the short Turkish bulb IAF archery it's a nice one it's a very lightweight one built quality is very nice it looks very good you have here this darker bamboo know about some bamboo I don't know and ash in the core you have class on it reinforced tips as more string head the string looks nice serving nice well made the stitching here the leather rip on the handle of course last time somebody said that it was common that Turkish bows had a leather wrap when the handle was too smaller so people put then a leather wrap on it to get it in the right size but you know you have a narrow pass and what you get is really this really look at this beautiful beautiful obviously if it's only way too long but most probably they have one size fits or really nice the bow is nice 100 almost 80 foot per second was 12 great 100 so about 185 one most foot per second with 9.25 gray arrows so at a minimum weight of arrows good I would say looks nice it's not too twisty not too wobbly and for beginners stringing and stringing see that attention is already out so the the flex in the handle is not there you simply when you string make sure that the string is on both sides in this white string pads and this is nice because you really see them shining even down there you see always the white part and then is the black string in it or not so it makes your life when you string it easier so stringing and stringing totally no problem 150 bucks quite an interesting option when you just want to start and you don't want to spend a lot of money and you want a solid performer or archery short Turkish bow a really nice option so thank you very much for watching thank you Owen for giving the bow to me he just received it on Wednesday shot it on Thursday at our range and then I said I'll give it to me today Saturday and I do the review and then you can have it back and can have fun with it nice bow 32-inch straw 0.65 value which is impressive there you have it I'm off I need to prepare the giveaway for my patrons thank you very much for watching I catch you in the next one

39 Replies to “New Turkish laminated Bow by AF Archery – Review”

  1. Hi Armin, is it possible to use the Gold Tip Traditional shafts made out of carbon with 32“ length and 8.6 GPI = 275 gn ?
    AF says 0.6 multiplied with the bow poundage but do they mean at 28“ (0.6*30“= 18g = 278 gn)
    Or do I have have to measure the draw weight at my draw length and multiply this with 0.6 ?

    Thx a lot

  2. I just got this bow. I have been shooting primitive flatbows and English longbows for about 5 years. This bow is very different from anything I have ever shot. I love how lightweight and powerful it is. I still like my longer bows, but this is a great addition. I can also travel with it much easier. Thank you for your review!

  3. I saw an AF archery laminated bow on ebay for 100 dollars. Have you seen it by any chance? Is there a chance that bow can actually be any good?

  4. I already bought the bow and it is my first bow and i love it. When i draw it up to almost 32" It really feels that is the limit draw length. I just waiting for the morning to come because u want to shoot it with my heavy arrow 😍 . Thank you Armin you're the best 👍💯

  5. Do you mind doing a review of AF archerys new triangular egyptian style bow i think the model name is "kadesh"

  6. Hello Armin, I am new to your channel and enjoying the content and learning a lot! You say that it is a nice entry lever bow, but i am curious to know what makes it so and what does make a bow advanced level. Thank you, keep on the good work!

  7. Die Dudelmusik würde mich auch irre machen. Mein Beileid. Können die Ladenbesitzer nicht mit den Betreibern der Einkaufspassage darüber reden?

  8. how does it compare to the scythian bow that is made by Flagell Dei cost looks about the same and the quality so its probably down to performance

  9. could you do a comparison video if this bow vs the Szimeiszter turkish bow? i'm unsure which one to get this one is a bit cheaper but the syiahs on the Szimeiszter turk look nicer.

  10. I never was good at arithmetics and I do NOT understand, how to measure the arrow weight for THIS bow…. Mine is 30lbs. How many grains must my arrow have???

  11. The Koc Nock works real great with the thing string of the bow! Can't wait to try it from horseback.

  12. Great bow, very fast and short, even compared to the Akinci. But I am not too sure about the brace hight. Normaly I brace Ottomsn Bows (Vegh, Jackal, Grozer) 19-20cm. This one seems to have a much lower brace hight. Any experience?

  13. Looks very nice!Thanks for doing this review.I think it's a good choose for a Ottoman archery beginner

  14. hi i bought it ebay it works as a compound 🙂 hard at first but flexible for aiming. yes a leather grip over the original brings a better grip. arrow 320gn in spurce feather 3 "and 70gn the tip plastic notch 5/16" #[email protected] 27"
    yes it is necessary to make a slice wire thicker the strings and to add a band of leather in the place where the arrow resting

    carbon arrow 5.5 "judo tip 100gn toal: 275gn fast!

    be careful not to let the sun roped it breaks!

    a very good bow light and discreet very fun 🙂
    thanks armin.

  15. hello Armin .
    i have this bow and have filmed videos, for it .
    my experiance dealing with AF Archery ,is what motivated me to make tube videos .
    i ordered a black glass laminated "turkish" bow , [email protected] ,they shipped [email protected] .
    its an entry level bow ,i liked it ,but it wasn't what i ordered . so i complained .
    they messaged me that it is [email protected] ,just mislabled. i made a video showing that i knew for sure
    it wasnt mislabled . so they sent me another bow .
    so i made more videos .
    they they let me know about this one . so i bought it . and made more videos .

    despite my negative feelings about the lie , my overall experiance with Af Archery has been positive .
    i broke an earlier bow of theirs ,but the quality diffence between these and that one are dramatic .
    still entry level,(the rosewood one they sent me is really nice next level up in my view ) and i would like to try the 3k carbon ming yuan they advertise ,its 550.00 cad . with so many bows from them in 2018, my wife would kill me .
    so i'll wait. should probably follow your advise regarding the grozer and just save my money up and get the higher end bows .


  16. Nice looking bow. I’m glad you just did video, i won one of eBay. Can’t wait to get it looks like fun. I got mine in 40# thanks again.

  17. Very well done Armin …. I have this bow as well and your assessment is dead on about it.
    I like the bow very much but my issue with AF is … I ordered a #[email protected] and the bow is #[email protected] even though it is labeled at the 45lb weight. (this is the bow mentioned below by Primitve Lifeways)
    I can understand a couple pounds + or – , but #7 to #8 !!
    For what it is, it is a fun bow to shoot … it draws #[email protected] … I like a 50lb. bow at full draw, so it's not far off.
    The FD curve goes up just as you mentioned beyond the 30" mark … i would call it a 31" draw bow rather than the advertised 32"
    I wrapped the string serving up with a second serving for a short distance to build up the nocking point because of the smallish string.
    Overall i would call it a very fun bow and a good buy for entry level archers ….. just hope you get the weight you want !!?

  18. thank you for this lovely, crisp review, was awaiting this one, since i got a 50# turkish from AF(eBay auction so paid like $135), albeit the longer version. it does become a task to draw more than 28,29in ,i start fearing the bow will break .but it shoots great groups and i love it.

  19. I bought 2 of those and sold them for 300 usd each on some guys who don't know a thing about internet 😛

  20. It looks nice. I am a beginner would be a consideration. Although the Tatar of AF I like more its appearance and performance.

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