Nike Hyperwarm Field Player's Soccer Gloves Black/Volt

Nike Hyperwarm Field Player's Soccer Gloves Black/Volt

what's up YouTube today I wanted to show you guys a new pickup this is the nike hyper Warfield player Club these are the soccer gloves but um I got them because I needed gloves because it was getting kind of cold but you don't have to play soccer wear these wear these to to run or just you know keep your hands warm because I heard some really good reviews about these and so yeah that's why I got them but the print is like a digital camouflage print so you can see with like black grey and like a darker grey with the bolts whoosh and then what I like about it is like on this side right here on the tips of the fingers and near the near the near the palm area there's like a rubber grip to it so you can actually use their iPhone while you're wearing these gloves you can see right there retails for $30 I purchased them from footlocker calm now like a $20 gift card so I only paid like like $10 from and you can see on the bottom it says it has the Nike soccer website just so you know this is for playing soccer but you don't have to play talking to where these this is a size medium by the way they didn't have a size ball I think this should fit I'm trying to put it on real quick as you can see this is what they look like them on and you put on let me just rip this outside show you guys what they look like so here's what they look like the one side right here see that out check out the like I said the fingertip right here this is the bolt color and you got the Nike swoosh right here did your total camouflage this looks pretty dope I think they had like they also have a version that's this is just all black and this is just all black too so but I thought this one looked kind of dope especially you have a lot of bolt and it just looks pretty cool when you check out the hands up and I have the link in my description box you guys interested in the gloves you guys want to buy it but anyways same guys for watching make sure you guys like comment subscribe below peace out

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  1. i've just bought them and it goes true to size. i mean – don't trust hand measures that you made with e.g ruler, because refering to my measures i bought M and made a mistake. now i've got S and it's perfect. if you wear S size clothes, go for S in gloves etc.

  2. hey do you run in these? im looking for a pair of nike gloves that i can use for the winter. right now i bought the therma 2.0 elite, and therma sphere. and i also wear a inner glove inside and my hands are still freezing after 5km. the weather here now is only 0 to 5 degrees celcius and none of my gloves are warm enough. im thinking about getting these.

  3. Hi mate how big are your hands, i'm looking to buy a pair of large, i'm 6'0 but them medium looked pretty big on you so I thought I might get a medium, what are your recommendations?

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