No Concrete Fence Post, Is Foam Better

No Concrete Fence Post, Is Foam Better

okay so there's this new product out it's called fast 2k I think there's a few different varieties this is the one I chose to do my fence and we've done 17 posts so far and it's working pretty good so anyway it's just a phone fill instead of using concrete you use a foam it's kind of a two-part epoxy you mix it together for about 30 minutes or 30 seconds I'm sorry and then you pour it in the hole and it forms up in like two to three minutes it just starts getting really hard and it's actually working out pretty well but what I've done here real quickly is iíve actually took a post out of the ground to show you guys kind of what it looks like after you pour it in there after it sets I did this post yesterday I'd like to say I kind of planned this but I didn't I put the post in wrong it wasn't in line so we ended up having to taking it out so but this is a good opportunity to kind of show you what it looks like around the post and if you have to change these out it's gonna be very easy so anyway here's what it looks like on your post it sits on there it's not coming off it's hard as a rock when I guess you can push it in a little bit but it really wasn't very hard to get it out now obviously one of the one of the benefits that I see right now of using this product is if you do have to replace a post it's just not very heavy concrete is really heavy and then we're going to end up just cutting this off the post and we can just throw this right in our dumpster instead of having you know big old chunks of concrete trying to figure out what to do with that so right now what we're going to do is we're going to cut this off this post we're going to reset it or kind of show you guys how this foam works and we'll go from there alejo fish you see this that's pretty hard very heavy or nothing it's just hard so as you can see it's pretty easy to get it off the post and we can just throw those away now obviously if you're changing your post cuz it's rotted out you really wouldn't have to take it off just kind of want to show you what you could do with it if you do set a post wrong like I did so now let's do it the right way alright so this is how we're actually setting this post it's how I've done all these I'm using a 2×4 as a brace and we've already got level up and down we just need to level it this way and this will help us do that keep it level front to back so he's gonna hold it and I'm gonna pour that pour this stuff in here by doing it this way you can actually make it a one-person job I did all these yesterday by myself it's pretty pretty good way of doing it but we're gonna have him hold that real quick and we're gonna just pour this in there we'll see what happens now this hole here is pretty reamed out right now because we ended up having to dig the post out so we'll show this one and we'll also show another one where it's not so reamed out I'm not really sure how this one not sure it's gonna fill all the way up because it's such a big hole now but we'll see so this particular brand it has this little piece in here that's keeping these two separate we're just gonna pop it real quick and we're going to mix this together for 30 seconds and we're going to pour it in the hole start feel it get warm a little bit so it's time to go we're going to cut it and pour it out ah the pieces in there you so you can see that one didn't quite make it to the top but that hole is pretty pretty big around I'll show you some of the other ones that would made it pretty close to the top that one definitely did so you can definitely tell which holes I dug by hand you use that dug by hand and those we used a post hole digger but we still had to kind of read them out a little bit so the holes are a little bit bigger and not quite getting all the way to the top but it's filling up a good amount of hole so I'm happy with it okay so this is how I was doing it by myself just to kind of show you guys how how you can do it by yourself so you got the two-by-four going down here and you've got some clamps clamp it up there that will get you going get your level straight to the front to back if you need to kind of kick it out you can just kick this out a little bit and kind of adjust it that way and then I just grabbed this other old board that I had laying around to keep it from going side to side so right now it is perfectly level I can mix up my my stuff and I could pour it in now this one here is a different brand we got the other brand that Menards this one we got Lowe's this is called a sick' Postville and I think you just kind of this was a little bit different but it didn't have that piece right here but somehow this has to join together so I think you kind of roll it kind of busted like that that wasn't as bad as I thought I can tell you this one gets more warmer a lot faster it sounds like accelerate up a lot quicker it's actually pretty hot right now you that's actually pretty close to ground level this is all built up because we dug the post ground level is somewhere right around right here I believe and we're at two minutes now I actually think I like that brain a little bit better it didn't take very long to mix it all went in there nice and smooth and just seemed to work a little bit better a little sticky it's now coming off on your finger though is it nope it's about two and a half minutes yep yep so the one we set what was the board you say about 15 minutes ago it's already pretty hard it just doesn't take very long so obviously the biggest benefit of this is you don't have to wait like a whole day for your concrete to dry and start putting up your post you can literally do it in fifteen to thirty minutes after you get kind of a row done you could I mean we can run right back and start putting stringers on because it's already hardened up I think it says it takes about 15 minutes to actually kind of set up and then just a few hours for its 100% cure but once it's set up you can go ahead and put your post on there or your stringers on there and go ahead and do all that because it's it's already pretty hard it's not going to move so obviously that's the biggest benefit of using the foam versus the concrete so my overall opinion it actually works pretty well I think the concrete might just be a tad bit harder inside there and but the foam it does really well it's a lot easier to work with I think removal all that kind of stuff it's gonna be a lot easier than the concrete and it's a lot better than dragging the hose around and getting all dirty muddy and all that kind of stuff and obviously the wait time for the for the foam is definitely a benefit so one thing you might be asking yourself is what do you do with all the excess that comes out of the hole so we're going to use the same technique as we did it's cutting one cutting the foam off the post we're just going to use our sawzall and you use a handsaw whatever you want and we just cut it down to the ground [Applause] just like that and now you can just you can backfill and you're good to go

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  1. Been using this stuff since 2013 … Love it!! Put a stone in the hole before the post and the foam will completely surround and seal the post.

  2. Interesting product. I wonder which is more or less environmentally friendly. Concrete has an extremely high carbon footprint so is bad for the environment but it can be recycled? I wonder what the foam is made of and how it is produced and if it can be recycled – which i doubt. Good video all the same 🙂 James

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