No Hands, No Feet, No Problem!!! ARCHERY HUNT!!!!

No Hands, No Feet, No Problem!!! ARCHERY HUNT!!!!

all right good morning everybody today we have a very unique day alright I'm gonna go wake up something right now that is going to astonish you guys doesn't shine ugly what's up you punk pillow here to keep you from rolling out of bed no else smells nice little partner last night I was on I was like this I must River we get a big buck tonight hey I'm ready whatever happens happens alright you got any clothes on yeah not just like this little show I was just thinking where did you go almost I gotta put diesel how are you three foot – I think I think this was so much armors license oh I never realized I never saw you put your feet up yeah Oh this is investing at everything which take money nothing I like I like the spot it's pretty clear out in front but the bad partes that's downwind so I'll say II II II don't I miss him I didn't miss laughter right I didn't miss laughter right if anything in 100 I was so steady all of it was very easy let me try took a deep breath I got blood dad's awesome a like dude that was a tough shot I honestly didn't know about him I was waiting for him come a little closer but he wasn't moving so I just I didn't want to waste my opportunity now so I went ahead and shot him in the neck so we'll see hopefully we hopefully we got him hmm I know I definitely hit him cuz the error is not there we found blood so uh now we're gonna wait for teeb to get out here Oh Tebow Tebow is gonna come find him again did you really shoot one ready right there hold on any day he was right on his trail and he knows that he keeps looking back like come on he's over here follow me Tibo take he's gotta be on a deer Dave oh come here come here three where's the deer what to do he the deers this way are you kidding me oh nice fuck buddy Sega's name is Oh awesome Devo you did such a good job boys he'll hold him up there hey you're not gonna kill we got better look at that is that your biggest foe kill uh it might be I don't know if I be out here this is my biggest virtue oh my gosh holy natural yeah this is so awesome man like this is so so awesome this isn't such a okay hey hey easy Dayton when uh when Rob called me yes I thought he was pulling my leg nah the only I wouldn't doubt it with this dude oh he always yeah he always pricks me my said ah they're just cold man like no rosh hashanah right good night look at that right well then no kidding he wasn't going for like that it sure is cold I know that reason no we uh it was so cold this morning I was trying to talk Dayton into getting in a shooting house and I had a heater for him and he said nope I won't get in your ladder stand nobody's been in it all year and he got up here and toughed it out and got a situated man it happened don't get any better than this letter bro no it does not thanks I appreciate you loving me understand man awesome you know you're welcome anytime bro who was guessing the art achieve Robert I mean I had Robert knew it how'd you do it I would I would guessing like 40 50 yards and he said thirty five and it has money thirty-five nice good call I just put the 30-yard pin like right at his white spot on his neck and just if it was 40 I'll hit him 50 it would have been low but I would have hit him I just made sure that I had all the more nice that's all just for security oh yeah I was load this sucker up and get him out of here let's go writes neater you do wrong what can't he do nothing there's nothing that boy can't it yeah just like that oh dude definitely swag then I saw I know I own with my boat that big yeah is it I'll look at you go shouldn't know your old truck no that's not that that's okay I like the hood ornament hotshot that bucket on there oh did you yeah I shot that book too wow that is so awesome Tibo want to leave that beer you're supposed to stick your tongue out like this we got to do this at least three times a week yeah this is what you and your brother used to do all day long that's what a good dad looks like right there you're looking at a wonderful dad I'm just a normal kid just doing a normal everyday things this is my life there's no sugarcoating any of it this is what I do every day I would just want to grow up doing normal stuff and everybody to look at me the same way as anybody else cuz I'm no different and I do everything everybody else can so other than blood trail on what can you do anything have you I mean are you a decent pointer what what's it look like what's it look like whenever you what's it what's he fetch in history what's it look like when you find a good spot of blood you've been looking for a long time oh my god babe Euler's Kiba what do you think t-bo's my buddy he's my best client now yeah you like you like Dayton t-bones good boy help me find my book oh good deal and as always guys we love you and we appreciate you so much hope you enjoyed this share it with friend share with your social media and uh we are gone god bless

47 Replies to “No Hands, No Feet, No Problem!!! ARCHERY HUNT!!!!”

  1. Bless his heart, he is so outgoing, was he born that way or was this due to a horrible accident ? God bless him his attitude is infectious, love this kid

  2. I wanna know more. Just out of curiosity was he born this way or did something happen to him. I'd like to know his story. This kid is an inspiration

  3. Just watched this young man Hunt an take a big Buck. Better shot than I can with a bow. An you helping him run it down. His dad is one helluva man . You can see how proud he is of his son!!

  4. This has to be one of the best videos deermeatfordinner has made and that says alot because his videos are all good but this one has that extra bit of inspiration this is just absolutely amazing!

  5. Man this was great u are a great guy Robert God bless people like u they aren't many people like u left in this world

  6. Dayton I’m not sure if I spelled your name correctly? Your are an inspiration to many people I’m positive πŸ‘ŠπŸ» i know you have inspired myself that is a fact Brother!!! I just wanted to say congratulations to you on your biggest buck so farπŸ‘πŸ» I couldn’t help myself from shedding a few tears watching this video…. Absolutely heart touching!! I wish you the Best of luck in your future hunts in Getting the biggest buck that your heart desires πŸ‘ŠπŸ»πŸ‘ŠπŸ» ps i loved the fact that you praised your dog for the good job he done on finding your buck!!!

  7. Omg. God bless. Jesus is truly our savior. Dayton stay strong, Jesus loves you so much!!! Rob keep on trusting in Jesus, and keep making these amazing videos. You and Dayton hv inspired me to live life and love and trust in God. Love u guys

  8. I know this is an older video but I just now watched it and wow, gave me so much inspiration! He is amazing. Anybody having a bad day, go on and think twice.

  9. Ha ha ha, In the meantime, when Rob and Dayton were hugging celebrating Dayton's hunting victory , Tebow was busy chomping on the deer….sneaky rascal hound.

  10. That young man is SUCH an inspiration…I can tell his parents raised him right. Dayton has the nicest, sweetest disposition, he would be a joy to be around. Dayton could not be any more adorable and likeable, wow. Just a question….has anyone tried to see if he can be fitted with prosthetics? Would he want to? I imagine that would help.

  11. Looks to me like 301 people are very jealous! LOL! I think this is kids great and I hope he has many successful years of hunting, ahead of him!
    Love it!!

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