No Limits!!!!! Brittle Bone Disease in TaeKwonDo Podcast

No Limits!!!!! Brittle Bone Disease in TaeKwonDo Podcast

from there from the head downwards tell us what you got broken nose both elbows broken broken ribs then broken hip both broken femur right tib-fib and then multiple breaks my feet and I've got thousands of micro fractures in my spine all the time [Applause] hey guys sir guess what it's the mixed martial arts podcast and you're listening to Mick Tully we're at the martial arts warriors assemble Awards and I'm with the one and only mr. Robbie Hurst are you doing Robbie hey guys I'm all right thank you and we're grabbing this in-between awards and stuff so it might be a bit shorter than usual but this guy is a just an inspiration and what we'll do is we're just going to get started straightaway what is it you training first training Taekwondo base the kicking arc that's it and that's what right now you're a little bit different most martial artists I've met can you just give us a little bit of background on why of great Jess it condition called osteogenesis imperfecta also known as brittle bones so over the years about 84 broken bones 84 broken bones at the age of 18 yeah that's it right and when was the first broken bone that first broken bone was at 3 weeks old when my dad set me up to birth as a baby and pop with my femur your dad broke your leg while he was getting into birth yep that's it so what was it like you know early on in life then it was hard to you don't kind of know what's going on but over the years get to have understand it all and just get on with it as best you can really right and did you have any limitations in doing sport as a kid at school only you think my parents said there was no full contact sports that's why Taekwondo was brilliant for me because being semi contact sparring yeah now I'm gonna have to go straight in on this one do you do the Taekwondo that does the destructions as well as the patterns and the sparring yes so we do everything now I'm gonna ask a very very silly question here how do you do the destructions for me it's just think of the moves and techniques that would be most suited so not all these flashy destructions but more the basic maybe your front snap kick or anything like that so keep it simple and safe and what grade are you now I am second degree black belt currently but in six months time in I intend to take my third degree Wow now that is impressive guys homie were listening to this you know when you start talking about having a I'm no broken nose right yeah oh I've got a bit of ma'am flu oh the wife's moaning at me he don't want to go train and what's the worst yeah what's the worst shape you've ever been in where you've still gone training well it was actually March 2008 I was eight years old and I was running at a school fell over and broke my femur so dad came running up to help me and the first thing I said was tell master opening mr. Murray that I'm not gonna be at class tonight and ten days later I was out of hospital out of theater and straight back in class doing all the arm movements cuz I couldn't do anything with my legs wow that is amazing man and if you have many breaks like through the training or is it all just general day-to-day life most of them are day-to-day actual training wise I've only had two major breaks the other ones have just been someone's accidentally landed on my foot or something like that so that they're only two major breaks if you don't mind we just as I'm fascinated yeah how painful is the bright or do you do can you get used to like breaking bones the pain is just the same as anyone else but my pain threshold is much higher so I will just kind of get on with it like I've been in class before someone's l-word my arm rather than pads I put the pad down walked into the office phone to my dad to come take me home and off to hospital so you can't fall on the floor crying about it when you're up to remember 84 yeah yeah yeah at what point yeah part of the French for saying this but do you reckon you'll get pissed off by the time you've broken a hundred probably you'd be the tipping point probably be the tipping point do you know I'm just so blown away to tell you the truth I am I'm yeah I I find inspiration all over the place but just speaking to you now it's it just freaks me out and what we just were gonna dial it back a little bit how did you get in why did you pick martial arts though because it's not exactly the sort of thing I would browbone should be doing right no well back about 30 years ago my dad used to do kickboxing he got a brown belt so he's always enjoyed the martial arts but he also went to school with my instructor so they'd been in contact and then I went to go watch and I thought I could become a Power Ranger one day so that was my main operation from start the martial arts I tell you something the Power Rangers I've got a really really dear friend of mine he's gonna be quite upset when I mentioned his name Liam Richards like little Richards little was like he was the guy who was on Britain's Got Talent yes and when I asked him why did you get into it and it was the same thing he wanted to be the Blue Ranger it was bizarre it was so you wanted to be a Power Ranger that was it that was my original process to start a martial arts Wow where do you see martial arts taking you now him one day I want to have my own school hopefully and kind of pass my knowledge on to the next martial art generation yeah yeah I'm already teaching about five hours a week in my current school Wow unbelievable outside martial arts what are you interested in well because the brittle bones and because of the martial arts I've taken up sports science at college so I wanted to take that on to possibly physiotherapy or something right because what can you do to work around this there's not much but I do have treatment at the hospital and it's kind of just get on with it and be careful really yeah well you know we were talking earlier before obviously before we got podcasts going and have you ever seen the movie unbreakable yes yeah that's the glass it's just alright yeah as I said I know I'm banging on about this but is there ever been just the temptation just to wrap yourself up in a duvet and go do you know what the I'll just don't need the pain multiple times you've feel like that but you've got to meet laugh and joke a bit and actually miss Kevin Mills in pageant Kempo karate here broke my elbow so the next time I saw him I went up to him with bubble wrap rub my arms yeah Oh Kevin I'll tell you something easy I'll tell you what he's a legitimate dude yeah he is a legit and badass yeah I just I'm just as we're talking now I'm just trying to fit I'm thinking about it so I'm like I don't know me I don't I don't know why I'd stay with martial arts you know me personally I'm not all about you I'm what about me as a person I I'd be looking at I've been looking at something else I'll just be like I don't know if I can handle this yeah most people think like that but once you've been doing something for 13 years kind of you just don't want to stop you want to keep pushing yourself that's it that's it do you ever you ever I feel the need to you know if you teach him and say maybe in the kids class and you know the whole I'm tired my legs and all of that and you ever just feel like just turn around say listen I'll show you what real pain is all about you ever have that um sometimes I have I think the kids also draw inspiration from me seeing me at the front of the class with a cast on my leg still stood there teaching them it's kind of they see that you can do it whatever the situation now I have but literally apart from arthritis and death and one ear and just being overweight and being bored and old nowadays I don't really have any disabilities but you know when somebody shakes your hand really really really tightly yeah for you you know I'm not saying you know that you are mr. glass but do you ever feel me to just go listen man what you doing do you get that sometimes meeting new people when they have no idea what's going on but mr. time it's been okay so far really what do you know what next time it happens make their chin into a brittle chin yes I I had a guy just yesterday shake band and I was like I need to use that hand again so we talked about the shaking in the hands right yeah what about if someone tries to hug you too much because a lot of people in martial arts like to give me too much a wave now yeah which is nice yeah but maybe not so practical for you right no it can be a bit I mean our especially when you've got a maybe a broken rib or something and those ones can't be casted and plaster but it's kind of just giving people a little hint in the right direction oh just watch me that so what what would you say is the worst most painful break then I think it would be taking it back to 2008 ago when I broke my femur because it snaps it twisted and it slid so I had to be in hospital for two weeks up in traction homo leg held in place to have to Rob's put down the center of the bone wait my sister she fell down three steps literally but she had a spiral fracture yeah and apparently from what shootin from what the doctor said though because at one point they were going to amputate her foot because they said that it would be there would be more mobility with a prosthetic foot than with trying to rebuild the pot the likes it was in her ankle it was actually the bottom yeah of her leg so that would be the femur right at the bottom see was the big one right yeah if he was the big weights the tipping the fitbit's it don't broken them as well both legs let just the right at the moment and left leg is that intact again broken the left femur but left hip and fit but at the moment I've been all good yeah I feel like you know that you know the lethal weapon movie where Mel Gibson's showing off right because I've got broken fingers broken nose brain damage so I'm gonna see if you can we're gonna play injury Top Trumps right now and I think that you might have a better hand looks gun I'm here all week try the veal no I think you've got about how's the baby yeah so my broken broken yeah so start breaking news both elbows broken broken ribs and broken hip both broken femur right tib-fib and then multiple breaks on my feet I think that's why I've got thousands of micro fractures in my spine all the time geez yeah that's what I was gonna say so how how will that affect your mobility later on in life it can especially with getting much older with osteoporosis coming in as well then things can get much worse but mobility from like my gran the condition she seems to be okay but she's broken a hip recently and obviously it's been much worse than that she she's 72 now yeah you see that's a big that's that's a big big break at that age Wow which bones have you broken the most okay so majority of the breaks that I've had have been added up from hands and feet so they can be as simple as just walking down the road and my foot will just go snap I've had that in the middle of teaching a class it was in the summer out on the school field just walking along with the five to seven year olds and the next thing I know I'm stumble in because I've broken my foot and then that caused an operation to have pins put in Wow I had a long period of time where it was have a broken foot come out a cast couple of weeks later it'd be broken again breaks are like pussies man wait for ages and I was going to say yeah actually earlier when you when you were tell it when you were telling me about the brittle brittle bones and then also the indomitable spirit would you obviously do have you that right okay I was thinking to myself this guy would be a perfect candidate for the Super Soldier Serum that we're now developing to fight great no not not Korea sorry Koreans if you think no but the old Captain America right but now when you mention it about all the metal that's going in there yeah you ever felt you know to say to our coating they've had them adamantium on there as well for me turn me it to the Wolverine Wolverine would be great just we have to self-repair instantly yeah yeah the regeneration powers are pretty good on it yeah yeah I'm handing you hope to am so like Mick knows this because I've trained with him a lot and I'm training with someone a lot doesn't necessarily mean you get very good but like I I have this general thing about you know I'm too good-looking to fight and whenever we've done spying over you know I really just don't like getting hit but at the end of the day like I know that I can you know it may be a bit of an egg but I walk away with it and I just don't think that I would be able to you know if I knew that I was gonna you know there's a high chance I was going to break something I I wouldn't do it like for example I I will not do I was invited to do that cheese roll you know really tasty cheese yeah lots of people to break the things they Demmel direct I was like that's just stupid and so if I had your condition like I would not do martial arts so yeah you must go into this when you go with your teaching and your training in and going like summer in the back you mind there's a percentage of high percentage chance that I'm gonna break something today yeah every training session you kind of got that thought the back your head but it's funny thing like sparring is one of my favorite things to do it's just put your kid on have a good scrap that it might have the highest risk but it's the best fun for me it's a I don't mind that risk it's just get on with it obviously martial arts there's a lot of punches and blows to the head and and your head is made of your skull and you skully's a bone yeah so like is there have you ever a fraction fat is there from the neck half apart from my nose I've not actually had any fractures that I've known of let's say that because not every break I get checked out nowadays it's kind of yeah I think that's a fair attitude to injuries Jesus I'm walking around right now I got knee barred by a if you're listening or rich Edwards you're on my hit list and I say walking around I'm hopping around but I'm literally like and every little injury now even my fingers they're all broken obviously from training but they kill ya all the time and do you have like it is there an ongoing pain thing going with you or every now and again you get reoccurring pains and injuries that I've broken both elbows and one day I'll have my elbow bent I'll go and reach out to grab something and then my elbows locked out and I can't bend it for the next 30 minutes to maybe two days it just depends Jesus man I'll tell you what for everyone listening out there you pussies need to fix right up because we're gonna sign off but before we sign off what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna get this young man to give you a big kick up the arse speech some of them on the lines of don't sit back in their chair crying your eyes out take a quick picture of me and my my great-looking visage and just imagine be me for a day then go out and train I'm looking to no I'm good this is a first time ever this is actually a first I'm gonna let the guests say goodbye but I'm saying bye now anyway but I'm gonna let the guests say goodbye now in your own inimitable start just the most inspirational or mundane or profound thing you ever want to say just say it now well I guess steal the typical quote of no pain no gain you just gotta get on with it you know I have to have to jump in there I'm hoping that you got that from Captain freedom right from the running man yeah now we're talking that this kid's got some style man I'll tell you Jesse that Jesse the body Ventura I came out of retirement for that you haven't seen the Running Man shame on you it's a great movie getalife anyone graduations on your award thank you very much keep on this forward and I'll tell you something mate you you really really just just chat to your man it's been amazing and I mean now and I shall get inspired that often that's the truth [Applause] thank you guys just wanna say it was so big thank you to my instructor Richard open down at IDEO cram black belt Academy in Gloucestershire and cam but if you want to come on down we're always there Monday Tuesday and Thursday today's show was produced by the wizard himself and McGinley you can listen to all our interviews are mixed martial arts calm so three training right you you obviously you've got all the attributes where you learn the speed the power the balance and everything this is just gonna leave me into probably the lamest joke I've ever tried on my own show but has it ever helped you in like you know say dancing no I've got any dance talent Axl could be beneficial well you see the thing is you're 50% there cuz you could be the world's greatest breakdancer Oh Bob I'll tell you what that was a slow burner right whose martial artists man they laugh or any nowadays do you know what thanks again bro you owe that you that was that was awesome I don't know who you are that's all right my name's ant and I bet you can't guess what I want and if you can't guess you've got to tell me what you have I don't know what you want but what I do have a very particular set of skills oh so do I skills I have acquired over a very long career yes me too you see I make podcasts like this one you listening to right now and that's why I'm calling so say if you ever fancied making one yourself mr. Neeson you can find me on instagram at ant McKinley I will look for you oh good I will find you well if not don't worry you can always try to it er um there at ant-man loves you and I will kill you right it is now not a good time shall I just call back later I think he's gone I'll put that one down as a maybe

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  1. Karate beats up the body over the years bone and joint disease plague me after a lifetime of training. As an older karateka I am a functional wreck and I feel injuries from the seventies. OSU

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