No Mind, Be Empty – Traditional Archery (Instinctive Shooting) + Slow Motion Shots

No Mind, Be Empty – Traditional Archery (Instinctive Shooting) + Slow Motion Shots

33 Replies to “No Mind, Be Empty – Traditional Archery (Instinctive Shooting) + Slow Motion Shots”

  1. Hey man, long time no see!
    Just stumbled upon the video when googling "Empty mind archery" and here I see a familiar face 🙂
    I've been doing some backyard archery for about a year now (Samick Polaris 22# bow), but I'm still looking for a good location where I could practice because my backyard is a bit limiting in more than one way 😉 You have some great outdoors there. I'm afraid if I were to try shooting in any of the nearby field/grasslandy thingies, people walking their dogs would call police xD
    Anyway, I also see archery as a great form of meditation (though best complimentary with zazen meditation or the like), in fact I picked up archery because I had trouble focusing, life is so full of distractions… so I thought I could practice focusing through archery practice. Helps a bit. I'm sort of trying to do kyudo with a take-down bow xD (I needed to make some modifications to the traditional way of kyudo, but at least the mindset can be combined with any shooting style).
    Hope you're doing great, buddy!
    ninja vanish

  2. You had me scared for a few seconds. I thought you were going to shoot the rabbit!

  3. I forgot how awesome this video is. The quality is very high, great camera angels and nice shootings. Respect brother !

  4. nice video. one tip I can give is to try and use your and and compact, not arch so much in your back. also, I think you should cant the bow and have your feet shoulder width apart. great vid

  5. awesome video you earned yourself another subscriber! Is that bow the ragim wolf custom? Because i own one myself

  6. You can have an example in the Hill video : take a look my friend.

  7. Through the legs is the wrong way, can twist the limbs with the time. Howard Hill, Saxton Pope, Arthur Young, Chief Compton etc, used the ancestral way… that's the method

  8. you know switching to a feathered fletching would be better than using viens. try it, it really helps with consistency.

  9. Beautiful video my friend! I love that there is no music in this one … just the natural sounds. I have a high respect for the bow and arrow.  Maybe in the future I'll be able to create some kind of energy bow & arrow, you know, made from pure energy 🙂 Anyway, your skill and passion in this video are inspirational. Much respect.

  10. Hej to místo je někde v BV? 😀 Nebo kdes to točil? Já snad ani nevím, kde takové místo tady někde je. Jinak dost dobrý, pěkný slow mo záběry. Hezky natočené. …Tak a teď najít všechny ty šípy 😀

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