North Korea Taekwondo Fighters

North Korea Taekwondo Fighters

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  1. Asil bir millet, gururlu ve omurgalılar liderleri diktatör fakat bu tutumunda haklı olduğu söylenebilir. Emperyalist Amerikayı tikine takmıyorlar yangına su götüren karınca misali en azından safları net..

  2. Kim-Jong Un is the top Teakwondo fighter in Earths History heès the Only the single dan Pink Belt Grand Master XXXXXX on the Planet! He's so tough and fast that he Kim-Jong Un traind Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris in 1968 (51 yrs ego), Even though he's only 34 yrs old!!!!! Tha best

  3. i am thinking of when north korean spy submarine stranded at south korea's sea in 1996.

    trying to go back to the north through land route, they killed korean soldiers a lot, without any support from the north.

    only they got was a copied m16 rifle and a few granades.

    though, they got killed surrounded by the korean army in the mountain, one north korean spy succeeded in escaping.

    was shock and awe.

  4. When korea is reunited they better combine their martial arts to include the beauty of south korean martial arts and the absolute ridiculousness and effectiveness of north korean martial arts. Jeet kune do on steroids anyone?

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